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  1. As to Cohen. Could be a good pick up but why leak it and give every other team a heads up to your moves?
  2. He reminded me of Chuba last year while Chuba ran like Blackshear in garbage time '22. Sanders had his best run when BY lined up under center and he hit the hole fast. Hope they build that into the OGP more.
  3. Turnovers are unexpected negative events. But you can respond to those, as a team. We did not. I think the observation that the Panthers lost more than the falcons won is encouraging but a division loss, even on the road, puts us behind the pack Definitely not giving up on the season and definitely not opening up 2 out of 3 threads on the huddle. Keep Pounding
  4. My positives begin and end with the offensive line play. We have 16 more games to go and we can win a lot of them if they keep that up. I also liked going with Bryce under center and the quick hit run plays. It seemed to really help Sanders and I wish they had gone with that more in the second half. Otherwise Sanders ran slow and directly into tackles, which is usually my complaint about Chuba but he played very well.
  5. I've gotten used to this team competing with the least competent set of ref's every week. Until we start winning the best ref teams will go to the best matchups. What I'm concerned about is the challenges that are reviewed in NY. Would love to be a fly on the wall in that room as they get simultaneous red lights flashing for review challenges in a premier matchup vs. a low tier matchup and see how much time is actually invested in getting the calls right in those different scenario's.
  6. I was the same way. Growing up in NC meant a lot of redskin (may they RIP) games. In college I made the road trip to Tampa to watch the superbowl and root for Theisman. Seems so alien now. Didn't have tickets but still had a blast. So when the Panthers came into being I knew I had to cut ties completely. A lot of people hate Danny Boy, but I always appreciated how he made that breakup painless.
  7. Ride or die Panthers. No "second" teams. I'm fortunate to also not take any failures of the team I support to heart and my mental health is not reliant upon a single game result or even a playoff season. This is a mantra I repeat more and more often it seems with this team. As to yesterday, I turned off the TV and took out my aggression pulling old tires out of the creek and bushes and cutting down weeds in between downpours. Haven't even looked at other teams scores yet. I can't stand the rest of the NFL other than the Panthers. If it were not for the Panthers there is no way I would spend a single dime on the NFL or waste precious daylight listening to the talking heads.
  8. Hurst threw Bryce’s first TD into the stands. Hope a Panther fan got it!
  9. I mean, Corral needs to give a pep talk to Zappe. That may help him snap out of it. If anyone is depressed it has to be sloppy thirds Zappe
  10. Methinks brother Josh is spending too much time reading huddle threads.
  11. GMFB has never been the same without her. Her knowledge of teams and players is second to none and she is a great interviewer.
  12. Grier to Bengals psWill Grier signed to Bengals PS
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