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  1. We give up Hayward and PJ and receive Turner and Levert. The money almost matches up perfectly. We could throw in a first if we have to, but this would fix our problem down low and give us a really exciting year. Melo/Ish Rozier/Martin Oubre/Levert Bridges/McDaniels Turner/Plumlee
  2. I would rather him play 15-20 minutes off the bench this year. Playing real competition and getting solid minutes on a playoff team (which I think we will be) should be better for his development. He also will give us a better chance to win as a backup 5 than Carey and Richards.
  3. I think a positive way to look at this is no matter what scenario happens, our team is going to be DEEP next year. Great depth coming off the bench is always a positive, and I think it’s really going to benefit us come playoff time.
  4. I’m in the same boat as you. I was hoping that if we did trade it would be either Hayward or Terry to dump the big contracts and roll with our younger players. But it just doesn’t make sense in this scenario. Something tells me PJ is going to be apart of the trade for Lauri if it happens..hope I’m wrong though.
  5. 2 years 26 mil so yeah 13 mil a year. Gotta think there’s some kind of trade coming soon. Maybe a sign and trade for Lauri.
  6. If we can flip some assets to get Turner as well then I would be much more optimistic. My only worry was either PJ or LM would be playing at the 5 and would put us at a huge disadvantage defensively down low, but adding Turner would easily solve that problem and would make us a huge threat.
  7. What are your thoughts? I’m interested to see how much we are going to offer. Will make me question if it’s more than the 13.5 Holmes got. That was the one player I wanted most out of free agency.
  8. I hate how cam always runs directly backwards when he's about to get sacked. I know he's just trying to make a play, but that hurts us a lot more than it helps us. But then again, with that run he just had before you can never doubt his abilities.
  9. OBJ would be Norman's toughest test, they said...he would get the best of him, they said..
  10. We are the last undefeated team this year, just clinched another division title, and people are still bitching. Besides that we can still win this game. Some of the fans on here makes us look really bad.
  11. Hahaha people saying we are already going to lose and it's not even the 2nd quarter yet. Have people learned nothing this year?
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