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  1. Aikman, Buck, and the rules guy even said it.
  2. I don't change the menu while we're winning, so chicken tenders, cheese sticks, and jalapeño bites.
  3. Get home, get stuff done, get a shower, maybe have a beverage during the game.
  4. 1st play- 2nd option 2nd play- 3rd option 3rd play- looked off safety, then 1st option 4th play 1st option, quick slant 5th play- several looks, including ignoring the checkdown to CMC because Robby was open downfield 6th play- 2nd option 7th play- scramble, finds open receiver 8th play- designed quick slant 9th play- run 10th play- 2nd option Halftime.
  5. 1 Who is their 4th qb? In case we break one. 2 Defense scores this week.
  6. But...so many people here say Darnold doesn't make reads and checks everything to CMC. They are obviously super informed.
  7. You should watch a game sometime. Darnold hits the 2nd, 3rd, or 4th option. Unless Brandon Zylstra has been our #1 all along.
  8. I watched some of the Rams game. Seems that Stafford and Darnold were in similar boats. Sam has a newer, cheaper boat.
  9. Can she play LT? It would take a few seconds to run around her.
  10. He missed an extra point and had a FG blocked. We're stuck with him for 2 more weeks, then we can worry about it.
  11. So we get a long week to rest while Dallas plays on Monday night.
  12. Trick 'r Treat is great. So cheesy. Fear Street on Netlix is good. Starts slow, but hang in there.
  13. He never saw us play. Dougie trying to be an offensive weapon cost us a couple o games. He was gonna walk either way.
  14. Got to watch OK play Saturday. Rattler looked quite average.
  15. Using this (lack of) logic, Green Bay should cut Aaron Rodgers right now, because New Orleans has no pass rush and he could only put up 3 points?
  16. So, who wore it better.? Peppers, Buckner, Rucker, and Jenkins? Burns, Brown, Jones and Fox?
  17. This message brought to you by Deshaun Watson.
  18. Meh. Look at where we rank, and then look at #2. https://www.sharpfootballanalysis.com/analysis/2021-nfl-offensive-line-rankings-by-positional-unit/
  19. Oh, it's gonna be fun. Not so much for Houston, but...
  20. Tina!! Why ain't you watching the Thunderdome??
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