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  1. Or typical Islanders figuring out a way to blow it.
  2. I haven’t read all 8 pages so sorry if it’s a repeat, but this seems like a pretty ballzy move by a head coach who had multiple players say in their post-game press conference they didn’t know the overtime rules, and displaying he didn’t get it either by receiving the ball to start overtime. Not to mention a blocked extra point and turnover off a punt. Maybe they should have looked to the Special Teams Coordinator for a scapegoat.
  3. The Lions are too much of a story for that to happen, and Ole Big Nose isn’t the QB for KC.
  4. The only thing better than beating the Rangers is beating Boston and that rat Marchand.
  5. Is this our first overseas trip, or was there a London game I’m forgetting about?
  6. He wasn’t exactly lights out in his starts in Chicago. Not sure what they were expecting bringing him back up.
  7. Nice to see us lowering the boom on someone! We look like the Canes we all know and love tonight. Let’s Go Canes!
  8. Somebody get Dave Ayres on the line please, haha. It needed to happen, but who are we going to get to play goalie with PK?
  9. Remember when we could say in the forums “At least we got the Hurricanes”? Can’t say that any more. I went to bed around 11. I will say Raanta looked like he was putting it out there best he could. Had a couple incredible saves. Just on the wrong side of Father Time.
  10. What do we do if he pulls an Uncle Eli and refuses to sign with the team that drafts him?
  11. I'm a Panthers fan in spite of David Tepper. It's hard for me to turn my back on a team I've been a fan of since the start, but Tepper has killed my passion. The way he runs this organization, FC, and the debacles out of the stadium like the Rock Hill project I'm just done with him and his wife.
  12. Keep your chin up. There’s always next year…. and the year after that, and the year after that. We’ve become the Carolina Brown Lions.
  13. They did. You could see him on the left side of the bench. When he went in against the oilers the same spot was an empty wooden chair with a red cushion. I’d go back and take pictures but I don’t know that I want to relive any part of last night.
  14. I’m very concerned about the goalie situation. Honestly, I don’t see how Freddie can come back. Maybe it’s different in the pros, but with clots he’s most likely going on blood thinners, and usually contact sports are out once that happens. Hoping I’m wrong, but my gut says this is going to be a bigger deal than we think. Rannta isn’t a no.1 and how much playing time does Kooch need to be ready. Has he hit his ceiling? The rest of the team has to give 110% and limit SOGs or we’re going to have an average record. The good news is if anyone can fix it, Rod can. Heck, he took a bunch of rookies and JAGs and Justin Williams to the ECF and we got a long way to go in this season. Hopefully we can get it together, get Pesce back in the lineup, and figure out a goalie solution.
  15. Catching up late and just started the game, but we do also have the Pesce contract situation. When healthy if he was part of the deal and a LTIRed Freddie, could that open up enough space for someone like Saros?
  16. What's made this harder is location services. A lot of streaming apps now require you to have location services turned on and shared before the app will load. Fubo requires you to set a home network, but allows a mobile device to be moved to other locations. That means on your phone, you'll get the regional content where the phone is, but a smart TV taken out of it's home network will not work. I share all this to say streaming services are starting to use more criteria to locate you, which makes it more difficult to spoof where you are. It can be done, but now for a lot of apps you're looking at a VPN service and a way to spoof your location.
  17. I’ll just be happy with more goals than Seattle tonight. I think home ice is the medicine this team needs. Great night to start a winning streak! Who do you think will be getting the Hatty tonight 69? I’m rolling with Burnsy.
  18. Hopefully our power kill looks a bit better tonight. Gonna be honest, didn't expect it to look as bad as it has been out of the gate. Let's Go Canes!
  19. We’ll that was fun huh? 5 goals to start off the preseason. BOOM!
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