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  1. this was a pretty good video on some of the things a short QB needs to know
  2. who would you have as GM that would have been available to replace fitt?
  3. last 2 picks Charles Jones and possibly Anthony Bradford or Chandler Zavala if hes still there
  4. carolina did not want washington after meeting with him.
  5. DJ was more than likely the last edge rusher on the panthers board after young went. there isn't a whole lot in FA. had to do something
  6. not sure why everyone is surprised he was one of carolinas draft visits
  7. we gave up a late 4th, big deal. we have the perfect defensive staff to coach this kid up.
  8. what if they trade goff and start new with Hooker.
  9. saitns go RB with a need at TE and washington sitting there. yeah Washington got issues
  10. we thought Detroit was DUmb, they got a good TE, RB to go with their new QB
  11. can we draft Too Too and pair him with Luvu
  12. All I want for christmas is my two front teeth
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