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  1. I wouldn't say I'm feeling cocky, and Lord knows I'm as historical as anyone. But it's valid to note that history can really only tell you so much when you have a coach in just his second year and a GM in his first.
  2. Phone's been double posting a lot lately.
  3. Appreciated, but thank Joe Person and Connor Hughes. This was their story. I'm just relaying it.
  4. I'd say we'll probably have more than one surprised pick. Heck, there's a good chance that whoever we take in rounds two through seven will probably be surprised when they hear their name called.
  5. I should add that I think the one narrative this story completely destroys is the idea that David Tepper was at any point standing behind Rhule and Fitterer cracking a whip and telling them to trade the farm, the kitchen sink and everything else for one player. Truthfully, outside of his getting regular reports on how things were going, it doesn't sound like Tepper was involved all that much in this process at all.
  6. That thought has crossed my mind. LG is correct. If they were looking at trading up for the #3 pick, the plan would have been to draft a rookie. Even the article says part of the reason they didn't do it was because they hadn't finished evaluating the prospects. In addition, seeing that Fitterer "balked" at what Miami wanted for that third pick, it raises the distinct possibility that even if we did want to push for Watson, some of the outlandish trade packages fans and some analysts speculated we were willing to give up might have been way way waaay off the mark. (at the very l
  7. I remember something Fitterer said in one of his press conferences (don't remember which). He was talking about correcting misinformation that was out there, but then added with a smile that the team might encourage misinformation if it was to their advantage to do so. I don't know what kind of GM Fitterer is ultimately going to be, but I do remember hearing that answer and thinking "this guy gets it".
  8. That very easily could have been us. We talked to Miami before the 49ers did, saw their asking price and said "hell no".
  9. You know something else that typically doesn't work? Drafting pass rushers from Florida State. Throw in the fact that just as many first round quarterbacks bust as succeed. The biggest mistake is in thinking there's only one way to do things.
  10. Now being reported that the doctor wanted him to come off of some of his medications.
  11. Two parts I found especially interesting ... While the move surprises many, Fitterer saw it coming because the Panthers also had talked to Miami about the possibility of moving to No. 3. Ultimately, the Panthers balked at the draft picks that Miami wanted. Plus, Fitterer was reluctant to make a move before the Panthers completed their evaluations of the top QBs in the draft by attending the pro days for Wilson and Fields. ... With the Panthers’ selections falling in the top 10 in each of the first six rounds, Fitterer is not willing to part with a high pick in this year’s d
  12. He's not listed on the roster yet. Might be waiting for the deal to be official.
  13. Some information from Joe Person's latest article in The Athletic... FYI: While the text quoted in this post primarily describes events in the timeline of the Sam Darnold trade, it's not strictly about that. These details also give us insight into the thinking and the processes so far this offseason of Scott Fitterer and Matt Rhule. Excerpts: Jan. 30: Shortly after the Panthers’ charter returns to Charlotte from Alabama, news breaks that the Rams have acquired veteran QB Matthew Stafford in a blockbuster trade with Detroit. The Rams sent QB Jared Goff, a 2021 third-round pick a
  14. They did. From the article in the link... Rhule and Fitterer also begin talking to Robby Anderson and other players who were teammates with Darnold in New York.
  15. Ya know when you think about it, if Fitterer wasn't willing to give up that kind of haul in a trade for the #3 pick, it makes you wonder if he'd have also balked at making a similar offer for a certain Texans quarterback. (mind you, it never got to the negotiation stage because Caserio maintained right up till the scandal hit that they weren't trading him, but still...)
  16. McCown and Kalil each had both Delhomme and Darnold as teammates at some point.
  17. Per Albert Breer, he basically expected both Tannehill and Darnold to be able to run the offense just like Peyton did. (good luck with that)
  18. For the situation at that time though, the reasoning is understandable.
  19. About as likely to happen as that prediction you made of the Jets not drafting Zach Wilson.
  20. Would you also kill their wife and grandkids though? Whatever the motive is behind this, I seriously doubt it's going to turn out that the victim was a bad guy or something.
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