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  1. They can't do a black helmet because of the NFL's helmet rule. They'd have to change the whole helmet design to do it. We have one of the best color schemes int he NFL I just wish we would update the design a little. Honestly they could wear whatever they want as long as they keep winning.
  2. He's on my wife's "list" but what she doesn't know is he's also on my "list". @brammer_thyme
  3. I think Matt needs to be a little more worried about the NFL's substance abuse policy and a little less worried about what it's doing with the kicking game.
  4. ​damn that backfired didn't it?
  5. Well it does mean "under vacuum" in french. "Sucks" for you if you don't try it.
  6. He's right. Think of it like using a crock pot for your meat but you still get to grill it super fast on really high heat for like 3 mintues.
  7. Charcoal, but, I swear if i even see a can of lighter fluid, i'm out. I'd like to have both for convenience sake.
  8. Just trying to clear something for myself. Aaron was talking about kicking a group out of Alexandria. He said there were two guys and a girl. So are the wolves those people. I know Daryl and Aaron found a girl tied up to a tree and mutilated then she turned. I'm assuming those are the same people and they killed one of their own for some reason? Or am I just totally wrong?
  9. They look like the same style of bottom to me just one has a tad more of a wedgie than the other.
  10. Answer every question with a question.
  11. Let us not forget the structural integrity that the crust gives us. A good crust is 40% of the pie.
  12. Theory. Carl loses an eye from Nicholas being a jackass.
  13. Nicolas is definitely gonna kill somebody with that gun. Could the tears Norman Reedus is talking aobut be because of a reunion between Rick and Morgan?
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