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  1. Cardinal fans doing the wave while they're on offense...
  2. It got us yards. Better choice would have been to give it to Ginn though.
  3. Amini out of the game, report makes it sound like it might be longer
  4. Wharton played it poorly and left an off balance Kalil one on one.
  5. And Calais Campbell blows right past Wharton and Kalil.
  6. That's not a matchup I want to see a lot. Defense is looking tired against the run. And now a score, ugh
  7. Living dangerously on that pass, but I like that they're not scared to throw on Peterson.
  8. I think he's getting a little help there, sometimes via an extra guy, others by playcalling (lotsa quick passes).
  9. Rivera's defensive gameplan against them last year was pretty smart. he used the DL to block Brees' sight lines. Brees is a shade under six feet tall, so it makes sense.
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