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  1. Damn, this game went night and day fast.
  2. "Cryptic" must mean " imaginary", because nothing has happened.
  3. Just not on top of Ciara....
  4. Alex Nedjelcovic was the be all, end all last year. Temper your expectations.
  5. Now, let's be fair. I also claim abstinence from sex with Ciara. Unless she changes her mind.
  6. What a tasty W that is. They outplayed them the whole game.
  7. Imagine if Chicago had kept good players instead of trading everybody once they showed promise.
  8. Don't know if it has been mentioned, but Denver was ranked top 5 in all defensive catergorys.
  9. Saturday night late game. Weather is gonna be nice. Chiminea yard game.
  10. Stroud has been spoon fed victories because Ohio State is always stacked. It's easy to play well when you're ahead by 30. But when he gets a little adversity, he folds. He couldn't carry a team.
  11. Just gonna say that the Mich QB had a damn fine game.
  12. I'm at work. Just checking on here.
  13. And UNCheatsheet fans are racist assholes.
  14. State is down to their 4th string qb. UNC better hope it has to pull the starters by halftime.
  15. Just like every other Ohio St QB- no success in the NFL. A product of the system.
  16. Who thinks the Chargers are looking for a new coach?
  17. That would guarantee a trophy. 1st QB to win SB with 3 different teams.
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