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  1. Lame azz response it is then I forgot who I was talking with. I won't make that mistake again. Jackazz.
  2. Nice spin. Take a thread about Whitehead, and Carter. And use it to insult Shaq, and Hurndog. Nice work I tell ya what.
  3. How do you explain how the whole Defense improved when Carter took over at MLB? Or you can throw out some lame azz response.
  4. The whole Defense took a step forward the minute Carter took over. Put some respek on that name.
  5. He did kinda hedged before saying that. He started to say something, stopped, then tried to be gentle. Smitty did try to be nice about it. But yeah, he didn't hate saying it. lol
  6. Dang dude. No Off-Season. Shortened TC, and Pre-Season. First year for an ex college coach. Sorry it wasn't all peaches and cream. I mean, what were your expectations going into last year?
  7. That's the spirit guys. Look at the Giants, or Denver, or Miami. Look around, we are not the only team with question marks.
  8. Evidently, the Panthers feel it is more important than you do. They obviously want to control the content coming out of camp. Sorry you are not happy with this. Maybe shoot them an e-mail. Who knows, you may be the change we all need. Edit to add: Also, if you think Pre-Season games show anything either, You may need to ask a friend how this all works.
  9. As long as you use it as an opinion, then it's fine. As a fact? Nope.
  10. It's the same reason they don't allow filming at practice. They want to keep some things out of the enemies hands. Watching NFL doing TCs, and they are the same way. No route running, no info at all coming out of camps.
  11. That didn't answer the question. When can we expect to reach this magic number? The world is a mess. I an excited for this to actually happen. So when? Come on? You can at least give us an approximation? You've got all the answers. Answer this one?
  12. And just when will that be? Come on smart guy. Tell us when this magical date will come? Next month? Several months? Years? Because whether you believe it or not. At this time, things are trending in the wrong direction for your herd immunity dream.
  13. I get ya. Build the line, and turn Sam into TB. Give him some time, but just throw the ball away, or fall down when trouble arises. Tampa has a pretty good Oline. Brady does get the ball out quickly on most plays. But they max protect on the longer plays as well. All designed to keep TB safe. That is what we need to do for Sam. Then let the kid have some fun.
  14. Rhule may have shouted to the heavens wanting Teddy. But it was Hurndog that paid him.
  15. Reread this post. Then tell me it doesn't sound like you are complaining. Ok, maybe not complaining per se. But it sure is snarky. "I mean, nice play and all, but if NFL teams give us 4 seconds to throw the ball we're in business this season." Just pointing out it's TC without pads. What do you expect to happen?
  16. It's Training Camp. It's main purpose is for evaluation. Especially the first week before pads go on. These are not real games. It's a glorified practice. You did know that? Right? My Zod, folks can find the weirdest things to complain about around here.
  17. Yeah, this thread has reached "Dumpster fire" status. Time to put it out of it''s misery.
  18. You may not like who we brought in, which is obvious from this posts. But it will not change who we DID bring in. I guess you are another one of those not so happy Panther fans. The team just isn't doing enough to make you happy. You don't care that it is only year 2 of the Rhule regime. You ain't happy. And by George you want folks to know. I love how you say. "Only time will tell how good those draftees will be." AFTER you rant about who we brought in. lol Like that makes your post just a little more sane.
  19. IMO, it is going to take some kind of trade to get someone that can knock PJ out. Rhule loves him. He won't be replaced by some teams castoff. A QB good enough to overtake PJ is just not going to get cut. In regards to PJ. We have what we have. Now Grier? He's just lucky to still be drawing a check.
  20. You're gonna fit in really well around here. I tell ya what.
  21. I say cancel that practice. Keep that stink away from my team.
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