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  1. You sir, are the king of posters.... your reward... a>

    1. Darth Biscuit

      Darth Biscuit

      poo... apparently that doesn't work anymore... :(

    2. PhillyB


      dont worry now im inspired to go bounce my wife's

  2. They have internet in Waxhaw? Weird. :D

    1. Chaos


      Actually, I'm more in Weddington/Wesley Chapel. High Cotton, man. Waxhaw is just my address because of the post office. lol

  3. PANTHA SAN!!!  Where you been at my brother???

    1. PanthaSan


      Hey Biscuit! 

      Dealing with life stuff.  Finally getting things manageable as far as the transition to Northern Cali,  home life and the boys go.

      Been missing out on teh Huddle and am making strides on becoming more active.

      I was going to make the November 5th game but that got changed.  It's a good thing because I found the love of my life (for reals this time) and we are saving up for a wedding next summer.

  4. Y u no on facebook? Y ur messages full? How I'm supposed to contact you? Don't make me hunt you down.

    1. The Saltman

      The Saltman

      Sorry bout that I have no clue how to use this new board now. Pm me

  5. Yes, surfing the web is most definitely work, so you're good there. My other computer is processing, so I'm fo sho workin'. We got to hire some people next month... me and Brad gonna set a table up at UNCW and interview co-eds... sound like a good plan?

  6. I love the Armanti avatar. :thumbsup:

  7. Thanks for the rep brah... hope you are well. cleavage.jpg

  8. No... just a google search whilst watching TV last night... :D

  9. Merry... uh...something... mind-the-gap-141.jpg?w=500&h=749

  10. I see u like thechive too... :D

  11. At what, the chicky below?

  12. I see you're still hiding out... haven't seen you post in forever... saw a post of yours in a old thread that was bumped and thought I'd speak... don't be a stranger. :D

  13. Just checked out your comedy clip on Youtube... pretty funny...

  14. I have been... that's why I don't get it... He negged me because I negged him... he was name calling and that pisses me off.

  15. Sure, ride on up here and we'll work on it... :D

  16. It just dawned on me that I may be free Saturday too... if so, let's get teh Kurbz and watch the game somewhere. Y'all are welcome at my place or we could hit BBW's or a bar...

  17. Me likey titties! :D

  18. I do happen to know who she is... :D Katie Fey

  19. Nooooo... it's just your imagination.

  20. New thread in LL's with bouncies... :Dthe-hottest-bouncing-boobies-ever.gif

  21. You would like this if you weren't gay. hot-flbp-girls-36.jpg?w=500&h=709

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