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  1. I swore his beef was with Gettleman but it was so long ago now I don't remember the details.
  2. I would be fine with Teddy starting as long as we have a rookie waiting in the wings. It’d be a lot easier to stomach knowing his days would assuredly be soon coming to an end.
  3. Went over to an Eagles board just to see what they think and most of them are convinced that Hurts will be the guy. Hope they are right.
  4. I've seen some WFT fans say Kam Curl is better than Chinn...
  5. IIRC it was when he first got playing time in 2014. Dude disappeared when Remmers started sucking
  6. Remember when Remmers agent posted on the huddle? Lol.
  7. Lol, this dude is assuming we draft him solely based off Rhule’s and Jones’ body language? Seems like a slight reach.
  8. Seahawks fans on Twitter seem to be sad to see him go.
  9. He’s probably referring to Jacob Blake, timing would match up. So unlikely it’s football related.
  10. “Much has been made of 49ers exec Adam Peters possibly returning to Denver as a GM, and that is viable, but several execs in the NFL believe he is an ever better bet to land with the Panthers in that capacity ...” From La Canfora: https://www.cbssports.com/nfl/news/nfl-insider-notes-why-tua-tagovailoa-deserves-even-more-support-one-clear-coach-of-the-year-and-more/
  11. Dolphins staying at 3 is big for us. Keeps them lower than Atlanta and allows us to trade in front of them if that’s the plan.
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