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  1. He has a personality but that clip in Camp Confidential was a head-shaker for me. At this level we really have to "test" players with a 5 easy question on how many yards the ball has to travel on a kickoff? I know it was an early am meeting but they really had to edit it to show any player interaction. And the part about betting what time as assistant would drag his ass in was cringe-worthy, one-sided and smelled like scripted filler.
  2. Rhule set the noose height himself going into preseason when he made such a big deal about Baker and Icky not being handed starting positions. I made an error insinuating those reps were “gifts”. PJ’s practice performance earned those reps forcing Rhule to be consistent.
  3. They are playing Walker so he can get tape and get picked up. Treating a good soldier right keeps locker room tight. Corral is not going anywhere. Including PS
  4. Anybody want some cheap Buffalo tickets?
  5. Very possibly a stupid question. But with only 3 preseason games which one will have the 1’s starting the most? Still #3 or does it move up to preseason game 2?
  6. To be fair, this could be directed to 98.9% of the board.
  7. I don't love or hate anyone here. I appreciate both LG and Mr. Scot. Thread asked for hot takes so I obliged. I don't read every thread here anymore but pretty sure LG has threatened to take his ball and go to his (new) home a time or two. But the man has no lack of hot takes, that is for sure.
  8. 13-4, top seed, Rhule gets extension, Linville G switches teams, Mr. Scott weighs in that it could go either way.
  9. I went to nfl.com out of curiosity and it looks like all of our division and a couple of rando teams are also short on home jerseys other than 1-3 star players. Where can one go to get cheap, high-quality apparel?
  10. Per Joe Person. “ Baker Mayfield has passed his physical and signed his new contract. But the No. 1 overall pick from 2018 won’t officially be a former Brown until Tuesday. Because the NFL offices were closed last week, Mayfield’s revised contract with Cleveland will not be approved until Monday. His trade to Carolina should then be finalized by the following day, according to a league source
  11. Glad to see that my anonymous email to Baker's agents paid off.
  12. I wish media, especially local media, would just let this go. I understand browns would love us to rid them of one of their problems but local guys, stop taking the bait Would much rather hear about how McAdoo has a chance to turn this offense (and team) around.
  13. They heard from a friend who heard it from a friend that read Marykay Cabot say.... FWIW, I totally buy that some in the panthers camp want Mayfield. I am sure they are the ones dropping nuggets. Just too bad for Mayfield and the brownstains that those campers clearly don't have the pull that the "lets roll with what we got" decision-makers got.
  14. Totally convinced these new "reports" are total manipulations by Browns camp, official and unofficial. The desperation level is growing. The only market for Mayfield is the same as it has been all off-season. After he is released teams may come sniffing. If a team really wanted him a deal would have been done months ago. #letgobrownies #callingyourbluff
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