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  1. lmao cant stop me virgin

  2. Thank's for the rep the other day man, was trying to send you a friend request, still learning my way around.

  3. lmao keep negging me like a 50yr old virgin behind your screen. You can't do sh*t to me lol

  4. lol yea man been a little busy , i never did get started on the whole team play thing on madden ? .. i only played like two games , how do you like it ?

  5. Hey man you haven't been on ps3 much lol

  6. Shouldn't the guy in your pic have #2 cuz he's blonde? lol

  7. If you were a bot you would beat out laetitia :D

  8. Cool you should throw a party lol. Why does all the good hoodies have to be $100+?

  9. Yeah, I hear you, I been traveling around most of the week... my wife and kids are gone this weekend, so I'm gonna chill.

  10. This week been boring lol hope the weekend gonna be better.

  11. Thanks. People thought Williams was a bust and he proved them wrong.

  12. I liked Rivers in college but he's turned into a punk in the NFL... so I'd get Williams.

  13. Which jersey should I get, Mario Williams or Philip Rivers? They went to state and can't find any state jerseys lol

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