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  1. if thats how it plays out and they wind up getting a 3rd they will have paid 5.7 mil to move up 3 rounds in the draft. thank goodness for Teppers many many Bs.
  2. Agreed. Just dont think he wanted to go up there and be like... yeah the offense sucked... they blew it.
  3. Hes not blaming the D, he's blaming the team as a whole. it was a team loss... dont single any unit out.
  4. He runs 1 route… parallel to the line of scrimmage… and he continues to run it even with the ball in his hands.
  5. Hamstring injuries can suuuuuuck. Hard to recover from, linger and can result in over compensation injuries. but they can also be pretty mild. just have to hope for the best.
  6. Pretty much. Id expect other teams to catch on as more film becomes available... and thats when the real chess match begins.
  7. They put that stuff down on top of the turf to give it a more natural feel. After the games they kind drag/rake it with a tractor attachment to even it all back out. Turfs a double edge sword. It stands up well to all kinds weather and if you wanna have more events, and Tepper does, it’s the only way to go. You can paint it, wipe it clean and paint again right away. Can’t do that to natural grass. But it almost has too much grip, cleats get caught and you get tweaks easier. It’s kinda hard on the knees and the turf burn is when you slide on it is like rug burn, it’s friggin terrible.
  8. what’s the league average for 50 yd FGs? Our d was dominating the game early. Why risk giving up the field position and giving the Jets something to get fired up about?
  9. Agreed, he was a beast at KR. Oddly enough, I think the pro bowl nomination pissed him off/motivated him. Go figure. That guy would fight his momma if he lost to her in checkers.
  10. Nope. 89 was a pretty much a kick returner his 1st season. only had 10 catches that year.
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