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  1. I actually love that no one is giving us love... Hopefully it sinks in on the team and they will prove doubters wrong. I do feel we will be improved but obviously a long ways to go from a playoff caliber team. Me thinks 5-6 wins with some very close losses.
  2. Even if Young does not succeed this season, I don't foresee Carolina struggling enough to be #1 again. I feel at some point that they might put Andy Dalton in to win us enough games to barely miss the playoffs, which, would give Canales time to find his QB, if that is the worst case scenario. I do feel that Bryce will be improved. I think he is motivated enough to try to prove the doubters wrong and welcomes a chip on his shoulder. Time will tell though.
  3. Makes me wonder what round Coker would've went in had he gone to a bigger school
  4. Quick update: We are getting a Bernedoodle pup next Friday!
  5. I got a Kubota zero turn and it's been awesome!
  6. DT or 3-4 DE? Newton is still on the board but is a bit undersized for the DT position.
  7. Part of me thinks that The Rock is pretending to be heel and will screw Reigns at WrestleMania... Also, not really WrestleMania related but has anyone watched the documentary on Bray Wyatt??? Supposedly there is a teaser for something big happening in the future at the end of the program. I do not have Peacock but might be interested in it because of WrestleMania and that documentary.
  8. Yeah, that's what we were planning on doing. We both are in agreement to find a shelter dog
  9. Thanks for all the responses... At this time, we decided to hold off. My wife is starting a new job soon (will be remote) but wants to get in a routine before getting another dog. Eventually we will get one again though.
  10. Hey yall! So recently my family had to put down our 15 year old Beagle, Seger due to underlying health problems and it probably was one of the hardest things to do for our small family. My wife and I got him when we got married as a puppy. All that said, A family member on wife's side has a dog who just had two puppies. We are not sure on as to what breed they are but I am fairly certain that it is partially Lab. My question, has anyone ever had a lab mix and what are your thoughts on them? Do they make good family pets? Good with kids? Any feedback would be great!
  11. Anyone surprised to see Chase Young available??? I admit that I didn't follow the 49ers last season except in postseason so what happened to him???
  12. With us signing Hunt to a massive deal, I knew Burns was a goner. If we somehow end up with both their 2nds..Double up on WRs and grab a center?? Maybe a pass rusher to fill the void???
  13. Trust me, I would like to rank Canales if he was put in a better situation but it's going to be a long road but at least it looks like Tepper may stay out of the operations side and just let Morgan and Canales do their thing... Hopefully it translates. I will say that this new structure gives me 49ers vibes. Morgan as GM is basically Lynch. We got a young, promising HC in Canales (Shanahan), his right hand man in Idzick (McDaniels), and a rising star DC in Evero (Ryans). Not saying they will be as good as a 49ers but I feel like that is who they are emulating.
  14. Don't get me wrong, I really like the Canales pick but the teams ahead are more set up for success so I will reserve judgement until I see results.
  15. How would you rate the new HCs in the league? For me: 7. WAS-Quinn 6. ATL- Morris 5. CAR- Canales 4. TENN- Callahan 3. NE- Mayo 2. SEA- MacDonald 1. LAC- Harbaugh
  16. Yeah I tried it both ways but doesn't seem to work lol
  17. So apparently I cannot get the embedding to work... Thursday at 10 am is when it is scheduled
  18. https://x.com/PanthersOnTap/status/1752361701125619715?t=hPDJPLjkPYLFHelrdgqJ0g&s=09
  19. And it is almost like we are trying to find our own version of Shanahan.
  20. On a lighter (and maybe more humorous) note, my wife and I got in an argument about this but does anyone else think Canales looks a little bit like Pastor Steven Furtick from Elevation Church? I said they could almost be brothers but she said nah... And no, I have not been drinking lol
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