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  1. And you can guarantee an MVP caliber quarterback at our pick? This despite that long list of first round busts you gave earlier in the thread. Riiiight And I'm guessing you weren't around for that Delhomme guy. You know, the castoff who led us to our first Super Bowl? Or was that before your time? Oy I can't definitively say whether Darnold is going to be great or not. Neither do you nor anybody else know whether any of the first round quarterbacks taken this year will. The one thing I do know is you have such consistently awful takes on this board that your a
  2. Mentioned in another thread, the coaching staff doesn't really seem to be too high on Bonnafon.
  3. I wouldn't, but I acknowledge there's an argument to be made for it.
  4. I don't think the current coaching staff has all that much confidence in Bonnafon.
  5. Did we consistently go very far with Newton? Even when you have that, you do still have to build around it.
  6. Bengals beat writer mentioned that his dad doesn't like traveling to games so playing in Miami where his family lives has some appeal to him.
  7. We know that besides trying to trade for Bernard, we also tried to sign Chris Carson. It sure sounds like the team has an interest in putting a veteran runningback behind McCaffrey.
  8. I know there was a rumor that we were trying to trade for him a few weeks back, but I can't remember the source.
  9. I'll be fine if we don't, given that we have a lot bigger needs than backup quarterback. Plus honestly, there's few if any of this year's non first round picks that I'd have much faith in.
  10. I don't give a damn who wins MVPs, especially given that MVPs pretty much never win Super Bowls But I do notice that besides shifting to that, you're also now shifting to drafted QB's instead of first round quarterbacks. Given that Brady skews everything, I'm not surprised.
  11. I'm not dead certain it's going to be a question. I've seen an awful lot of speculation that at least the top four quarterbacks will be gone before we pick, and in some cases maybe even the top five. The first three picks being quarterbacks is pretty much a lock, and Breer pointed out that both Atlanta and Detroit are open to trading down with teams that might be looking to get one of the top five. Heck, even if one does fall to eight, is it someone the Panthers really like?
  12. Following up the suggestion that a first round pick was the only way to go by naming nearly half a dozen first round busts certainly didn't help yours Neither did appealing to recent Super Bowl history as evidence for first round picks do much when you consider that the vast majority of Super Bowls over the last several years have been won by a sixth round pick who was stuck behind a first-round pick for the first few years of his career; that same guy who this past year would have fit your definition of a castoff. Also the same dude who lost the Super Bowl just a few years back to anot
  13. See, this is why it's fun debating with you. Given time, you typically own yourself. All those guys you just listed as castoffs, guess what they were before that?
  14. You do realize (and given who I'm talking to I know that's assuming a lot) that Darnold is only 23, right? And I realize that Albert Breer's analysis doesn't carry as much weight as a tweet from last year, but still...
  15. Yeah, like that Brees guy. What did he ever win? Same with that guy the Packers picked up that had a funny last name. Brett something...
  16. Gruden kept shifting quarterbacks rather than sticking with one and developing them. That's basically the approach you're advocating. And seriously, if you want to emulate the Browns, you'd best be prepared for this:
  17. I call it the lottery approach because it's a lot like trying to get rich through buying lottery tickets. "Maybe this quarterback's a winner. Oh wait, he wasn't? Well let's get another one and maybe that one will be a winner."
  18. We call that the Jon Gruden approach. Quick Tip: It doesn't work. See Also: The Cleveland Browns
  19. I don't necessarily think next offseason is the deadline. I do believe you can give him two years. Might even be wise to do so. Suppose he looks good after the first year but not so good after the second one?
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