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  1. Reimer has not started well. I will continue to talk to myself in this forum whilst sat in a hotel in New Hampshire drinking wine poured from a carton.
  2. Worst third period of the year so far. We usually finish strong but were out gunned today. Hit the pipes twice though and could easily have won.....after years of dire play this team is fun to watch
  3. I assume they have a camera view across the blue line? Looked close to me
  4. By the way the game is on ATT&TV Now today. Not sure what happened Thursday
  5. Reimer just not good enough. This team is good enough to win a championship with reliable goaltending
  6. 6-1 canes with one prime time game all season need to be slowed. *only half joking here
  7. See if this and get some momentum. Been a bit lackluster
  8. Same for me so I found a stream and mirrored to tv. This is really pushing my irrational insistence to never give Spectrum a dime ever again
  9. Just want to watch local sports and have something to look forward to to switch off. Streaming forever now....
  10. Well that’s gone to poo. Fug greedy broadcasters
  11. I dropped North State TV here in Greensboro and switched to AT&T TV top package as it carried Fox Sports South. Actually worked out $20 cheaper a month. No idea if it will disappear once Bally start streaming. Last nights game was action ESPN+
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