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  1. After all that, we traded our 1st for 2 2nds.
  2. Just got the Doom Slayer pack- Doom, 2, 3, and 2016 from XBox store for $7.49. 75 % off.
  3. Steelers say he's already running the defense. We shall see.
  4. Was watching the women's finals, one of the coaches said 2 things win championships. Good depth and good goalie play.
  5. First time anybody won by more than one goal.
  6. I really shouldn't drink on a Monday....
  7. They've scored more on our PP than we have.
  8. We were decent. The best team in the NHL is playing like it.
  9. Came for the over reaction. Not disappointed. "It's not a series until somebody loses at home"
  10. Not worried. They know we're here, and we aren't going to sweep them. CTFD.
  11. On Jarvy's empty netter, I said in my best Nelson voice "Ha ha!! You fell down!!"
  12. Let us not forget that Atlanta drafted Penix way too early.
  13. They jumped one spot because everybody knows/thinks Buffalo is taking a WR. They didn't want to risk it. We trade a high 5 for a low 6. No biggie.
  14. Tomorrow is casual day at work. Got a lack Aho and Svech jersey, and a Aho Whalers jersey. Not sure who to go h.
  15. You can buy a projector for about 70 bucks. I hook mine up to a Roku and use the Spectrum app
  16. "If erection lasts more than 4 hours, stop watching highlights."
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