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  1. His play won us the game and cost us 5 draft spots. SCREW HIM!! Not serious.
  2. HES ON A BOAT!! no seriously, he's on his boat in the vid.
  3. Move them to a hotel?... away from the doctors and nurses on site and away from the medical facilities on site? Who feeds them? Makes sure they take their meds? I get what you’re saying but there’s a lot going on there. They’d have to send them to a hospital.
  4. they have lots of staff on multiple shifts.
  5. Agreed. Active cases, % of tests positive and current hospitalizations.
  6. Seems more like a great success.
  7. you have some good sources
  8. that’s a really good question. I guess as long as it takes? But there’s definitely a breaking point. its a tough spot for all of us and I wanna get things back to where they were as much as anyone. But not if it means stop and go stop and go... I fear that will be worse for the economy in the long run.
  9. Own a business, have two kids and a wife and I would like to do this lock down thing one time. So let’s do it right... even if it takes a little longer than we might prefer.
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