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  1. Add 10 more for his combined trading up picks.
  2. You would think that would be obvious.Again the braintrust on the team and on this board cant see that.
  3. Hes showing Bryce how to play.This is good for him at this early stage.
  4. Lol...you stay at 9 ..take bpa build from there with all your picks this yr and next year. My take hasnt changed.
  5. Another one the braintrust giggled over as if he was an answer.
  6. Potentially top 5...maybe #1...without tanking.
  7. Thanks for the update...lol.We knew this going in.
  8. The pt is a throw away year to evaluate everyone including coaches abilityNew staff ,new trial run.
  9. Why...let him play it out.This not a season of winning but of learning.We can learn about the staff and their teaching skills. This is a team wide evaluation period.
  10. IDK if you were on the reich wagon before but its funny to watch how quickly fans turn on coaches and players.
  11. Correct...our offseason showed this as it was based on emotion and desperation.
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