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  1. I'd rather roll another year with Darnold and draft a qb in 2023
  2. was he responsible for the Carolina Panthers official posts on the huddle? Cant say I wont miss that.
  3. Pickett is going in the top 4. Dont be surprised if Carolina trades up if they want Pickett. My hope and dream is trading all the way down out of the 1st round and stock pile picks in whats a very heavy Oline draft in the middle rounds. Tired of pegging the next season on whatever high rated player we get in the 1st only to see them get injured and then its wait til next year. Carolina needs more picks, more bodies. They could easily snag a qb in rounds 2/3 who could start or become a very good backup/trade bait.
  4. I wonder what its like for his kids. I mean they have to be destroyed by classmates on a daily basis
  5. he doesnt have to. how often do you see owners speak to the media about anything. his focus is on the big picture, not day to day. we dont know what his big picture is.
  6. *Breaking News* Panthers fire Beer Guy from Section 217
  7. can we just bring in Harbaugh, let him fix the team and call it a day.
  8. I think Rhule will be bringing in his wife to make more personnel decisions.
  9. players not buying in falls on the coach. What Rhule pitched the players, they scoffed at. He said the team doesnt have an identity, he never installed one for the players to buy into.
  10. The season started to unravel when Anderson started whining about not getting the ball, which made Darnold start forcing it to him. Thats when all the ghosts crep back into Darnolds head and meltdown ensued.
  11. In Teppers eyes, rhule is an investment. Investments take time to mature. The best investments are the ones that look like crap to everyone else.
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