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  1. Remember when he got demoted/reassigned because he called out Richardson for being cheap at a press conference about the pending lockout?
  2. In the last 5 years or so its been a 50/50 proposition. I guess it just depends on your talent evaluators and the situation the qb is drafted into. Chiefs traded up for Mahomes trade was 2 firsts and a 3rd. Great success!! Next year, 2018, Buffalo traded up to get Josh Allen. Went from 12 to 7 for a 1st and two back to back second round picks in that years draft. That worked out OK. Same year Jets traded up for Darnold cost them a 1 and 3 seconds. That sucked. Since then the only other top 10 trade up was for Trey Lance. Fart.
  3. He flashed a few times. Not like he is playing Zach Wilson level football.
  4. it could happen. and if it does then these trades will not have set us back a decade.
  5. They didn’t bring in dalton to run a sneak. They brought him into make everyone think they were running a sneak, then they tossed it outside. deuce is right tho.
  6. Remember when the saints would pull their qb and run taysom hill? Seems like it wasn’t that long ago.
  7. Unlimited sharing with YouTubetv Sunday ticket this year, my man. Rather drop $100 with a couple of friends and not have to deal with the janky virus laden streams.
  8. If we only knew the actual number of concussions Morgan had while playing, we'd prob wish he stepped away. "Dan is seeing pink again" was a running joke amongst the training staff.
  9. CMC had multiple years of play while putting up crazy number with no injuries. He didnt get hurt till after he got paid, which was part of his argument on deserving said payday. Horn cannot say that. And no its not his fault, some guys are just unlucky and it sucks. I hate it for him. I woudnt trade him, hes got one more year on the rookie deal. let him play it out and see if he can stay on the field. Its a low risk move at this point.
  10. TD is a one in a million scenario. Not many GMs and coaches are going to have the patience with their jobs on the line to wait on a guy to recover from 3 acl surgeries. Horns prob not gonna get the 5th year option placed on him. If surgery is being discussed then its really bad.
  11. because people of the year 2023 want instant results. same reason so many people fail at dieting. careful with all that reasoning you have going on there. sensible takes arent well received round these parts.
  12. I guess Bryce “looking rattled” is the new “cam has a towel on his head”. both those things are ok. Let’s judge Bryce in December. Then we will know if he’s growing or not . Till then just relax and stop trying to decide after 1 game. No one knows.
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