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  1. As someone who married a Georgia girl, who is a diehard Georgia Bulldogs fan through and through... I got to go with the dawgs. The last time Georgia won a Natty was back in 1984.... They are due for one and not winning tonight will be a major heartbreak for Georgia fans. What scares me the most is that Georgia is favored to win... That generally does not bold well against Alabama as you saw from the SEC Championship and even dating back to their last meeting in the Natty. So crossing fingers for a Georgia victory tonight. GO DAWGS!
  2. If no one that we like is at that six spot, we will
  3. I am on board the trade back train, honestly. I think if we can gain back a 2nd or 3rd, I would be fine if we got a QB in the 2nd or 3rd round but I am really not in favor of selecting one in the first knowing damn well that we don't a 2nd or 3rd round pick. With the recent injury to Corral, I think Carolina could possibly wait till then to pick him up or even Strong and solidify the offensive line with a guy like Cross in the 1st.
  4. 1. Fire Rhule- There may be some debate on this because I know there are a few on here that would like to see what Rhule can do in year 3 BUT in order to get to that point, that coach would need to make significant progress from year 1 and year 2 and so far, Rhule is trending downward so therefore, Rhule needs to be gone. 2. Hire Matt Eberflus- I know many on here want a offensive guru as HC but I feel like Eberflus would be one of those few exceptions where I feel like he would make a great head coach. Eberflus could continue to get The best out of this good defense and hire an experienced OC who can reinvent this offense. I could see someone like Doug Pederson or Matt Nagy (if fired from the Bears) coming in and doing wonders for our offense. 3. Sign FA OL- There is quite a few names on the market that could really come in and help us. Cam Robinson would be an instant upgrade at the tackle position and Laken Tomlinson or Justin Britt could be a decent upgrade inside. 4. Trade down in draft- The Sam Darnold trade was probably one of the worst trades we could've done and on top of the fact that we lost our third round pick as well which is why I believe that we may not sit still at the #8 pick if that is where we will wind up at. If we pick up some OL in free agency, we could take BPA, unless there is a decent OL at that pick. I do not see us picking a QB in this draft since we still have Darnold for another year and considering that this QB is weaker than last year's unless we trade back and gain a 2nd and/or 3rd round pick. Surprise Move.... Trade CMC- I love CMC as much as anyone else BUT with his on going injury history and the fact that we have very little draft picks, I could see CMC being the sacrificial goat for this team. Overall, I think this team could be well positioned with these moves.
  5. I think this team is in a lot better shape than most give credit for. In comparison to someone like Jacksonville, is in lot worse of shape than we are. Defensively, we have good players, we just need more experience at the coaching position. Offensively is where it may give the new coach some troubles BUT if John Fox can inherit a 1-15 team and Ron Rivera can take over a 2-14 team, surely a new coach can take over this team.
  6. Sorry, that didn't post my last response but instead just shared what you said... I was trying to say that I think Bienemy would bring in Matt Nagy given their history together under Reid, that is if Nagy is actually let go from the Bears. Not sure who he would bring in as DC though.
  7. I think for head coach it could be Brian Daboll.... Even though he isn't my ideal choice but given his background and his connections with Pat Stewart and Dan Morgan, I think Tepper could be convinced to hire him As for Offensive coordinator, definitely could see him bring back a familiar name in Ken Dorsey. Dorsey has slowly been rising since joining the Bills. Defensively, I have no clue but a name I could see coming out of left field is Eric Mangini... I know he's been out of the league for a while and I even sure he would even come back but him and Daboll did work together and could come in as a assistant HC just to help mentor Daboll and also manage the defense.
  8. I know most are probably getting tired of the endless "Fire Matt Rhule" rhetoric and I have seen a bunch of threads as to who many would like to see as the next head coach if Rhule is let go.... That said, we can talk all we want who we think would make a great head coach but we hardly talk about who they would bring with them in their regime. I mean, imo, the head coach is only as good as the staff that is brought in with them. Being that said, two questions: If you were David Tepper and Scott Fitterer, who would you bring in as head coach? Annnd if they become the head coach, who would they bring with them?
