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  1. The offense has to do things that put them in a better position. The whole "the players should execute no matter what we call..." is only true to a point. You have to design a scheme and call plays that the guys you put on the field have a chance of succeeding with. Next man up.....sure...but the next man up can't always do what the guy in front of him could... you can coach it up as much as you want. Coaches need to be flexible and find a way to help these guys out. They need to win first down....check downs, misdirection, move the pocket....win first down so your OL isn't facing a situation it has proven it can't handle. We can establish a run game...use it to set up the passing game..... Oh Nevermind...I'm just gonna JUMP!
  2. I'm thinking we insert Deonte Brown at RG. Put him on an island against one opposing DT and then maybe Paradis and Daley can hold off the other (DE or DT), while our RB picks up any blitzer or stunt and then maybe we actually get a pocket that holds up long enough to see what Darnold can do.
  3. I agree with Rhule. The last drive of the game. Everyone knows the eagles are going to run, yet they gash us for multiple first downs. Our D was elite most of the game---but when it came down to really needing a stop--they didn't make a play (even though they made lots of plays earlier). And I agree with many of you that if Sam wouldn't have kept throwing the ball to the other team so often we wouldn't have needed that stop so badly. He had lots of chances to make plays but he couldn't do it. The O-line is our biggest issue right now. Teams are sitting on routes and loading the box against the run. Sam doesn't have the confidence or time to do anything about. We are going to see more of the same. I'm afraid, unless serious changes are made. If we can't make positive changes in the players on the field then play calling has to get a hell of a lot better and pray that Cmac returns soon!
  4. Anytime a tackle lines up over Paradis, or a Backer/Safety blitzes the middle our protection goes to Sh--. Add in the fact there's no RB's sticking their noses in there to help out (with CMAC out) its a real Sh--show. Cmac (as an outlet, hot/check down, diversion and blocker) and scheme can hide some of our O-line issues. No Cmac those problems are magnified. Poor Sammy D/
  5. Every play caller and coach has certain tendencies. Someone will figure Snow out. Then it will be all about execution. There are a lot of problems smart coaches know how to fix and counter. The key is having players that execute! Talented players doing their jobs and coaches calling a good game are hard to beat!
  6. A young kicker would have gave us more options, but because we snagged Zane G. from a practice squad we have to use a roster spot on him for at least 3 weeks, even if we cut him prior to 3 weeks- he takes up a spot. So most likely he's our guy for a while.
  7. IMO It was an ok 1st Game. We won- so that's great....but there were some red flags. We definitely have some things to work on, but its only the first game of the season ..so..everybody else does too. That said here's a breakdown of what I saw that I liked and what I saw that has me concerned: Pro's CMAC was very good, and will be even better if he stays healthy Darnold rarely looked too panicky- He hung in there and made some good throws The defense can be very good this year (Brown, Gross Matos, Shaq and Hartsfield -when he was in- looked really good) Cons Coaching and play calling (A few questionable decisions by Rhule, Snow and Brady). I hoping that as they get a better feel for their team they make better decisions Kicking (I am wondering if we make a change--the missed extra point was concerning, but I was also worried about he 50 yarder we didn't try and punted instead. Is Ryan S. worth the conditional pick we will sent off if we keep him?) Not Sure The OL was not as solid has the Team seemed to think, but probably not as bad has most of us huddlers thought they would be. Daley looked good at RG as far as I could tell (He got a great pancake). I am still worried though they won't be able to hold up against a better team..
  8. Michael Jordan our other reserve Guard is inactive also- That leaves only Tecklenburg, Scott, and Christensen as our backup OL today since Daley is in for Miller.
  9. If Brown is inactive and with Daley in for Miller, we are real thin at Guard
  10. I wonder what kind of scheme we have to help Paradis, Elflein, and Daley in the center. Rhule ID'd that has our biggest worry against their Interior and our interior Oline has not been good this Preseason. I'm betting a heavy dose off Cmac off right tackle behind Motion and Daley with Tremble leading the way at times!
  11. This is one I rarely think about but it can be huge! Hopefully having mostly veterans will help us here (Even if they aren't the most reputable group).
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