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  1. I bet if Rhule came out tomorrow and said he has a starting 5. But still moved players around on the line. These guys would say he is lying, or using coach speak. They have this idea ingrained into their brains. No amount of logic will dis sway them.
  2. Thee it is. The ol emo tag. You do that everytime someone gives you information you don't like. Rhule said the 1s got lots of work. YOU say they don't even know who the 1s are. I think I'll take Rhule's word. You say they can't pick up Exotice Blitz's, that they haven't practiced for. Is reason to fear the end of the world. Don't bother replying. I know you will just spin it to fit your skewed way of thinking. I've learned my lesson.
  3. Sure. You are railing against starters not playing because YOU think they need to gel. That the handful of plays they would get Sun, would make a difference. I showed you where Rhule said they got lots of work in. But that isn't good enough for you. You have a pathological need to be right. You dismiss facts that don't fit your opinion. It is why you never listen when folks give you information you don't want to hear. But yeah, it's always someone else with you.
  4. See, you purposely miss information. Like Rhule saying the 1s got lots of work in. The 1s, as in the starters.
  5. Listen. Your opinion mean absolutely jack to me. You can whine, and dweeb all you want. You started this by quoting to me. If you can't stand the heat, don't dweeb. I have plenty of Huddlers do communicate with. You are not even on the waiting list.
  6. Huddlerz wouldn't do that? Would they? The negativity is bad enough. Now we have to deal with Worse Case Scenarios as well.
  7. It's only a small group, so it would be more of a seminar than an actual class. So it shouldn't take up much of your time. lol
  8. I tell ya what. You quit being such a dweeb. And I'll take a break. How's that?
  9. I think it was the immortal The Real Deal that said; "I can explain it to you, but I can't make you understand it." Some teams didn't do a dual scrimmage. So their starters play some reps. Some teams have QB competition. So they need the reps. We did one, and don't have the other. Hence, our starters don't need a few extra reps.
  10. OMG. We scrimmaged against the Colts. Those other teams practiced against themselfs. Can you not see the difference?
  11. Except we had a 2 day scrimmage. It is not the same. Dang.
  12. Did you read the part where Rhule said we protected well. Except for those "Exotice Blitzes"? Maybe we can wait until we actually see them perform before we go all Chicken Lilttle on their azz? I know you have predetermined our line sux. But you know, you could be wrong?
  13. Sam just got 2 days of practice against the Colts. How many more reps does he need against them? He wouldn't get many more playing a series or two. Sam probably got as many reps, or more, than those guys. But hey, let's make a big deal out of this.
  14. Dang dude. Awfully dramatic don't you think. Go straight to worse case scenario.
  15. You really must be upset, if you can't see the difference.
  16. A couple of fights during a 2 team practice. Does not mean the sign isn't working. Also, thinking he would use it during a game is pretty dramatic don't you think? I mean, what would make you think he would do that?
  17. That was yesterday. Today? They came back with a vengeance. So not sure where you are coming from?
  18. Well, you ain't gonna get it. I like how dramatic you can get. You act like they were fighting every play, instead of the handful that actually happened. Every one of you "I want to see my starters" has thrown some degree a shade at me. I want to thank you for proving my point.
  19. Nice finish. Now take your ball, and go home. Kids.
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