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  1. DJ would shone brighter with a great passer throwing to him. The past few years he has not had that. He runs good routes. He doesnt drop many. He can run. Imagine Burrow, Mahomes, Stafford, Brady or another top QB with accuracy getting the ball to him. He would be top 5 receiver in the league, IMO. Trade him only for multiple 1 to 3 round picks or a solid vet and a pick or 2? Maybe. Not sure how much interest we would get though...
  2. Just switched to Bills Pats game and sure enough, all the flags are favoring NE... the refs are making sure the Pats get back in it.
  3. Yeah, no benefit of doubt. I mean, that tripping penalty on TB nullified by another f'ing offensive holding call? They will not let us try to get back in this game...
  4. This is unwatchable as a Panther fan. The quality of product here is abysmal.
  5. At least he wasnt mining nose gold on TV...
  6. So great to see energy, passion, and hard ballin in all three aspects of thr game. That was fun to watch! KEEP POUNDING!
  7. Burns flattened that OL and almost got that sack himself!
  8. Start 2nd half as if score is 0-0 and play solid, mistake free ball. CMC Sshould have 150yds rush and 75yds rec by the end of this bitch, and 2 TDs to boot. Run it up!
  9. Team is finally playing with some fire on both sides of the ball, love it!
  10. Welcome back, Ace Boogie. Now go out there and show these mutherfuggers how to play some dirty punishing running game ball. Prove the naysayers wrong by hitting the obly metric that matters, WINS. screw all the talking head passing stats... control the clock, keep turnovers to a minimum, let the defense beat the crap out of our opponents. GO PANTHERS!
  11. If there is truly a Divine Being who is kind, then this will be it, so our torment might end.
  12. True, lack of money is not keeping him up at night. Reports are that he is smart and competitive though. Maybe he thought signing Rhule would somehow excite the fanbase and fill seats? This level of low performance coaching and staffing is not looking either smart or competitive.
  13. Smart, giving a coach with no NFL experience a 7 year deal, sigh...
  14. His concussion is obviously not recovered and he is afraid to get hit again.
  15. Lets pull Darnold and run wildcat the rest of the game.
  16. High School or College golf is more interesting than this $hitshow.
  17. Wow. What a game. Is there Ladies Bowling on another channel?
  18. Not even Thanksgiving yet but we got ourselves a tasty bird!
  19. Pass rush has all but disappeared past few games and Cousins is a pro. Give him time and he will find guys open. At least we put up a fight...
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