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  1. If a tackle is not taken tonight then they must either have plans for a Vet FA or work with what is on the roster. I just hope what ever they do end up with a better line than last year.
  2. #1 Penei Sewell,#2 Pitts,#3 trade back and get Slater
  3. Now lets send a couple of 6th picks to the Vikes for one of their 4th round picks!
  4. I really dont think that Lance or Jones are 1st round QB's, but their are alot of needy teams. I really hope they do some trading back and strengthen the Oline, defensive backfield, and back up RB and TE. And pick up a RFA QB.
  5. Lets say we do not draft one of the top 5 QB's (Lawrence, Fields, Wilson, Lance, or Jones) in this years draft, which of the later tier QB's would you draft that would have the best chance to beat out what we currently have on the roster of (Grier, Walker, Stevens)?
  6. I would sign Smith with the idea he would be a backup/mentor to Darnold. He has enough left to win us a couple of games if need be.
  7. I would use Fields/Lance as trade down bait, see if anyone wants to give up a fortune for one of the QB's. I think we will be ok at QB with Darnold. If they are able to trade Bridgewater I would sign low cost vet to push/backup Darnold.
  8. 1 (8) Sewell or Darrisaw. OT is the clear choice for me, supreme need 2(39) Stokes or Campbell CB either one of these CB's 3(73) McGrone ILB or Grant S either player fields a need i would be happy either way 4(113) McKoy WR very good depth, blocks well could develop into a starter 5(151) Felton RB good returner that adds versatility as a receiving option 6(193) Buechele QB good depth competition. If he is not drafted, would be a good RFA to pick up 6(222) Farrell TE very good blocker in the running game, and possibly develop into a redzone target.
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