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  1. Beating the Aints is worth just as much as 2-0
  2. Beating the saints and ending the streak makes this win special
  3. 2-0 first in the division with a shaky line is impressive. GO DEFENSE
  4. Beating the saints and ending the losing streak is double the pie.
  5. That’s a great short video with core players
  6. A team can’t force another team to draft a player. This is not nba that trade draft rights. NFL teams won’t tell you who they are trading up for. Also they were dominant due to their HOF QB
  7. I will leave this here. Draft is not an exact science. It’s a lot of projections of people’s personalities and injuries. It’s hard to measure a individual heart
  8. Betting the 8 pick against the field is unrealistic. There will be pro bowlers even HOF players taking after the top 8 pick. The only way to prevent that is if you had a crystal ball or a time machine. I feel this is the best draft we have had in a while. Do you think Chicago would have picked Mitchell trubisky or even the panther picking CMC in 2017 over Patrick Mahomes if they had a do over. Let’s sets realistic goals.
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