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  1. Would like to see Freeman get more touches in short yardage situations
  2. He’s come a long way since his meme worthy shank during Training Camp last year.
  3. I’d add the Vikings game, even though that was an expected loss coming in, the way it ended was definitely a letdown.
  4. Seems like the Cowboys are lying to themselves thinking he’s healthy a la Rivera/Hurney with Cam. This might not end well for them.
  5. Can’t help but think Fitt would’ve resigned Bradberry and let Shaq walk if he was here at the time. Seems to be big on positional value, and DB is definitely more valuable than LB in today’s league.
  6. Yeah this is much ado about nothing. When he visited WFT, people speculated he could take a job there and nothing happened. He’s almost definitely just visiting old friends.
  7. I really think Christensen has a chance to be a solid starter, just not sure what position yet.
  8. No starters played at all for us, Colts had very few and they weren’t in there long.
  9. Who do you see the Dolphins going with?
  10. I really liked the Morgan Fox signing as well, but like you said the rest of them are going to be largely dependent on if these guys can stay healthy/perform at a level they were at or close to before. I'm cautiously optimistic but not ready to start celebrating quite yet.
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