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  1. Beating the Aints is worth just as much as 2-0
  2. Beating the saints and ending the streak makes this win special
  3. 2-0 first in the division with a shaky line is impressive. GO DEFENSE
  4. Beating the saints and ending the losing streak is double the pie.
  5. That’s a great short video with core players
  6. A team can’t force another team to draft a player. This is not nba that trade draft rights. NFL teams won’t tell you who they are trading up for. Also they were dominant due to their HOF QB
  7. I will leave this here. Draft is not an exact science. It’s a lot of projections of people’s personalities and injuries. It’s hard to measure a individual heart
  8. Betting the 8 pick against the field is unrealistic. There will be pro bowlers even HOF players taking after the top 8 pick. The only way to prevent that is if you had a crystal ball or a time machine. I feel this is the best draft we have had in a while. Do you think Chicago would have picked Mitchell trubisky or even the panther picking CMC in 2017 over Patrick Mahomes if they had a do over. Let’s sets realistic goals.
  9. My dream pick for round 2 is Jeremiah Owusu-Koramoah ILB Notre Dame or Elijah Moore Wr Ole Miss
  10. I believe they did. Their karma was called “dwayne haskins” they will need to trade the farm by mortgaging the future to get the chance to draft one of the top QB this weekend
  11. Also tackles are an indication that your offense cannot stay on the field Long enough for the defense to rest. Teams with the most tackles are usually teams with losing records and teams with the most sacks tends to be winning teams.
  12. The difference is this college kids are not getting paid they are not under the collective bargaining agreement until they sign with an NFL team. NFL won’t be responsible for medical bills if they get injured in the bubble or pay for their training. If I am an Agents why will I want my player to be exposed to NFL scouts 24/7 in a bubble that will get them exposed. The combine is strictly a track and field event not a football event. the goal is to show up be a workout warrior and leave.
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