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  1. I thought the video was very good. I like that they got multiple Panthers past and present involved. The fact that Nationally Known NFL and sports guys like Rappaport and the Pardon the Interruption crew were involved, is evidence of how well our Media team executes these types of things.
  2. That's it then. Stokes and Clark are the final two. Alaina just missed them. Bayless and the other guys I mentioned have all been to a rookie camp before; Bayless with us last year; Sullivan with the Seahawks, and Stevens with N.O.
  3. Manhertz beat this kid out last year and we know what type of receiver he was/is. I would have thought that would have motivated him...but we didn't see much of an impact on the field. I hope he improves and does well but I will be a little surprised if he does--whether its for us or someone else.
  4. Tommy Stevens or Stephen Sullivan maybe....
  5. They only listed 32 of the 34 players so maybe he (Darius) is one of the 2 they didn't mention. I wonder who the other guy might be?
  6. I didn't see Darius Clark (RB) listed in the article. He was the guy they signed after that Football Camp in San Diego- from a really small school in SC I think...
  7. Hopefully he and the guys will light up more than smokes this year!
  8. Yeah ..Just let them play both ways like in HS. You're gonna get the same result either way.
  9. ...and Perryman has had injury issues. The problem is (as the NFL.com article points out) Hicks has regressed lately especially in coverage. I guess as in most things it'd depend on what we had to give up. Knowing Rhule- I doubt we bring in a veteran unless he's a Temple/Baylor guy. They will probably try to develop young LBs (Undrafted Guys).
  10. Its like comparing Apples to Oranges no matter what. (Darnolds Jets v Cam's Panthers). We will get to see the only comparison of the two that matters this Year when the Panthers face the Jets (If they both are still healthy and starting by that point). For the record I hope Cam wins every game he plays this year but that one (and maybe the second meeting if both clubs make the Super Bowl).
  11. What About Chris Weinke as the QB on the worst team-He should at least be Clausen's back up!
  12. QB - Steve Beuerlein RB - Christian McCaffrey FB - Brad Hoover WR1 - Steve Smith WR2 - M. Muhamad Slot - DJ Moore TE - Greg Olsen TE - Wesley Walls LT - Jordan Gross LG - MIke Wahle C - Ryan Kalil RG - Trai Turner RT - Taylor Moton DE - Julius Peppers DT - KK Short DT - Kris Jenkins DE - Charles Johnson OLB - Sam Mills MLB - Luke Kuechly OLB - Thomas Davis CB1 - Eric Davis CB2 - Chris Gamble Nickel - Josh Norman SS - Mike Minter FS - Jeremy Chinn Head Coach
  13. Poor Wesley Walls... But to each his own. That's a pretty good team. Not sure I'd add any of that Rooks just yet though.
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