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  1. That Jack Coan kid from Notre Dame actually looks decent. I wouldn't mind him as a late round pick if he decides to declare for the draft. I feel like this year's class feels a bit underwhelming but then, haven't watched too many games outside of Georgia.
  2. So I am loving AEW and what they are becoming however, am I the only one that gets annoyed by so many stables??? I mean, I get why AEW is doing it because they want to get the talent out in the ring but damn.... I feel like there is too many. To me, I find Team Taz to be the cheesiest of the group. Taz, to me, just feels like he trying to be too much like a Paul Heyman type of manager. I do love The Elite because they remind me of the Kliq with HBK, HHH, Nash, Hall, and Six Pacc. I am not all against stables but let's slow down on the number of them.
  3. I am reserving this thought until I see him play against more of the big teams
  4. Yeah sorry.... I meant to put Spencer but my mind was thinking Sam lol
  5. First off, this is not an indictment on Darnold because I truly hope he can be successful in Carolina but if it doesn't work out and we are, once again searching for a QB then here are some names that the Panthers may look at: The Top Tier Sam Howell- Some may argue whether or not he is the top QB in next's years draft but he seems to have the talent to be good. He definitely has a gunslinger mentality and has some mobility. The one thing, in my opinion that might cause him to drop some will be whether or now he can stay consistent with accuracy. Sam Rattler- I am putting him in discussion but I am not sure if he will come out this year. He's got the arm talent and mobility to be a solid starter and even superstar potential, imo. I really feel like he could be better than Murray and Bakerfield. Carson Strong- I was kind of debating to put him in the 1st tier group but the more and more I watch his game, he is really impressive to watch. Strong arm, good accuracy and touch, and decent mobility. Admitting though, haven't watched much of his game though. The Second Wave Desmond Ridder- He's been a pretty solid QB for the Bearcats but consistency with accuracy to me seems to be a thing with him. Interesting to see if can improve on that throughout the season. Malik Willis- I am only putting him in the second tier because I know very little about his game but everything I have heard is that he can be a solid QB at the next level. Trey Lance proved that you don't have to be at a big school to get drafted high. I will continue to research him this season. Phil Jurkovec- This guy has the physical frame to be a good QB. 6'5 and 225 lbs and has a rocket of an arm. Reminds me a bit of a Big Ben in his game with good mobility to improvise. Kedon Slovis- Another guy I haven't really followed but he definitely is a gunslinger and looks to have a good touch on the ball. Should be considered in the 1st round if he plays well during the season. JT Daniels- Speaking of USC QBs, Daniels is getting a second shot after transferring from USC to Georgia. He didn't play very much last season due to his injury but played extremely will down the remaining stretch. Got off to a rough start this season vs Clemson though and did not play again today against UAB so injury riddled will be his downfall. I know there are more QBs and I know these are not the best analysis of each prospect but I will continue to follow their journey and see how they do this season.
  6. Speaking of Sunday ticket, I think it a free preview weekend for it this weekend for those with DirecTV. As mentioned on my previous thread, it's showing the Texans vs Jags game on the guide for the Greenville SC/Spartanburg area but not sure if that is accurate or not. According to WSPA, they are still airing the Panthers game but we will see but if they do air the Texans vs Jags game, I will just turn to the Sunday ticket version, so as long as they do the free preview.
  7. I live in Northeast GA but being so close to the border, we get SC news stations through DirecTV. I am unaware of a second wspa channel as I only have one and that's channel 7.
  8. After talking to WSPA, they confirmed with Pete Yannity that the Panthers game is still being aired.
  9. So just a quick update: I reached out to WSPA and word from Pete Yannity is that the Panthers game is still plan on being aired.... so it has to be incorrect info.
  10. Does any one else feel like The Elite is this generation's NWO? I just have a feeling that the group will continue to grow. Its soo weird seeing Daniel Bryan in AEW but happy for him. Adam Cole will be a good heel for AEW. I guess the next big debut will be Bray Wyatt
  11. I was planning on it but just wanted to see if anyone noticed it as well
  12. Panthers.com has WSPA listed as one of the stations that is suppose to air the game. I honestly think DirecTV has it incorrect on the guide.... that or they are airing the Jags game because of the fact that people cannot get over Trevor Lawrence being gone.
  13. I know it's on CBS but for some reason, the only two games a see listed for that day is the Jags vs Texans and Browns vs Chiefs on WSPA. I seriously hope they aren't airing the Jags game all because of Trevor Lawrence.
  14. It states on panthers.com and jets.com that is a CBS game...
  15. So I am a DirecTV customer (like I am sure some of you are as well) and I was going to go ahead and set the dvr to record the game but for God forsaken reason, it's not even listing the game and instead, the Browns vs Chiefs is listed. Anyone know if this is a glitch on DirecTV's end or is WSPA seriously not going to air the game even though WSPA is listed as one of the local CBS affiliate to air Panthers games?
  16. Surprise cuts- Grier and Walker I honestly think that Rhule and Fitty aren't happy with the current state of the back up QB situation and will either trade or sign a QB. It would not surprise me at all if they go for someone like Jake Fromm if he is cut from Buffalo or Benkert from Green Bay (since Love is the heir to the throne once Rodgers leaves)
  17. And yet, no one has noticed that it said Will Grier had been cut....
  18. It don't matter at this point, whomever it is will just be a placeholder until Charlie Brewer is drafted by us in the next draft.... Calling it now
  19. So if Bray Wyatt makes his way to AEW... I propose that this becomes his theme... https://youtu.be/5vhMwrLnqi0
  20. IMO, I think this basically solidifies a spot for Luvu. He is, by far, my dark horse breakout player going into the season. I think Shaq|Carter|Luvu combo will be stout with Reddick coming in pass rushing situations will be a force to reckon with.
  21. I don't think most of the board thinks that.... I think most of the board thinks Sam Darnold sucks. I think most will agree that the defense will be good and that offensively, we have the weapons to succeed but it all henders on two things: Darnold and that offensive line
  22. Speaking of the Falcons.... Happened to check out their forum and they think they are going to sweep us and the Bucs and win the division. Also, they believe we suck. If that doesn't give us fuel, I don't know what will
  23. I really thought they were going to tease Punk most of the night and then debut him towards the end of the show but glad they kept it simple and to the point. I think him and Darby Allen will have a good match at All Out but more excited about Punk competing against guys like MJF and Kenny Omega soon. I am still curious as to when Bryan Danielson (formerly Daniel Bryan) will make his anticipated debut and I am curious to see if Windham Rotunda (formerly Bray Wyatt) will join AEW. When I think wrestling has hit a stale point, it is starting to ramp back up again.
  24. The biggest rumor right now is that CM Punk will be returning to wrestling tonight on AEW Rampage... we will see but fans will riot big time in Chicago if it does not happen
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