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  1. I'm not gonna lie, I would have been real upset if that pass to Olsen was the other way around.
  2. They should use Williams a bit more, he's been our most effective runner today.
  3. And here we go again. You guys and your knee jerk reactions.
  4. Cam's lucky this didn't get intercepted. Phew, I'll take it.
  5. Peyton Manning wouldn't have the numbers he is having now if he were playing for the Panthers, but I can guarantee you the offense would have have been a whole lot better than it is now. Peyton Manning is just on a whole other planet when it comes to quarterbacks.
  6. That was a good call. You're only calling it stupid because it didn't work.
  7. What does DeAngelo not being a power back have anything to do with your moronic "what if" post?
  8. What is it with people and this type of comment? You take out that 70+ run by Adrian Peterson last week, and he'd have a terrible game.
  9. Even with only one superbowl, I'd still give it to Peyton Manning. By far the most dominant qb I've seen when at his best.
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