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  1. Must be some third party poo. Pretty sure Jimmy Clausen had more passing yards than Steve Smith.
  2. Jameis Winston used to light it up, too.
  3. Giving up 22 pts a game against mediocre teams is nothing to crow about.
  4. So Stroud is the new Justin Fields? The Flavor of the Month Club all up in here.
  5. Disney + is going up to 18.99, while Hulu plus live TV is going down to 49.99 (3 months, then 69.99, still cheaper than cable). Choice made.
  6. Are all the games on ESPN+ ?
  7. I have the Disney/ESPN×/Hulu bundle. Hoping I can find a Reddit stream and cast it to the tv.
  8. Trying to figure out how to watch Canes games. Bally seems to only cover Florida. But cable is insane. I can watch on the computer, but I need weekend yard games.
  9. Saw Molly Yeh make pulled pork nachos, tried it, never went back.
  10. Saturday night yard games!!!
  11. Inconceivable. We should win at least 4 Super Bowls before the playoffs start.
  12. I wonder if Falcon fans are saying "Did we pass on Vick 2.0?"
  13. Also, BigKat will win Miss Teen USA.
  14. https://www.today.com/popculture/news/michael-oher-conservatorship-rcna100270
  15. NBC News quoted Oher's earlier book saying that he knew it was a conservatorship,, but he didn't care. "As long as we knew we were family."
  16. It's ok, everybody else did, too.
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