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  2. @nflfake Anita Dick says that something might happen today or tomorrow, but wont speculate where.
  3. So half the people here never had a job? You sign a NDA every time you get a performance review.
  4. cookinbrak

    New toy

    No, because I make all the decisions about how it's run.
  5. So all the money Deshaun Watson is getting ready to pay out will not help him?
  6. Remember the other day when Zod said people with actual information don't post here anymore?
  7. I really don't understand what the Browns think they have. They told Mayfeild he was expendable. He won't play for them. Rather than eat half his salary and get nothing in return, why not trade Baker for Sam straight up. Deal with your respective headache for a year and be done with it.
  8. When you say it like that, it tastes like delicious cake.
  9. I'm sure they included that in the trade package.
  10. And we need to quit throwing good money after bad. Eat the turd biscuit we bought, and move on.
  11. We could run him as Tackle Eligible on every play, let him block further downfeild.
  12. BC was old and weak?
  13. My cousins mailman knows a guy that owns a TV, and he said not to be surprised if a lot of people here get some money deposited in their bank account overnight.
  14. The big TV STATION NEWS had a lot of inside sources that turned out to be pure crap. Joe Person. SMMFH.
  15. More clickbait. See if y'all can get this one to 26 pages, too.
  16. We're gonna have Icky and BC on the left side. Our running game will not be shut down.
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