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  1. Maybe I missed it, but didn’t see anyone mention Ryan is back in the organization. The team is usually good about announcing signings on Facebook. Anyway, found this on the hurricanes website. Does his contract mean he’s likely headed to Chicago? https://www.nhl.com/hurricanes/news/canes-agree-to-terms-with-dzingel/c-335081244
  2. IMHO, we peaked early this year. This slide started at the end of the regular season. We had 1st place in the metro comfortably in our hands and had to fight to keep it. We had games with 30+ shots that we lost. It also didn't help losing Freddie. Rod has taken us to the playoffs the last 4 years and into the 2nd round in 3 of those. Yes it sucks not get to the big dance, but we were bottom feeders the 9 years prior. I want to see improvement. The PP has got to get better, and we need to contend on the road, and our stars need to show up. Big players make big plays when the pressure's on, and we couldn't even score a goal when the goalie was out of the crease. BUT, I'd much rather have the last 4 seasons as opposed to the previous 9. If we can fix the power play, keep our level of play throughout the season, and have some things fall our way we'll get better. Coaches always need to be on the hot seat to get better and to improve, but I'm not ready to pull the plug on Rod if he doesn't win the cup next year. We could replace him with the Matt Rhule of hockey. Just typing that made me cringe!
  3. I know you mean this game, but I thought the same for Anderson. Sucks he was on the shelf for this playoff run.
  4. Aho missing the open goal sums up this series for him, and the team really.
  5. Sorry I spoke it true guys. I said we had to win one on the road. Worst fear has come true.
  6. It seems like I’ve heard something like this before….
  7. Where’d Captain Positivity go?
  8. Last night's game has given me a lot of confidence for tomorrow. Even commentators after the game mentioned how much our 4 lines were going against 2 lines for NY. I really hope we can put this thing away tomorrow night.
  9. Yes it was. They played an excellent game tonight.
  10. Almost forgot. Watched this after work today. What a fun game this was. Refs screwed us out of a goal in this one too…
  11. I’ll weigh in since no one asked me. I said we’re going to have to win on the road to advance, and it dang might be this series. Game 5 is a must-win now IMHO. What’s been frustrating for me this series is we handled the rags all season, and to see the games be so tight or us playing from behind the whole series is just frustrating. I get the playoffs is a different animal, but to look like cup contenders we need to handle business in these rounds like Colorado and Tampa have done. Raanta has been great, but he’s not a single starter. I’m glad to say it took him longer than I thought, but we are going to need two goalies to win. I would have like to seen the kid start games 1 or 2. I’d really like to see us win 5 and 6 and have Freddie back for the Tampa round. Getting Martinook back tomorrow would be awesome too.
  12. I’m still not understanding why He was benched after a loss in Boston. Maybe it’s the language barrier or I just still don’t understand hockey, but I thought the kid played great on the whole.
  13. I think Reaves needs to go watch game 2 from last series. This ain't the Carolina of old. Is it 7PM yet?
  14. https://www.msn.com/en-us/sports/nhl/luke-decock-hurricanes-goalie-frederik-andersen-s-postponed-postseason-continues-on-own-trajectory/ar-AAXDqCV Looks like he got a little work at full team. If memory serves, he just worked out with his coach before their last practice.
  15. We are going to have to figure out how to score on the PP and on the road if we expect to advance. No way we go undefeated at home. Here’s hoping to games 4 and 5.
  16. Sure would be nice if we could get a goal off this power play to start the third.
  17. Haven’t been to a checkers game since the affiliation change, but I’m rooting for them to make it to the finals because they’d play Chicago if they both were to make it. Would be fun watching the current vs the former affiliate; rooting for our guys of course.
  18. Colorado is the only one out west that would scare me. Gotta get through the next one though.
  19. What’s the feeling Anderson will be back for round 2?
  20. Here's to Raanta being good to go today, and the PP getting the puck in the net. Lets wrap this thing up Tuesday! Lets Go Canes!
  21. Hurricanes have announced the home game against Detroit tomorrow night is still on. Will be interesting to see how the roster is filled out if Aho, Jarvis, Staal, Svech, Lorentz, and Cole are out. https://www.sportsnet.ca/nhl/article/hurricanes-set-play-thursday-game-postponed-due-covid-19/
  22. Panthers have sounded the siren in the past. I like this idea.
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