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  1. This is top 10 dumbest thread. Basically asking us to predict the future. Could be first snap could be last who tf knows..
  2. Kids gonna be the next Baker Mayfield and yall wanna hype him so bad I don't get it
  3. Dude we get it you want him to suck ok... Sorry we couldn't get joe Montana this draft but even he had flaws so relax
  4. You said darnold would hold out and force a trade. Your opinion means nothing.
  5. Ekwonu is an aggressive run blocker with the power to knock defenders off the ball and drive them into the ground. In pass protection, he's extremely long and jolts rushers with his powerful punch. His pancake reel is outrageous. He sometimes over sets and needs be more patient, but he has the foot speed, length and strength to quickly develop into an effective starting tackle at the NFL level What do teams have coaches for?
  6. Ok so can corral have things nobody knows about as well...
  7. Hey since you can see in the future what are the lottery numbers...
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