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  1. Andersen has been sharp, man on man looks a little rough when the Rangers whip the puck around. Guys need to stick with their man.
  2. Even or better through the first. Keep it up. Good poo Fred.
  3. Keep shooting from the point on the PP with Skjei with a net front. No more of that cute poo.
  4. If we get through the first even or better then I think we’ll win. Have a feeling New York is going to try to put the hammer down early. I wouldn’t even try to match their intensity because it’ll be tiresome. Just play smart hockey in the first and then turn it on in the final two frames.
  5. Deano might be able to do some damage if he gets a couple of proper DP’s.
  6. This draft is so unpredictable. Hoping that one of Risacher or Dillingham are available, would also take Castle. In a trade down scenario, I’d take Knecht or McCain.
  7. Heels still out there recruiting. Ven Allen-Lublin and Coleman Hawkins seem to be the targets and both seem realistic. Hypothetically: G - Davis, Trimble G - Cadeau, Tyson F - Jackson, Powell F - Hawkins, Withers, High C - Allen-Lubin, Washington, Brown That team could be very average or very good depending on how well the freshmen acclimate and how well Cadeau has developed.
  8. No, don’t suspend him lol. He’s a -3 in 4 games. Make him play more, he’s ass.
  9. I think if it gets to game 7 it’ll be a different story. All the pressure will be on them. Just have to find a way to get this thing back to Raleigh.
  10. We win that game 4-2 if PK is in net. I think we need to alternate from here on out.
  11. This next game will be the hardest to win. Win game 5 and I truly think they’ll complete the comeback because they’ll take game 6 at home and by then doubt and pressure will cause the Rangers to collapse.
  12. A lot of what I would do depends on who the coach is. If Rod is still the coach then I’m trading Necas for a better fit, buying out Kuznetsov, and trying to ship Kotkaniemi off.
  13. Enjoy the ride folks. Only one team can win the cup and if this is our last game try to enjoy what will be the last time this group is together.
  14. Contrary to popular belief, Rod is a good coach. He kind of reminds me of Andy Reid (Eagle’s version). He’s got the Canes close but he can’t get them over the hump and eventually his message will become stale because there won’t be anything to show for all the success he’s had. It might be a situation where it’s best for both parties to move on. Rod may end up having success with another team and the Canes might finally get back to the Cup with another coach. But regardless, coaches are hired to be fired and unless you win the big one you’ll probably find yourself looking for a new job eventually.
  15. The results are in!!! We in fact…. Do NOT like our group.
  16. Yep, we’ll pull one of these on Shitstain and it’ll be all over for the Rags.
  17. Lmao the last five pages are pure comedy, it’s almost as funny as us getting swept in the playoffs again.
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