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  1. Sam Howell will have won 2 Super Bowls by the time pick 26 is made.
  2. https://www.memorycompany.com/collections/carolina-hurricanes?page=1
  3. How to not let KC tie the game- Squib kick to around the 20. Even if they down it and no time runs off. On the snap, rush one. Send a few guys to the 50. Tackle Kelce and Hill. Defensive holding, 5 yards and a 1st down. But at least 5 seconds rub off, Repeat. Repeat.
  4. All 3 games were tied with 4 seconds left.
  5. 2 questions- Why don't we like TDA again? And Dougie who?
  6. And Trey didn't make the list either. Put the pipe down.
  7. Conversely, if either Cam or Sam had played for the Rams last night, they would look like world beaters. It has a lot to do with the coach and the oline.
  8. Hey, Cowboys....14 seconds is enough time to get 2 throws to the end zone. Y'all got none.
  9. He looks like a stunt double for "Super Troopers".
  10. Kinda looks like Rod had a discussion about playing defense.
  11. I learned a trick while reading about people stuck on the interstate. Small terra cotta planters and short fat candles. Heat and light.
  12. I have 2 generators, plus a non-working one I need to get fixed or trash. If nothing else, you can get a small one at Walmart or Harbor Freight that will give you a little power. https://www.walmart.com/ip/Sportsmans-Series-1000-Watt-2-Cycle-Generator/21174255?athbdg=L1600
  13. I watched the Det-GB game, apparently tly Sewell is 3rd string.
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