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  1. First question the idiotic commentator asks Sam is about New York, what a clown.
  2. Second half of the game it's like they mysteriously decided to let them play, bum fugs caused Jaycee to get hurt.
  3. May be able to return in the playoffs but probably best to hold him out the rest of the season
  4. Refs can magically see holding on the Panthers, what a shock
  5. Oh wow look what happens when you give it you a veteran RB and not a rookie
  6. Welp this is going to be a long season, thanks for the sabotage refs.
  7. Refs can see every little minuscule thing the Panthers do but completely oblivious to the blatant holding by the Texans
  8. Put Freeman in the backfield, Hubbard isn't a second string RB
  9. Aikman is drunk, he just said the Texans defense is thin at WR
  10. Texans O-line has been holding damn near every play
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