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  1. It could but it's gonna have to be more than just this. If his holding co was still largely calling the shots then it prob wont matter.
  2. I’d wager that Tepper and co have their ducks in a row and that the politicians in Rock Hill do not. Because business people tend to be good at business and politicians tend not to be good at anything that resembles business.
  3. That’s heartbreaking. I am so so sorry to hear that. I cannot imagine your pain.
  4. the one where he intentionally falls down? Sweet baby Jesus thats not even fair... I mean that DB has a family.
  5. That makes sense. I still have a hard time believing the plans for the rest of the infrastructure arent available. Project is just too big for them to be winging it.
  6. Thats a dream scenario. Hes a solution at LT for the next 10-15 years.
  7. Tepper would like the city to buy the land for a new stadium. Preferable the pipe and foundry location. The he can have the same deal he has now, his stadium on city property.
  8. Thats what Jensen said... Jerry Jones did the same thing when he built the Star. No govt money. Building a stadium isnt the same as a building a development in RH. Just from the way things look, meaning you physically go down there and look at it... they have already built a large chunk of infrastructure in that bridge alone. Someone is paying for it and if RH hasnt put up their part then most likely Tepper has footed the bill for well over a year.
  9. Wild part of this is that Tepper didnt even want the local govt of RH to be involved. Per Brent Jensen.
  10. They definitely have the plans. I mean... that giant bridge going over I-77 is more than halfway built.
  11. Dont forget to drink your OVALTINE!
  12. Agreed. I think he’s angling for the state to step in and they just might.
  13. So can you validate this OP? Got any creepy selfie pics where Rhule and 59 just happen to be in the background?
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