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  1. I think he also may be saying that its up to whoever plays better/practices better/studies better but idk. He could've been clearer because it ultimately is his decision.
  2. Willing to bet they trade back if Neal and Ekwonu are gone at 6. It really all depends on what QB that McAdoo likes the most.
  3. Glad I dont have to cheer for a sexual predator
  4. I guess that's a fine hire, he'll only be here for a year anyway.
  5. 1. Trade down 2. Neal 3. Ekwonu 4. Cross 5. Hamilton 6. Linderbaum
  6. I like everything except for Spiller in the 2nd. I like Spiller as a prospect, but dont feel like we need a rb that high. Would much prefer to take a flier on a QB like Strong or Ridder but they may not be there depending on how their stock rises.
  7. At this point, what are we waiting for? Its not like firing a coach after 2 years is going to give us negative press!
  8. Who dey is the Bengals, Who Dat is the Saints fyi
  9. I think the most encouraging thing that can happen today is that they leave Rhule at the Tampa airport.
  10. Acquire makes it sound like we traded for him
  11. While he would be better than Darnold, he would still be terrible here. The only way we can get out of our QB blackhole right now would be to hit on one in the draft, and our options dont look great there either.
  12. That's actually a pretty nice combo. Very appropriate for today.
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