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  1. Sam was pretty bad today and had no help, two things can be true. He's obviously got it in him because that last drive was insane.
  2. That CMC extension money starts next year and runs to when he's 30
  3. I loved Taylor coming out of the draft, thought he would go in the 3rd. Thrilled to have him.
  4. Get Sanders involved on offense for the love of god!
  5. It sure seemed like Charlton had been off lately, guess that's why.
  6. Oline was a major issue but Sam certainly didnt help by panicking once his first read wasnt open.
  7. I think they are trying to get Brown's weight down. I dont agree with sitting him every week but eventually he's gonna be forced to play due to injuries.
  8. Optimistically looking at it, Jaycee is only 21 and a freak athlete. He may be able to rehab and come back next year without looking like he's lost a step.
  9. Burn this stadium to the ground its obviously cursed
  10. Feels like someone died, Achilles are hard to come back from and no guarantee you'll play at the same level.
  11. Im not familiar with how they determine a number score but most of these look like they graded out as C or C+ so...average? If so, thats garbage.
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