  9. The reality is that none of the candidates really stand out to me, outside of maybe Eberflus. Beniemy- Product of the Reid system. We have seen several not working out. Kellen Moore- Has upside but still really young. Byron Leftwich- Like Moore, fairly young but has upside but how much of his success is thanks to Tom Brady? Nathaniel Hackett- I know many are high on him but let's keep in mind that he was fired two years ago as the OC of the Jags and again, how much of his success is because of Rodgers? Matt Eberflus- By far my favorite from the bunch. I know he is a defensive guy but if could somehow convince Doug Pederson or Matt Nagy (if fired) to join him, I think it would be a good move. Brian Daboll- Has spent time with the Pats and with the Crimson Tide and now currently responsible for one of the most underrated QBs in the league right now and is putting together a good offense. Could possibly be a good choice. Some other notable names: Dave Toub, ST Coord, Chiefs Raheem Morris, DC, Rams Vance Joseph, DC, Cardinals Don "Wink" Martindale, DC, Ravens
  10. Another underrated name is Don "Wink" Martindale, DC of the Ravens. I am honestly surprised he hasn't gotten looked at because he has produced some stellar defenses with the Ravens. I know many want a young offensive guru but I still have that mindset that defenses still win.
  11. It's a draft forum... We are talking potential draft prospects... QB is a need... So yeah
  12. Some under-the-radar names to mention: Dave Toub (ST Coord, Chiefs)- The man has been around the league for a long time and really could be a good hire. I could definitely see him in a John Harbaugh type role since he has no real ties to offense or defense... Just bring in the right names for coordinators. Raheem Morris (LA Rams, DC)- I know many will disagree with me on this one but Morris has come a long way from his days with the Bucs and actually had the Falcons fighting when they fired Quinn. If he could bring a offensive guy from the McVay staff, that would be a good fit tandem. Mike McDaniel (OC, SF)- Has been under the direction of Kyle Shanahan and could bring that Shanahan spark on offense to our team. Quite young though.
  13. Personally, I could see either Eberflus or Pederson as HC and if that happens, bring in Matt Nagy as OC if he gets fired from the Bears. I am not sure who either would bring in as DC though...maybe Mike Borgonzi?
  14. No matter what happens this season, we will not fire Rhule after two seasons. If that happens, we might as well be labeled the Cleveland Browns. You got give Rhule atleast three seasons before you pull the trigger. Even further, I knew going into this season that we won't be a playoff caliber team just yet. I knew the defense would be better but offense will still need work and another off-season and adding pieces should put us over. My hope is that we don't stay put in the draft and move back to gain atleast a third round pick back.
  15. My point was though, Fitty is in on every deal. The fact that he was able to get anything for Little instead of cutting him shows just how good of GM he will be.
  16. I meannnnnnn, the Dolphins did give up a draft pick to acquire our bum LT that never worked out so I believe in Fitty Cent!
  17. His return to BOA will be like... https://youtu.be/ByAXCjqBzLg
  18. Wait, is he or Love even on the active roster? I thought they were practice squad
  19. The question isn't who we want as head coach.... The real question should be, who does Fitterer want? But reality is that Rhule will still be here for at least two more seasons.
  20. I highly doubt Rhule will be fired anytime soon. I think Tepper will give him another year to figure things out but in the event he is suprisingly fired, I think we should go back to a defensive minded coach with an emphasis on finding a great OC
  21. So is it just me or would "Be Elite" be an awesome theme for our corner backs lol... Like can you you imagine Gilmore, Jackson, Bouye, or whomever getting a interception and the theme song just plays with them doing the Young Bucks dance lol
  22. What the hell was even the point of the draft? Half of the people that were drafted didn't even change brands... Kind of a waste to me. It's not it will matter much anyways because they will find ways to have wrestlers show up on different shows each week. And please, for the love God, WWE, stop using Oldberg as an attraction for your shows... No one cares for Goldberg anymore.
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