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  1. Might I add that Reich is notorious for slow starts in Indy but turned around the team... Not really worried. My expectations are low this year just because of the changes occuring.
  2. Brah... He is a rookie... In his second game... Stop overreacting
  3. Rookie QB with no WRs who create seperation and very conservative play calling.... not really on Bryce
  4. Good luck saying this to this fanbase lol
  5. Don't hurt my feelings... just thinking the over reaction on here is hilarious
  6. Because, you know, it's all Fitterer's fault for them getting injured, right?
  7. Jalen Reager being waived by the Vikings.... Interesting considering he was a 1st round pick back in 2020... I haven't really followed the Vikings, was he not that good?
  8. When I saw the news, I was seriously hoping it was fake but unfortunately it wasn't. Probably one of the best creative minds in the business lost too soon. I don't think there will ever be someone as dark and creative as him.
  9. Speaking of rookie guards, I have a feeling that we will see a lot more of Nash Jensen's name being mention in the next game. It seems like they really love his potential and really trying to rotate each game to give everyone a fair shot at the starting guard position. I honestly hope he develops into a Andrew Norwood type story .
  10. Really? Because all I have heard is folks raving about him
  11. Here's something to think about for all of you doom and gloomers out there: 2022 Preseason Recap 27-11 L against Raiders 24-13 L against Browns 16-15 L against Steelers 28-12 L against Falcons That was the scores of the Jacksonville Jaguars... Who went on to the playoffs and barely missed being in the AFC title game. Oh... And who coaches that team? Doug Pederson.... Whom Frank Reich worked under in Philly. Just saying, take Preseason with a grain of salt. It's more about evaluating than it is winning. Yeah, the offensive line struggling is concerning but we are in transition of two new schemes on both sides of the ball so there will be growing pains.... Give them time and be patient.
  12. I think with the pieces we have and have added this off-season and from all indications from camp, I can easily say this defense can be a top 10-15 defense. I do believe (much like the offense) that there will be some growing pains here and there because of the switch to the 3-4 D but over the course of the season, I think they will be fine.
  13. Steve Smith ( in his latest episode of his podcast) mentioned two names that stood out to him on defense: Jammie Robinson and Bumper Pool I haven't really heard much on how Pool's training camp is going but interesting that Smith thinks he has been standing out in camp. Not really surprised by Jammie's name because the dude looks like a baller.
  14. And just a friendly reminder: Peyton Manning threw 28 interceptions his rookie campaign Manning is considered one of the all-time greats at the QB position That is all.
  15. Oh the irony in that... Ole Miss product
  16. Hey great find! Thanks for updating the thread
  17. In case you missed it, the replay is on YouTube now for those who was searching for yesterday's practice but forewarning, it's mainly a lot talk and not much in the way of practice: Panthers Training Camp with Bryce Young- Queen City News
  18. I mean, he is a veteran QB with far more years or experience than Young or Corral... They know what they have in him... With Young, they want to give him as many reps as possible to get up to game speed in preparation for the season so it will be expected that he will get a couple of series during each preseason game.. Corral is the question mark. I am not ready to give up him after his rookie season, which was cut short because of injury but I also know that this is a new staff and they did not choose Corral so of course they are going to give him the most amount of reps possible to see if he is the future at the back up position, because, after all, Dalton is not the long term answer. I do see him retiring in the next year or so. Regardless, I think this is more so to see how much improvement Corral has made this off-season more than anything else.
  19. I think it was more because Dalton will not play a lot during Pre-season and trying to give Young and Corral majority of the reps. Luton will be probably coming in during garbage time.
  20. While I think Young will be great... I do believe the expectations are being set too high for year 1. He is going to make mistakes as he get up to NFL speed but over time, he will calm down.
  21. And I just realized I spelled sense wrong .... Please don't hurt me too hard, Grammer police!
  22. I still think the long term plan is to have Corral as the #2 at some point in the future. Dalton's time in the NFL is coming to a end soon so makes since to prep both guys. I still don't get the hate for Corral on this forum, I mean, even Fitterer warned us he would be a project QB... Give him time to develop!
  23. Why is it that when some on here hope that Corral has success in this league that we are consider Corral lovers? Lets be real here for a minute: I was one of the few supporters of Corral on this forum but mainly because a bunch of you believe he is a bust after, what? Two preseason games? It really isn't enough to actually label him a bust and in fact, I am fairly certain that Fitterer even said he was a project QB. That said, I will support which ever QB has the most success with this team and if anything, I hope Corral develops into a decent back-up for the future behind Young because I do not foresee Dalton being the long term solution to our back-up QB position. We will see though. I just hope they do give Corral some time with the 2nd string at least during pre-season.
  24. I wish we could keep one of them to groom as a future HC for this team... I mean, Reich isn't exactly young.
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