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  1. Haven’t gotten to update this thread in a while because there hasn’t been much to talk about on the prospect front, but it looks like Ville Koivunen is on his way to North America. Koivunen had 12 goals, 16 assists, and 28 points in 52 games for Karpat in the Finnish elite league, he was also a +9. Koivunen also had 1 assist in 3 playoff games.
  2. Anyone see that Eric and Marc Staal declined to wear the Pride Night warm up jersey’s for Florida? Former Canes goalie, James Reimer, also did it a few weeks back.
  3. I said all along that I’d be happy with 5 of the 10 points and I stand by that.
  4. I’d honestly consider sitting Jarvis for a couple and putting Stastny on Aho’s wing to try and jump start Jarvis.
  5. Gassed with a capital G, might have blown our load when we were trying to keep with the Rangers physical play.
  6. When our defense doesn’t provide offense we tend to struggle.
  7. I’ll take a point should the hockey God’s want to give us one.
  8. March has not been kind to him. He’s going through what I like to call, his Necas slump year.
  9. When fully healthy, we beat the Rangers in six, maybe even five. Losing two 30+ goal scorers sucks.
  10. We’re missing too many pieces for guys to be losing their man in the defensive zone. Pesce sagging of Panarin and Jarvis losing Fox cost us. Don’t think Freddie could have saved either.
  11. Still waiting for them to put a Little Finland district in downtown Raleigh.
  12. I tried to sign up a while back and it didn’t even let me. I prefer this group here tbh.
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