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  1. The whole Huddle is laughing at you. Ja..azz
  2. As long as he is going to act like a j...azz, I am going to acknowledge it. He is craving attention. So I'm giving him some. lol
  3. Quit being a j..azz, and I just might do that.
  4. No, j...azz Who cares, you're still a J...azz yup still a j...azz yup still a j...azz who'd a thought it? Still a j...azz
  5. You're upset because you didn't get to see a practice? Practice? lol
  6. I am defiantly excited for this kid. Someone who may actually be able to sub out CMC.
  7. NFL Network did all 32 teams TC yesterday. The ONLY team I saw some actual routes, was the Ravens. It was not only the Panthers. So I guess almost every team hates their fans.
  8. Now, don't take this personally. But there is only 1 r in Tepper. lol
  9. For PreSeason. Panthers don't broadcast games during the regular season.
  10. So, according to that article. He still works for NFL Network. And doing this on the side. Still good to have him. I tell ya what.
  11. Not sure this is true. He does work for the NFL Network though. He did have a Panther shirt on. He is an ex Panther, he was doing a Panther practice, that does not mean however, that he works for the Panthers. Unless I'm wrong, and he does work for the team. Then, oopsy
  12. Fair, reasonable, and spot on. If we can get folks to remember we are still in a rebuild. Maybe the anxiety level with subside a bit?
  13. What else did that team have to fix? We, on the other hand, still had plenty of holes. jacka..
  14. So, let's examine this statement shall we? WR room-upgraded RB room-maybe upgraded TE room-upgraded QB-maybe, maybe not DLine-upgraded LB-upgraded CB-upgraded S-upgraded But sure, meager talent. lol It's year 2 of a rebuild. I'd say have some patience. But yeah, that doesn't seem to be in huge supply right now. Edit to add: I forgot the TEs. Bad Hubby.
  15. It's year two of a rebuild. Of a team that was bereft of talent. You can go on the warpath if you wish. Cooler heads will wait for this rebuild to be done before we start our lashing out. Besides. Weren't you telling anyone who'd listen, all off-season, to temper their expectations for this year? Now? You seem to not follow your own advice. Why should we?
  16. Before last year. Folks were saying "Worst team in Franchise History". Now, one short year later it's "Oline sux, QB sux, Rhule is on the hot seat, Brady is on the hot seat." Like it is only supposed to take 1 year for a rebuild. lol And the funniest part? It's those folks, who all off-season, were telling us to hold our horses. To be realistic. Now they are the loudest ones, complaining the rebuild ain't finished fast enough. Ya gotta love the Huddlez. Where patience is on the endangered list.
  17. Once Carter took over from Whitehead, our D took a big step forward. He is not going away without a fight. I can tell you that. Perryman is a down hill tackling machine. That's his wheelhouse. I'm hoping Carter wins that battle. I tell ya what.
  18. I know it may look like that to some. But to others, it looks as though they are mix matching guys. Trying to find a combination that works. Like a mad scientist building his monster. We have time to let them sort this all out. Afterall, none of us know what the staff actually thinks. They may be close to a decision, or they may not. But as I said, we still have time.
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