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  1. we did play in a superbowl since then. whats is this thread. we are drinking the Dave Canales Koolaid, stop trying to piss in it.
  2. https://www.bing.com/images/create
  3. the money spent renovating this stadium over and over could build a new stadium
  4. Im gonna need more creativity out of you guys or else I am creating another Bryce Young thread
  5. Using whichever AI image creator you want create an AI photo of something Carolina Panther related.
  6. NFL Betting analyst and expert Adam Chernoff joins Jason McIntyre to explain why fans should bet the over on the Carolina Panthers' win total as a "fringe wild card" team.
  7. carolina is winning the division. prove me wrong
  8. ...is a bit bigger than one the best/most powerful RB's in carolina history, Jstew
  9. cannales looks a little rough today, like he hasnt slept
  10. he was with canalas in seattle. bringing in players familar with the offensive philosphies will help get the overall offense installed. whether he sticks or not remains to be seen.
  11. I think we trade chubba while he still has value. hes gonna walk next year. carolina isnt going to give him big $$
  12. theres no doubt, carolina is getting back to running the ball and beating up the other team. And with the new tackling rule changes, hard to bring down runningbacks will have an advantage. If bryce can stay upright and not make mistakes, carolina will not be last in the NFCS this year.
  13. If I am Atlanta, at some point a team is going to need a qb desperately enough to trade the house for one. But Atlanta is stuck with Cousins contract for years and will need to play him if they want to get anything for what their paying for. penix riding the bench wont be good for him. With the style of play he has, He needs to be on the field to learn.
  14. Morgan should unleash the dogs on them....
  15. and then what? you can only have 53 men on the roster. you Just paid 100+ million to fix the offensive line in free agency.
  16. I watched a few of the main media outlet grades and none of them really took into consideration that this draft includes a 2nd next year carolina didnt have
  17. you seen our Dline, they wont have time to throw, who needs a CB. Just Kidding
  18. something odd about it but cant seem to put my finger on it.
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