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  1. man that list of available FA's at CB on spotrack is depressing as hell.
  2. The question was what was the biggest offseason "move" and clearly Rogers to the jets was the single-most significant move. But what JM was referring to is the reason why most of us are so excited. He had to mention two moves just to rank with the Rogers move. But it wasn't just one move and he should not have stopped at two. It is the series of moves this organization is making that is going to make waves this season. Multiple coaching staff additions, draft picks, FA's (both outside and our own), cap management, they all point to a coherent front office, competent ownership and an effing Plan.... a lot of Panther fans are still in shock. That show is so scripted but I see the Panthers making a lot of noise this season.
  3. JMHO. The silent but deadly approach was more attractive
  4. Welll...... not "ultimate". Stand by for start of season thread asking for record predictions and my annual 'undefeated' call. There was this one year where I was only off by a single game!
  5. I don’t see any path to Bryce not being QB1 for week one. #1’s overall start. I guess he could stink it up in the first quarters of preseason but Bryce looks like the real deal so that chance is slim Even a mediocre preseason should be enough to go to QB1 Likewise for game two as no way they bench him regardless of result of game one.
  6. I always liked Greg Hardy before he lost his damn mind.
  7. If they had included a question about all black uniforms I could see it.
  8. Well thought out post! Maybe title should be A History of Short Panthers with Big Charisma They called Sam Mills "The General" for a reason and I totally see Bryce taking that role. But he is too sharp to call attention to that role now, he knows he has to earn that role on the field.
  9. I think the smart FA's are also happy to wait till after the draft to get best fit and best playing time options
  10. Just let the huddle huddle. Let your freak flag fly. I don’t come here to see ban hammers. It’s not like “perma bans” work. Just skip over the stupid stuff
  11. His response to TheBigKat's thread proves otherwise. If there was ever a cow to milk they forgot the bucket. I've been a member since the beginning and the two trips I took to Jacksonville and London were fugging priceless. So come take my money RR! Only complaint is the focus on alcohol but you have to know your target market!
  12. Zack and Josh and team plus all the chapter guys do such a great job. Looking forward to the news.
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