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  1. we need so much it wouldn't be wrong either way.
  2. Don't think he will be a problem if we keep him.
  3. Lol...I am all in on Morgan and one of a few who doesn't think he is a yes man. He is the bigger issue because his role is more important right now leading up to the draft and free agency.There is no coaching going on so it's going to be a while before we can judge Canales.
  4. Glad we have a coach with potential at this point. Let's get to work. The Morgan hire is more the issue right now.
  5. Not all... I'm just getting in early before the fence riders say they knew it all along. What he says isn't as important as what he does. Early moves will tell us more than early pressers.
  6. So you got nothing ...thanks Anyone else with actual info?
  7. So we need fist hand info to answer theses questions.There doesn't seem to be much actual info on that front. Until some real insight is given I have to go on what I know about Morgan which is mainly from his playing days.Right now I'm all in on Dan Mirgan.
  8. I understand the they don't line up with my perception of the kind of person Morgan is. So my question would be is Morgan's player persona who he is now?
  9. We see why your comedy career didn't take off...
  10. No don't think this is a miss at all.
  11. Not knowing him personally this is what I thought he would be like.
  12. Take mid to late rd flyer on Travis from fsu.
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