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  1. I couldn't be more excited to see how much Jaycee is going to cause this year. Let's gooooo!
  2. Thank fuging God they didn't galaxy brain this.
  3. You couldn't ask for better play calling, decision making, and execution from the Panthers to start. Well done team!
  4. If PJ was perfect he'd be the original starter. He will improve and we will keep pounding.
  5. Breaking News: CMC is exceptional at football. More at 11.
  6. I am glad that you guys are true fans that stuck around through the rough times. We are the ones who can truly appreciate how amazing this start is today. Y'ALL GOAT FANS!
  7. When did our FG kicking become automatic? Well done Zane! Keep it up!
  8. This maybe one of the few games in NFL history where 2 QBs could actually work well.
  9. This game is playing out like a dream. Welcome back QB1!
  10. So Dallas was offsides, missed that. Horse collar on Sam, missed that. Ian almost going out of bounds. Wtf man?
  11. Coach Snow is going to go completely ham when all his toys are finally on the field. He be like, "Oh you thought this was it? Bitch this isn't even my final form."
  12. I can understand why they didn't have us in the top 10 yet. I really believe that our defense has the ability to carry us until Sam can get completely comfortable and have him win games on his own. I think having this primetime game will help too. People who haven't seen us are going to be shocked.
  13. How is our cap situation this year and next? Do we have the assets to improve at guard or is this it?
  14. So by transitive property CAR over GB by 54. And no IDGAF that that's not how any of this works. Suck it Taints and Cheeseheads.
  15. I wish they had zoomed in closer so I could see the exact moment when Wilson connected to God's wifi.
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