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  1. This team has been beat tf up on and have looked out classed 3 games in a row
  2. Robby has to be benched for the rest of the game. Never dramatic but damn.
  3. The Offense from the line to the plays called, just doesn't feel professional to me.
  4. At this level, if the QB does not help, that's enough to be replaced, at some point. They ABSOLUTELY must not hurt you. That's unacceptable.
  5. He's lost 30lbs since he's been here. He is serious about wanting to play
  6. I keep seeing this. What I don't see is an offensive game plan, that seems to believe it as well. If Brady can dial up deep balls that end in ints he for damn sure can run a sluggo or a slant and wheel.
  7. There are 32 BILLION dollar franchises. This isn't 1985, 1996 or 2000. The game has changed. You ARE NOT going to hold any offense you play to damn near zero points. You are going to get scored on. This defense played exceptionally. This entire O stinks even with the stars. PARTICULARLY in the 3rd qtr. Something is not right.
  8. ...but, but, but that one time when they couldn't jump on the ball in the endzone, makes all the blame "equal".
  9. If he's looking for a way to lose a locker room....this is it.
  10. I'm going to have to lean more towards this. Despite the shitty O line play..there were more than a few opportunities there early.
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