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  1. Well, first one..he picked the Texans over us last week to cover...HAHAHA.
  2. I know right? I am going to watch some of his other videos from past weeks to see how accurate he is...should be interesting.
  3. 27-17 Panthers win. Notable stat: 8 sacks for the Panthers D Super bold prediction: Zeke Elliot held below 10 yards rushing on 10+ carries.
  4. Alvin Kamara ran for 5 yards on this defense, and Nate thinks Zeje will get over 100? HAHAHAHA
  5. Punting from inside the 50 tends to hurt your punting average, but he has not been as good as last year for sure.
  6. I actually got tickets from a guy at work who was not a football fan, but got free tickets somehow. THis was my first game, but I the next few games I went to they won. Then i did not get tickets and they lost. I still blame him that we did not make the playoffs. lol
  7. What I don't get in this chart or article is this. Saquon Barkley is the biggest miss because they took him over Sam Darnold. We now have that same Sam Darnold on our Roster. But we were supposed to take Fields to replace him. So which is it? You can say Sam Darnold is great in one line of your chart, and then say he needs to be replaced in another. This article is stupid.
  8. Two things. "I do anal." hahahaha And you are missing "I miss your face." I hate reading that.
  9. http://io9.gizmodo.com/cows-are-deadlier-than-you-ever-knew-1690950434
  10. The boats are in water that is the same color that the sky usually is.
  11. I believe that is called perspective. Different angles of the same subject can have very different results.
  12. Yeah, it doesn't say anything about regular season in regards to that record. It is career.
  13. I asked that, and was told no, but I am not 100% convinced. I seem to remember they have before.
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