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  1. Nope, that would set the franchise back for years and would be a quick end to Rhule's tenor. The best option is to try and land Lance.
  2. Oh man if you thought they we're behind before wait until they make this deal. If they give up all of their equity for a QB, this franchise will get lucky to ever sniff the playoffs.
  3. Most likely waiting to see how the draft pans out.
  4. Social media has created a new species of human that will do anything for fifteen minutes of fame. Unfortunately the majority of youth have bought into it.
  5. This is his last shot, hopefully he can put it together this year.
  6. Fitterer is cleaning house, getting out from under those terrible Burney contracts.
  7. Mahomes is getting Remjobbed tonight.
  8. Darnold was #3 overall and just because a player is picked in the top portion of the draft doesn't mean they can't be mediocre.
  9. This aggressiveness for mediocre talent is not the way you build a perennial contender.
  10. Hopefully Lance is the guy but I have a feeling he'll get snatched up before the 8th pick.
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