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  1. Tuned in for first time in weeks to watch a game and see the interception! Oh yeah! Chance for points before half. Then watch as Bryce and crew still sucking it. What a waste of a #1 pick, next 2 years picks, and DJ. This team is going nowhere for a looong time. Bummer.
  2. Savage, don't go away mad. Just go away.
  3. Don't like the post, move on. No need to be a douche about it. Savage and Chib, that is for both of you.
  4. Yeah, he could have been ours but not here to cry about it. Props to the kid though. Rookie QB yardage record 470yds and 5 TDs...
  5. This team is a textbook example of losing at the highest level: gross incompetence, poor coaching, lack of motivation, losing attitude and acceptance of less than mediocrity. As a long time fan, it is depressing to watch the weekly fail.
  6. I am so happy I did not purchase an NFL TV package to watch this sorry ass team. I have to follow games on nfl.com play by play, and it is so painful with this poo show of an organization from ownership down to the guys on the bench. The next 3 seasons will not get any better. Time to mow the yard again... before the game ends 5th week in a row.
  7. Name anyone who wants the job knowing the poo we have on the field and no draft picks to work with?
  8. At least if we continue to be this bad, we get the #1 pick of the 2024 draft!!! Oh, yeah, scratch that...
  9. Can he throw further than that? Evidence so far says no.
  10. Is this the bend dont break version of offense?
  11. Well, that showing stunk up the joint. Surely, it can only get better from here?
  12. Good guy, good player, in a good situation and closer to home. He was a great team player while in Carolina and still follow him. Wishing him best of luck and long career. Except if we meet 49ers in playoffs. Then maybe he will have a career worst showing against us...
  13. That call was crap. We have differing opinions obviously. Respectfully. Calling that after Mahomes had 1/2 a foot on the line as a runner (yes, qb but is a pure runner in that situation) with 8 seconds left in a tied NFC Championship game after making BS calls most of the game in KCs favor? He barely touched him in any case and Mahomes flopped. I have no dog in this fight. Do not care if Bengals or KC won, but expect a fairly called game. That just did not happen... and KC got many gifts tonight, including a game winner.
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