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  1. Already do both of those things so... Luke is genuinely, no homer or homo, the best linebacker in the NFL...
  2. 315 x 5 SOJA? You got 365 easy, Maybe more... I been hitting it about the same for the past 6 months. Still into the powerlifting and set a new deadlift PR two weeks ago today. Just started back squatting after a month off to let my left knee heal up a bit, got some tendonitis going on there... Deadlifts this morning at 10:30
  3. This is only slightly related but... I mentioned Ward in a tweet the other night during the game and what appears to be his gf favorited it... You could say that I'm pretty famous...
  4. I've watched the video like 97 times and I don't see how anyone is saying what it is definitively. You just can't see it that well, other than he did go down without contact.
  5. Best man for the job step up... problem is, if he is the best man, will Rivera sit Oher?
  6. Yes! I want this guy out there punishing defensive players.
  7. Having that much speed on the field on D makes me all tingly
  8. lol Yes because everyone loses their entire memory at 39... It's a real pain. I couldn't care less whether or not everyone gets a trophy esp with really young kids, my gripe was always with the "everyone's a winner" mentality that was preached to the kids. I'm all for encouraging kids to do their best and try at everything but it should be rationed with the reality that no, everyone is most certainly not a winner and that's OK. My kids were never that interested in sports, yet I always encouraged them and never forced them to play if they didn't want to even though I played every sport I
  9. When I grew up we only got trophies for actual awards... like having the highest batting average or winning the championship... When my kids were growing up playing soccer and basketball, all the kids got some sort of trophy and I never agreed with that. Teaching kids that everyone is a winner is not a great plan imo. It's not real life and makes a for a rude awakening later on...
  10. Based on the trailers, DoJ looks over done (much like Man of Steel was) to me. Suicide Squad looks awesome though...
  11. Just change the damn mascot and be done with it...
  12. Wait... that's JStew on the right, right? Tolbert doesn't look slimmed too much to me...
  13. I just don't understand why you would wear pants with cuffs... we should cut him.
  14. God spoke to me and said "she's fine as hell... date her" so who I was I to say no?
  15. I doubt that's an issue... Welcome back Cat. :)
  16. I haven't posted in here in a while mainly because I kind of forgot about it... Good on you Z for bumping with a good purpose. I'm still hitting the gym daily. Have a few different workout partners that I do different workouts with. Really enjoy it.
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