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  1. Jesus F Christ. I am numb right now.
  2. I'd blame the silly penalties that gave them PPs.
  3. Other than the 2 minute of brain fart, it was a good game.
  4. It pains me to say, but after the Dallas game, Rod was trying to get 2 points out of the trip, and treated the LV game as an automatic loss. Martin is not bad with some defense in front of him.
  5. You have no idea how long it took my drunk over medicated ass to type and correct that. I DESERVE AN EMMY!!!
  6. "Well, Billy, where we gonn' put that Vegas ass?" "Kinda think it might go on the 'whooped' pile tonight, Son."
  7. Stumpy, find a movie poster for "Get Shorty" and put Jarvis head where the moon should be.
  8. Martin has started 2 games against 2 of the best teams. 2-0 , 55 saves on 58 shots.
  9. Who threw Spencer Martin in the trash? Also, must keep Bunting and Noesen.
  10. That dumbass wanted a penalty for hitting himself in the head?
  11. His negativity surpassed any positives he brought.
  12. That OT took a lot out of me. Including blood, because the cat in my lap did a burnout when I yelled.
  13. I don't think anybody here is understanding what he said. He's saying that he learned from the mistakes he made here. Thomas Edison said something like " I don't see it as failing 100 times, I see it as learning 100 ways not to do something."
  14. Nah, I think with all the thuggery Colorado was trying, Rod told TDA and Pepe to show 'em who their daddy is.
  15. 2 guys were offside, but they both tagged up. And the puck bounced off of Coochie's foot.
  16. Jeudy carries over 12 mill in cap space. /end thread
  17. "not available in your area"
  18. If the defense is equal to the other team defense, they get off the feiild quicker.
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