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  1. dude has been banned so many times and has so many alt nicks. he is a cockroach that never goes away.
  2. Can we have more descriptive titling I'm sure Jeremy isnt charging you guys by the letter.
  3. This is all a show Aaron Rodgers plans on retiring and he loves Green Bay so much that he wants them to get something for him before he retires this is all about Green Bay trading Aaron Rodgers before he retires
  4. it was only a matter of time since Carolina cut ties with CPI
  5. The force is strong with this one
  6. can we not just take another CB in next years draft?
  7. those lime green short shorts....
  8. yep cant edit. dunnow why
  9. 1st Round Pick - Jaycee Horn CB 2nd Round Pick - Terrace Marshall Jr WR 3rd Round Pick - Brady Christensen OT 3rd Round - Tommy Tremble TE 4th Round Pick - Chuba Hubbard RB 5th Round Pick - Daviyon Nixon DT 5th Round Pick - Keith Taylor CB 6th Round Deontre Brown OG 6th Round - Shi Smith WR 6th Round - Thomas Fletcher LS 7th Round - Phil Hoskins 6 years at UK, cant find a
  10. if you ever heard Igo talk in person, you know why. Its better to read what he says then hear him say it.
  11. Carolina just traded down in the UDFA
  12. Just need carolina to draft pooka williams to return punts.
  13. Tremble is like oline help. He can clear a road for cmc
  14. Carolina can move back into the third round if they package one of their sixth with the 4th they just got
  15. So with all these trades what did we actually gain? A 3? We skipped over a whole lot of talent in the second.
  16. SF trading up to take Deonte Brown I'm a kill somebody.
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