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  1. lol. You still talking about me? Yeah, you're obsessed. Now insult me again so you'll feel better. lol
  2. I can dig that. Some years you may be a tad more optimistic. While others, not so much. For me, last year was about a 2, this tear is a 6. But boyyo, the future looks bright.
  3. You mean you can't just compare QBs willy nilly? That there are rules? Noooo, that doesn't sound right. lol
  4. This ain't your daddys' Panthers. There is a possibility they have a plan. Rhule is a sharp cookie, let's see what he's got before we torch the place. At least that is how this cockeyed optimist views it. I could be wrong, but I am not going to throw a hissy until things get sorted out. In Rhule we trust. All others. Keep your pants on until at least TC. Mkay?
  5. You gotta love the gifted ones. They always dismiss you when they finish insulting you. Bless their hearts. They just can't stand it when you don't bend to their will. Damm entertaining when you get them going. lol
  6. I have lots of content. Try reading some. It is actually quite entertaining. And I don't have to write a novelette every time just to prove a point. But hey, that's just the way I roll.
  7. There is some intriguing talent on that line. Going to be fun watching it all play out. Just be average to start, and improve as the year goes on. Is that too much to ask?
  8. You just hate it when folks don't bend to your way of thinking don't ya? Ya I know. Stay out of it. Gotcha.
  9. So that puts you squarely in tier 2. The wait and see crowd. lol It's easier that way. You get to watch the 1s, and 3s duke it out. And just enjoy the Huddle for what it is. Entertainment. Myself? I'm a 3. A cockeyed optimist. 1+2=3.
  10. Having a vet to learn from, and a competent QB Coach also help. Someone to help digest what just happened on the field can also be of help. And having a strong QB room is another one. Not sure how much of that Sam got. You can study film, but if no one teaches you how, it isn't much help. Other than a vet to help him, Sam is going to get a lot more help here than he ever has.
  11. He is just trying to amp up the enthusiasm level. I say, good on him.
  12. Film study, learn from his mistakes, (which is part of film study) and positive reps. Throw is good communication with both his receivers, and his coaches. And presto chango. Quality QB. Just that easy. lol
  13. Sure, but it is no where near as divisive as passing on a QB.
  14. Yeah, that is one of the main reason some folks are up in arms. We knew Fields would be there, and we passed. We are going to be hearing about this one for years.
  15. Why can't it be as simple as. They like Sam + Horn better than any QB in this class. After all, everyone knows 2 is better than 1.
  16. Another fine example of why Sam could improve this year. I mean if that Tannyhill character can do it, so can Sam. Now prepare yourself for the inevitable but, but Sam sucks crowd. They all just know he is destined to fail. You can't be allowed to buoy folks enthusiasm for Sam. Check outside your window for those dark SUVs. lol
  17. OMG dude. It's becoming borderline creepy how obsessed with me you have become. But please. Quit quoting me.
  18. Yeah, I don't think I've seen one person that doesn't think that Little wasn't a dissapointment. Not sure why some folks feel the need to be so harsh with their disdain.? He had no control over where he was drafted.
  19. lol I'm not sure how many folks would even admit they were ever in tier 3. Me? I'm a solid 3. 1+2=3. I'm a cockeyed optimist, with patience. lol
  20. I do believe we led the league in pressures. Or, were leading at one time. But yeah, if the Secondary can give the Dline that extra half second or so. This line can put up some numbers. Oh, and I dig what Brown is putting down. The dude can be a Monster.
  21. There are basically 3 groups of fans up in here. 1. The cockeyed optimist, or the "sunshine squad". 2. The wait and seers. 3. The doom and gloomers, or "Realists". The 1s, and 2s can basically cohabitate. Whereas, the 3s tend to...play their music too loud. Though we all want the Panthers to win. By some of the conversations, you would think that is not true. Just remember, it is supposed to be for entertainment. So enjoy it, and don't take it too cereal. Just pick your battles, and never give up. Never surrender.
  22. Not a bad way to form your opinion. There is potential there. Going to be fun watching this play out.
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