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  1. We actually got a ton of pressure against Seattle. I believe we got 5 sacks, while it wasn't all from the Dline, the Dline would've had more sacks that game if it was for Russell Wilson scrambling and pulling plays out his ass.
  2. I am a diehard panthers fan and have been for the last 5 years or so since I was 14 and will be for the rest of my life. My family is orginially from brazil so I didn't grow up watching football but rather futbol. I was the first Panthers fan in my family and since then the rest of my family have also started to become fans. I follow everything panthers throughout the entire year. I am a college student in TN so it is difficult to make it to games due to drive and honestly primarily money. Luckily I did make to the home opener vs the Texans this year. Anyways, I love my Panthers and just about everything about them. Have skipped countless events and things to watch the games and have also been criticized or questioned why I follow them (before we were good). Simply put, because I love them.
  3. They're hits definitely were not the same at all. I think it was dirty but a case can be made that he wasnt sure if he had the ball or not. OBJ was an OFFENSIVE player that ran straight for JNO's head, no debate whatsoever what his intentions were.
  4. I feel bad for the guys on the team that are actually good guys and have to be dragged down by a few dirty dumbasses.
  5. These commentators are obviously pulling for the steelers. He doesnt question any of the other calls but seriously calls into question that sack?? smdh
  6. Thats some bull, its gonna be a fumble, but he completely lowered his helmet to hit him head first into the gios head.
  7. This commentator sucks. Was saying there was no way that it wasnt a catch because he had control through the fall, but completely failed to mention that he had to control inbounds in the first place. And also said that catch will go down as one of the playoff greats when it should have just been a routine catch. And he also said there was no way he would see the backwards pass overturned, then it was. lol
  8. when theres 8 minutes left and they already give you the win
  9. That was about as complete a half as you could ever have.
  10. I think we let Cam get one more drive and if we he score he for sure goes off. Think we'll see more Fozzy from the begining of the half.
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