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  1. not sure he has earned a farewell tour .... but I will take what I can get.
  2. This thread reads like a huddle intervention is brewing to stop LG from becoming a trainwreck.
  3. They aren’t going to release a WR that ranked 10th in the league in catches and 15th in yards. And the fact this same receiver only scored 3 TD’s (82nd in league) and only averaged 11.5 yards per catch (79th in league) demonstrates perfectly why the change from “check-down Teddy”to any NFL caliber QB with a live arm should have RA dancing in the street for this contract year to start!
  4. Which means they also qualify as a team going for it this year. And expect their first round draft pick to be at or at least near the very bottom of the round
  5. Good thread. I just started Blood & Treasure , Daniel Boone and the fight for America’s first frontier Bob Drury & Tom Clavin. Amazingly detailed history of not just Boone and his family but of the indigenous tribes that were in the way. But it is not an easy read. I’m a sucker for non fiction and love everything by Jon Krakaur : Into Thin Air, Into the Wild and even Under the Banner of Heaven.
  6. 7pm is NFL Total Access so my guess is we get the slot from 7:39:14 to 7:40:38
  7. I nominate "flying under the radar" (again) for the Panthers Greatest Quotes thread
  8. BIO Treash joined PFF full-time back in June of 2019 after being poached out of grad school by the company. He primarily works as a college football analyst but still dabbles in the NFL. huddle twitter, assemble!
  9. I bet one pattern you will see is that any team with a second year head-coach and first year GM will see a lot of opportunity for draft picks to become starters.
  10. I gave employee's a $300 bonus to get vaccinated. Masks will be optional soon for those vaccinated. Still 2 employees out of 14 that do not want to be vaccinated and that is their choice. Gotta love a free country you know. oh, sorry, Clos du Bois, Cab, $9.99 on sale from Lowes. No cheese.
  11. I’m generally positive and it was clever in many ways. But the execution seemed forced and the concept not terribly original. A for effort but I don’t think the person who put @panthers social media on the map is with the team anymore.
  12. I have no trouble sleeping, therefore no interest in major league baseball
  13. I thought I did well just paying face. SB 50 was my most costly ticket. But I think flying with the Roaring Riot to take over London was most costly Panthers experience. Both bucket list items and both priceless!
  14. well then, the only appropriate response is "double Huh?" plenty to blame on Teddy's execution and overall performance.
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