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  1. I'll take "People Who Have Never Played Poker" for 200, Ken.
  2. Y'all gonna love this https://www.outkick.com/cam-newton-comeback-attempt-lamar-jackson/
  3. Alabama had 3 starting QBs in the NFL last year. One in the SB. OSU had one QB, who finished with the worst record in football.
  4. Still waiting on the refs to disallow that tying goal...
  5. Now they can trade up to #1. We can fleece them.
  6. He better play nice if he wants to come back in 2 years.
  7. Google " DeShaun Watson new contract"
  8. Maybe he can hit some incentives.....
  9. fivecbd.com Free gummies, just pay 12 bucks shipping. And then they give you 50% off coupons. The chocolates are the bomb-diggity.
  10. Talk to the Colts and see how antsy Houston gets. They have a lot of Cleveland's picks.
  11. Not a first. THE first. You can be a man, or you can be THE man.
  12. Can't remember the last time a college team won the SB.
  13. Hopefully, he gets his swagger back.
  14. Not as annoyed as Bears fans after trading up TWICE in the last few years for qbs only to still be the worst team in the league.
  15. Anybody with a phone can send out a tweet about anything and people here jump on it like a hooker on a drunk guy.
  16. Don't you remember last year? 23 qbs went in the top ten.
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