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  1. I predict the Panthers win 24-9 Game isn't over yet so this still counts
  2. Big part of play calling is out guessing your opponent. I'm sure after we did the exact same blitz twice in a row they were thinking "well they sure as hell aren't going to do the same thing THREE times in a row"
  3. if you ever visited this lady's house you'd 100% get roped into a 30 minute conversation about healing crystals
  4. To be fair, cheering for injuries was the only thing Saints fans had to cheer about Sunday.
  5. I'm guessing the seat next to her is empty because they made her buy two seats.
  6. "This coaching staff is phenomenal. Putting guys in favorable situations all day, not perfect of course but the best we've ever seen in Carolina." What I posted in the game day thread. This oline is straight garbage, this kicking game is straight garbage, Sam Darnold is what he is, and we took on a strong divisional opponent and just STOMPED them.
  7. This coaching staff is phenomenal. Putting guys in favorable situations all day, not perfect of course but the best we've ever seen in Carolina.
  8. he looks more like a high school guidance counselor than an NFL player
  9. I remember the days of Hurney when we had to restructure the contract of our fugging PUNTER just to barely get under the cap and avoid being penalized by the league.
  10. Apparently the main writer who worked on the first 3 seasons then left will be the same one working on this reboot. So that's promising. The trailer sure has those old school Dexter vibes that the first 3 seasons had.
  11. I predict we'll sign someone nobody here has ever heard of, and then after a 30 second google search posters will come in to declare themselves experts on said player and impart us with their newly acquired google knowledge.
  12. Fit is a genius for getting anything for this guy. "He was a 2nd rounder and is still young! Maybe he can come in and help!" HAHAHA boy are they in for a surprise
  13. Otah's career wasn't "derailed by injuries". He got the same typical bumps and bruises that EVERY player gets, then used it as an excuse to kick his feet up and do nothing for months on end. He wouldn't play through the pain or put any effort into rehab. His heart just wasn't in football. All of this was already well documented before we traded a truckload of picks to move up to get him. I still remember that he had a minor injury at the very beginning of training camp that was suppose to sideline him for about 2 weeks, but should be ready to go by preseason games at the latest. But he didn't even try to rehab or come back, ended up on IR and missed the entire season (LOL)
  14. He wasn't even good in college. No idea what Hurney was thinking drafting this guy.
  15. No CJ doesn't have a point. I liked the guy as a player, but everything that comes out of his mouth is dumb as hell. Some no-name player that wasn't going to make the roster anyway decided to go head hunting and lay out his own teammate. Left his feet and lunged right into the guys helmet. That's stupid to do in an actual game, against an opponent, as you're going to be looking at getting flagged, possibly ejected, fined, suspended, ect. But against your own teammate? On the first day of padded practice no less? Cutting the guy is an EASY call.
  16. looks like a good, clean play to me.
  17. Very impressive play from Marshall... and very embarrassing play from that first DB
  18. for those people that walk into a Lamborghini dealership and ask "do you have anything that looks like a Nissan Sentra?"
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