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  1. Steve's OC at Arizona was Mike Mcoy who I think he fired, after that Leftwich took over as OC. Im not sure who would take over as OC if he lets Mac go...Sean Ryan or James Camden Id guess unless he brings in someone from the outside.
  2. I'd think Jeff Nixon might be otw out too. He was pretty close to Rhule also.
  3. Dave Tepper ...He's got to be on something....
  4. Macadoo's scheme and lineups look simple but he has complex route combinations with multiple reads and lots of them on any given play. Baker played his best NFL ball with 2 man routes and a power running game. The scheme Mac installed does not fit Bake's abilities. To make matters worse he arrived late in the offseason compared to our other QBs and then had to split reps. He does not know how to run this Offense (not sure Darnold or PJ can either). The problem is definitely coaching in the sense that the coaches set this sh-t up and ran with it. That said- Baker is indeed playing like crap! We got a lot of problems and no accountability except for CMC and he's not scheming plays or throwing the passes. So unless someone step up and makes a significant change (maybe eating some crow in the process) then the sh-tshow we have seen every week thus far will most likely continue.
  5. Coaching Staff After Every Game---Clueless....
  6. Eddy's doing great- the New Coach might have a training camp battle on his hands next year between Zane and Ed. P.
  7. According the Rhule's PC today he rolling with Baker again this week. I guess my dreams of winning one more game are crushed.
  8. Do not forget that Temple standout and XFL MVP Phillip Walker is our backup. He is 2-0 as an NFL starter and even though he is as short as Baker he can usually get passes off without having them smacked out of the air by opposing defenses. He is a little more mobile than Baker maybe and not named "Sam." Rhule did not commit to Baker as the starter following yesterday's loss. Should PJ get 1st team reps this week? I think its worth considering. It provides a very small chance at shaking things up and making things more exciting worth losing the compensation (draft pick) from the Baker Trade?
  9. IMO the issue is not just the QB. The scheme sucks. Everyone said its really complicated but it seems simple based on what we see on the field. Maybe the specifics are really hard like a QB sneak isn't a push forward into a gap, but its falling down and trying to army crawl under the center..and the terminology and options are difficult maybe...the same QB sneak is referred to as a "29-K-Supercalifragilicious-9100DU-I-Snap-Tap=Snapper-Boom-Bomb 1960ish-5" with checks to a throw at a DL's elbow to avoid intentional grounding or a pass to anyone to drop to also avoid intentional grounding?
  10. Ill miss most of it also. Cleaning up storm debris and downed limbs this afternoon.
  11. If its true Tepper is looking for experienced coached -Leslie Frazier and Raheem Morris seem more likely. The Huddle favorite of Ken Dorsey seems unlikely if that's true.
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