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  1. I have feeling Luke didn't drink the Rhule kool-aid and probably felt it wasn't worth risking his health any further. Rhule is not a NFL coach, dude belongs back at some college program.
  2. Reddick is undersized, it's a moot point to keep him while talking about needing bigger edge defenders. Burns is by far the better player, Reddick's production comes from scheme and Snow putting him in the right positions. Reddick would be invisible if he didn't have others on the D-line opening it up for him.
  3. Tepper just needs to give him the ol' Tommy treatment already, he's only making it worst for himself.
  4. They're giving Rhule all the rope he needs but he won't take the noose.
  5. Reddick, Gilmore are the only definite names on that list. I would only bring Carter back if they can land him on a cheap deal otherwise you can find a replacement in the draft.
  6. Problem is Rhule has brought in his Baylor-Temple crew and now they're dug in like a tick. It's going to take a exorcism to cast off his "process".
  7. The dumb thing about his analogy is that it didn't even take Jay-Z seven years.
  8. Second and third stringers could still beat the Panthers
  9. Guess the analytics say to expect another season down the shitter.
  10. Now Rhule has players on the roster calling him out, stick a fork in him already.
  11. Cam Erving staring like it's somebody else fault he got beat like a drum
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