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  1. id rather give up 39 for Cortland Sutton than Chinn and 39 for Tee.
  2. Well, selfishly I hate to see him go but hopefully it’s a move upward. In that regard regard I’m happy for him.
  3. I think he was the first person that I definitely knew used hair in a can.
  4. People are stupid. Cam didn’t get hurt because of his running ability. He got hurt chasing down an int that KB loaded on and later again from a one in a million shot in the pocket via TJ Watt. it’s a stupid uniformed narrative that his running did him in.
  5. Llamar ain’t coming here. He’s gonna go to a big market if, and it’s a big if, he is traded.
  6. If I recall Proehl was all in on Devonte Adams and Gettleman picked Kelvin Biscuitman instead.
  7. Interesting. Did he not do it in Indy?
  8. And I’d guess Reich will call plays.
  9. Sean aint coming here. Denver and Zona make perfect sense as they already have QBs.
  10. I hated Roman after the cheap shot he laid on Smitty. Then he came to play for us and I liked the presence he brought. I saw him prevent others from celebrating on us and I came to appreciate that swagger. Not to mention if you get to interact with him he's a really cool guy.
  11. Lol what? might wanna play that track back bro. Frank WHITE not Frank Reich.
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