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  1. So ... Is the change back to grass just for one event and then back to turf? Does anyone know? Will he return to artifical to save (and make) $?
  2. TBF Brady was kind of thrown in the fire, but IMO he was in over his head anyway. He would have to overcome a lot to succeed. It was not the right job for him. He would been better off as a position coach on offense or something similar. That said he was really bad as Panther's OC.
  3. Below is Joe Brady's life as OC summed up in a GIF.
  4. The kid was fast if his Pro Day 40 time was accurate (4.22). He definitely hit the bricks faster than anyone else this camp....
  5. Jayson Stanley is listed as a CB on the roster the team put out. He was a special teams/WR at Georgia if its the kid I'm thinking about.
  6. CMC should be on the team this year, especially if they expect Matt C. to play early. He will be a rookie QBs best friend (along with the OL). IMO limiting his touches is key to help keep him healthy. He makes a great decoy and will make the most of 10-12 carries a game. Freeman should get about the same (mostly the hard carries between the tackles).
  7. Darien Rencher a RB from Clemson https://www.tigernet.com/clemson-football/update/former-clemson-rb-receives-panthers-minicamp-invite-40067
  8. D-Jax is pretty fast. K. Barnes our #7 pick is a blazer (sub 4.3.?!. The UDFA Drew Hartlaub was recorded in the 40 at 4.22. He played safety at PSU. That is a lot of speed.
  9. The game has changed so much. L. Taylor was Phenomenal. He may be right up there with Ray when it game to imposing-Hardened QBs melted in front of him back (back when QBs were hit regularly and not protected from the violence of the game). Belichick once said Taylor was the best player he had ever seen or been around and its not even close. That said Mike S. was amazing also. He was more of the leader of the defense that turned MLB's into the guys wearing the MIKE later. Luke and Ray were both definitely great as well. In coverage Luke and Mike were far superior to the other guys but no one came off the edge like LT and Ray was just a constant thumper against the run and a real force when plays broke down. Urlacher was pretty good too.
  10. I thought our TE's really underperformed last year (including Tremble) despite his hot start. I was surprised that the team used Giovani Ricci at FB when scheme called for a FB. I thought Tremble might get those looks due to his reputation as a blocker. I'm not sure if he was misused or they were just taking it easy with his responsibilities because he was a rook. IMO Ricci was a wasted roster spot.
  11. Maybe this is the reason the team seem so determined to keep him more as the FS than the SS.
  12. Thanks for the video- I did not see Chinn's responses has referring to himself specifically as far as being out of gaps. The reporter asked him a team ? about stopping the run. Chinn answered with "We". I do not doubt he had some responsibilities on some plays though. Better understanding of his responsibilities will definitely help this defense.
  13. I'm not sure about Chinn at FS. Snow said in an earlier Press Conference that Wilks sees him as a FS. It may be Chinn at FS and Xavier at SS.
  14. I never saw this. Chinn at FS saw a lot of tackles because our Ends did not always contain and JC missed a lot of tackles or was out of position. The D itself is kind of flawed if he's playing Gaps. Maybe my understanding of his role is incomplete (I wasn't in any of the Safety meetings). IMO Our variety of fronts and LB and Safety responsibilities seemed to be a little detrimental at times (helpful at others). On even front plays JC just wasn't consistent and when we were in Nickel (with an even front) Reddick was often a Blitzing LB while Shaq and the Nickel (Hartsfield, Burris, Bouye) was responsible for a lot of coverage or gap control duties that varied from play to play. A lot of teams shifted formation to put their slot WR (or more often a TE) on the Left (Burns side) which meant the LB was the Nickel. I'd run that way every time...and teams did. Out D needs to be able to adjust to fix these kind of issues and having the players to fill specific roles well will help us do that. anyway I'm rambling. Rhodes at SS will hopefully help the secondary responsibilities when it comes to gaps and so might Wilson (if he plays). We will see.
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