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  1. Nfl ready Maestro Processor Savant Steph curry Point Guard Am I missing anything..
  2. All the crap and suspensions I took for trying to tell the Bryce lovers cj was a better qb and purer passer
  3. You live with "if and maybe" I live with "did and done" Bryce did throw 2 picks and 2 tds after the game was done
  4. It's all the point Detroit had all but won the game in the 2nd quarter. Of course they are going to give up plays when they basically go prevent. When the game mattered and was in the balance is when he had the 2 picks which essentially sealed the game for them
  5. It was a soft defense...perfect compliment for the vanilla offense. Rodney Peete have come in off the couch in the 4th quarter and looked good too.
  6. I just miss having hope waking up on Sunday's. I don't think our number 1 pick gives us the best chance. If we got him in the 3rd round I'd feel better
  7. Did they really try an onside down 18 with 2 mins left
  8. He just said Bryce was "dismissive" talking about height looool
  9. Anyone seen @poundaway @ncfan @AceBoogie @ForJimmy?
  10. This is so hard to watch knowing I wanted Stroud
  11. You don't pick a average arm non mobile short qb
  12. @TheCasillas is typing up a "the throw you wanted to see from Bryce part 2" thread right now
  13. You don't have him on ignore like us? I have to hit show this post or wait on a quote to see what bullshit is spewing
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