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  1. I'm not sure this paints you in the light you may think it does. Sometimes drunk posting is left for tomorrow.
  2. See, the thing is. You are not saving yourself by being vaxed, you are saving everyone you come in contact with. Getting your news from shock jocks is not how you educate yourself. You go to sites that specialize in your question. For Covid, you go to the CDC. or any number of Medical sites. I wish you would have said this first. I never would have engaged you. Not all idiots are meant to be dealt with. Is this the TinderBox?
  3. Follow the science. You know, the actual people that know what is going on. It would take minutes to do some research. But hey, you can't expect people to invest that much time in a Global Pandemic.
  4. That statement is patently false. You have never had to sign a waiver to get your vaccine. Unless you were in a trial. You have no clue what is going on. Yet you act like you do. Do you realize how dangerous that is?
  5. Take 5 minutes from your busy day and google it. Educate yourself, then you can actually go out and educate others. You may save a life or 10. Start with https://www.jhu.edu/ Johns Hopkins University. Or https://www.mayoclinic.org/ for the Mayo Clinic Both of those have Covid information on their Home Page.
  6. Since when has the Huddlez needed an excuse to criticize someone? This thread feed right into that.
  7. Nowhere in there does it say, home of the idiots that think Covid is no big deal. Over 1.4 million dead. But hey. Don't do your part to end this pandemic.
  8. A Safety on a WR is a mismatch waiting to happen. Not many Safeties in the league can cover even a decent WR. Nothing to see here.
  9. Yeah, I saw that. But as I said, you get 2 hands on it, you gotta catch it. I will say, it was practice. But then again, you play like you practice. So i'm back to, you gotta catch that pass. Especially your star WR.
  10. If the WR gets two hands on it, it should be a catch. Not tipped for a pick 6.
  11. What is wrong with some of you? You can't even give your own players any sort of credit. The negativity around here is out of control.
  12. Once you figure out how Training Camp actually works. These things won't seem so foreign to you. That's his schtick. Say something outrageous so someone will reply. He goes from thread to thread fishing for a response. The saying is, don't feed the Trolls.
  13. Every person on the planet who has an ounce of compassion for their fellow man. People with empathy. Folks who are immune deficient. The Elderly. Do you want me to continue? If you don't want the shot. Move away from people who are actually taking it seriously. Start your own "I'm an idiot commune". Just stay away from people.
  14. Yeah, I'm going to judge Rhule on what HE ACTUALLY DOES. Not what past regimes have done. Yes, last year was a losing season. Rhule's first. I will wait to see how this goes before I start saying "Same ol Panthers" You, and a whole lot of Huddlerz, for some reason, wish to start comparing already.
  15. You are not taking it seriously, but you brought it up again? Again, lighten up. It's just football. Judging Rhule on anything but what HE has done is kinda unfair to him. But hey, that hasn't seem to bother too many folks around here. Blame the past regimes. Not Rhule. This ain't your daddy's Panthers.
  16. "Well that's, like, your fuging opinion man."
  17. That itty bitty number under your avatar is your post count. Not sure where you pie is at.
  18. This is Rhule's second year. It would be disingenuous to saddle him with past regimes mistakes. But have at it. You would not be the first, nor probably the last.
  19. This is not true. Shaq played better than almost everybody gives him credit for. And once Carter took over for Whitehead, our D stepped it up a notch. Carter was with the 1s yesterday. So the Coaches noticed.
  20. Oh come on man. That first sentence was obviously meant to be humorous. Don't take everything so seriously. Football is meant to be fun. Fear of the past. Which is ironic. Cuz our past is only 1 year old.
  21. Unless Donte's lawyer just goes ballistic. I would expect DJs offer to be rather reasonable. Of course if he blows up this year, that may change things just a little. But I still wouldn't expect an outlandish offer.
  22. Well, there is still a possibility that those 1 year deals can turn into longer term deals. This team seems to be of the mindset that if you can help the team, you can stay. This has been at the back of my mind since all these deals started coming in.
  23. Hyperbole much? I know you were trying to be smug. But you don't have to insult a large portion of the Huddlez to do so?
  24. Great awareness Hawk Eye. lol Although I have noticed his posting pattern is a tad on the negative side. So I have that going for me.
  25. What's most sad for me is the fact that most folks spend up to 8 hrs a day on their phones. And it would take less than an hour to do a little research on the subject. That, and the lack of empathy associated with these folks.
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