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  1. The black helmet offseason threads will live on!!
  2. I think Snow is more likely to retire as our DC as long as Rhule is here.
  3. Im glad we finally get to play the Aints early in the year.
  4. This is the best draft i can remember in a while. All 3 are starters and we picked up a ton of draft picks. Fitt and Rhule have navigated this masterfully.
  5. I want an OT. Radunz, Jenkins, Eichenburg.
  6. Dumping a check down specialist for two "fug it, someone's down there" guys would be interesting.
  7. When you realize your new team has a running back you can overpay
  8. 1. Rashawn Slater, T -Northwestern 2. Wyatt Davis, G-Ohio State 3. Keith Taylor Jr. CB-Washington
  9. I personally like Lance and Fields better than Darnold but with Sam on the roster now, we gotta go with Slater or Sewell to protect him and give him a fighting chance.
  10. Not a bad first FA class for Fitterer. If he can pull off a solid draft I'll be thoroughly impressed.
  11. Chill ya'll, what has Armah actually done here that we cant replace with someone else?
  12. Just cause he's a brand name tackle doesnt mean he'd be good here.
  13. Mac Jones is not a first round QB people are just desperate.
  14. Someone is gonna throw some $ at Curtis. I know theres a narrative around the NFL and in our fanbase that he's an under the radar guy but smart teams already know how good he is. They are gonna be lined up with offers the 1st day of FA, I wouldnt be surprised to see him get $12-14mil per year.
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