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  1. Marty Marty one man Party is now the go to saying in my house after the Panthers game.
  2. 5 on 5, take Igor’s eyes away and watch transitions. Thats a Welshman’s cliched guide to this game.
  3. ESPN app on my phone in a restaurant in Boston! Let’s get 12 boys
  4. Disaster. All comes back to a poo scared coach. Hope to fug he’s gone at the year end
  5. Is it on Bally? Went to record it and it’s not listed
  6. fuging love this team. goodnight and happy new year gents
  7. 8-2-2. Playing really well tonight. Great D in front of him. Not sure what any of that means
  8. Pretty darn dominant. Hard not to get excited about us with the players getting healthy
  9. We look great tonight. Panthers look like they got to sleep at 3am this morning
  10. Yeah and he loves his vets. I just can’t see how you can send him down, the confidence he has built, the crowd adore him, his team mates love him….and he is fuging great as well. In the Calder talk at the moment. Doesn’t make sense. maybe we are putting Raanta in the shop window with this run of games? Although there is a enough tape out there on him I suppose
  11. Gonna have to explain that to a newbie, what is wire eligible? Also every interview with Rod when asked about a goalie decision he has Indicated that it isn’t a tough decision…I always read that as Kooch was going nowhere
  12. Raanta pretty self aware on his recent performances. Very likable guy
  13. I give him enough poo most of the time so I will say he has done well tonight. Someone mentioned on here that he needs a run of games and gets better. Cue the the soft goal Eaton the third
  14. Merry Christmas Canes fam. Appreciate the company here. Let’s fuging go!
  15. Rod better make them skate in the morning
  16. Philly D didn’t nothing to help the kid.
  17. lazy is the term I was looking for. That and zero imagination. No rotation of players, slow puck movement, no urgency to get up the ice. Just poo
  18. That interview on the bench was outstanding! Kooooooooch is a legend already
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