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  1. Either of those says "#1 pick next year".
  2. I've seen that idea. The problem with it is you're also screwing your teammates over. Are all of them gonna be okay about losing money and hurting their chances for playoffs and incentive bonuses just so you can get what you want? What happens if you piss off, let's say, your left tackle?
  3. It's just my philosophy. Remember, Patrick Mahomes sat his rookie season.
  4. I just prefer he get a more gradual introduction to playing in the NFL, though I generally feel that way about most rookies. For example, we could have him come off the bench and finish out the fourth quarter in games where we're winning in a blowout. Part of the fun of the internet is that you have no idea whether I'm wearing a straight face right now
  5. I could see it going either way. I really do think the team wants to go ahead and move on from Bridgewater if they can. I'm just not sure Jones would generate enough confidence for them to do that. Mind you, if they took him at #8, that might be more likely than if he were taken after a trade down.
  6. Has anybody brought up the Washington game in this thread yet?
  7. This probably won't go over well either, but it is something I thought of... If we were to draft Jones, whether it be at number 8 or after trading down, you could very well be looking at at least a two year commitment to him. First year, he may not start at all or may only start a limited number of games. You wouldn't get a full read on him as a starter until next season. And yeah, that could mean another year of Teddy Bridgewater sitting at the top of the depth chart. I hope everyone feels very encouraged
  8. Tom Pelissero said some of the other teams he talked to really believe it. The Rapoport clip above doesn't exactly paint an encouraging picture either.
  9. To be fair, Weinke was about 40 years old. But yeah, there have been a fair number of national championship quarterbacks that haven't exactly been draft darlings.
  10. People keep attributing rational thought processes to the Texans. Always makes me feel like asking "Have you heard about this team?"
  11. Yeah. That's a classic double take. "They're willing to trade a young first round player for that little compensation? Great!" "Wait a minute... Why?"
  12. I don't know that you do. But to make the trade happen, you have to find a way for the owner to not be a stubborn, vindictive, egotistical a--hole. I question whether that can be accomplished.
  13. I think it's possible he's traded. I definitely don't think it's guaranteed.
  14. Back when I was a member of management, I sat through a seminar with a labor lawyer talking about organized labor relations. I don't really want to be in management again.
  15. No argument on that, especially since Goodell took over.
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