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  1. Not my breed (and definitely not my shorts). Plus if it were me, there'd be two of them. I'd add, from the perspective of a bird owner, that's pretty impressive. It's darn near impossible to get a bird to lie on their back. (insert "same as my wife" comment here)
  2. The title for that pic should be "SHIIIIIIIIIIIIII..."
  3. Pair that with the Rob Ryan one.
  4. "Time to switch QBs" doesn't sound like benching to you?
  5. Harrison actually said Newton should be benched. Dungy disagreed.
  6. Mike Zimmer as a head coach likely gets you either Hue Jackson or Ken Zampese (Ernie Zampese's son, Dalton's QB coach) as an OC.
  7. He may be good at identifying them, but his coaching record shows he's lousy at fixing them. The closest he came to developing a young QB was The Spleen.
  8. Shanahan never accomplished anything without Elway either. Can't agree on Gruden. He took a Super Bowl winning team and ran them into mediocrity for the remainder of his time there. he was fired because players hated his guts and told the owners they'd rather retire than play for him without Monte Kiffin in place. add in that he kept a continuous QB carousel going after Brad Johnson and never developed any of his young prospects.
  9. I'm always a little skeptical of Steeler guys outside the Steeler system. Granted, Whisenhunt looked good in Arizona when he had Kurt Warner. Post Warner, not so much. I wouldn't scream if we hired Whisenhunt, but he's not my first choice.
  10. I absolutely want an offensive genius on staff. It just doesn't absolutely have to be the head coach.
  11. Doesn't scare me. Seen plenty of good defensive coach / solid OC combos.
  12. Our current roster would be very attractive to a defensive coach.
  13. I have no problem with an offensive minded coach, but I'd also be fince with a DC who brought a good OC with him.
  14. Newton appeared sharp in the first half. Quarters 3 and 4 confirmed it for me (for the 1000th time) that Rivera can't make adjustments. Granted, this doesn't excuse Cam for coming out flat in the second half but look at how Luck responded after a crappy first half against The Seahawk's D. The HC and OC found cracks in that defense and exploited them. It's no different than what Arians did in the second half to us. Newton's profile early on was he'd look great at the beginning of games but tail off as they went on. I figured once he adjusted to the pro game that'd change, but now we're back
  15. To be fair, Newton wasn't exactly special in this game either. Neither were a lot of other guys. Rivera did a poor job gameplanning, but his players did him no favors.
  16. One thing to consider: This is a chance for Newton to finally have a game winning comeback.
  17. Bruce Arians did some brilliant gameplanning for this contest.
  18. We have people who can play WR bad. We have people who can play OL bad too.
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