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  1. LMAO! I kno0w what that means. i used to be called "Pinche Guey"

    1. El Chingon

      El Chingon

      lol I like it, you should have stayed w/it.


  3. Hey buddy. This was made by a friend who is in the CG and I thought you might get a kick out of it. Next season is San Diego. If you and the fam can make it out to my location, you guys can ride with us down. cgwhatido.jpg

  4. Nice! But I am a bewbie kind of guy. Whatcha got for that? :D Hope all is well with you and yours, my friend.

  5. Right on, thanks. Rep when I can

  6. Yeah, we've all been sick around the house so not a whole lot of internet time available. The Mrs has been out for the last 2 weeks and I was sick all last week.

  7. "fork me?" no, fork you, :lol: Totally rad out weighs awesome anyday, it was a compliment to you, um, er, whomever sent me the pic. I'm ok, but we have 2 little ones still sick. There is this bug going around town and MamaSan keeps getting it refreshed by her students.

  8. Well, I wouldn't rush to judgement and use the "awesome" word. More like "Totally fuging Rad". Still drawing a blank on who it was......

  9. Yeah i got it sent to me from somebody but i can't remember who, :D

  10. Happy Veteran's Day and thank you for your service, my Warfighter Brother....

  11. Happy Veteran's Day and thank you for your service, my Warfighter Brother....

  12. Happy Veteran's Day and thank you for your service, my Warfighter Brother....

  13. :lol: Thanks for the pics. I've been away a bit. Health issues and such. That pic with the chick pulling up her top is awesome. She has that nasty girl, should be in pr0n look that I love so much. How are things in the ILM?
  14. Thanks for the rep, buddy!

  15. Thanks for trying, buddy!

  16. I am saving my 10 mil cherry for somebody I know really cares for me and will stand by me and.....aw, *** it. I'll give it up to the next person that shows up with some rep...:D

  17. Damn! Talk about cutting to the chase, lol. Thanks for the avvie.

  18. LMFAO about the bus! Great pics, you are definitely owning that thread.

  19. Really? What in the world would draw you to make that association? :D

  20. Ok, thanks anyway. I have another one if you would like to try. it's called "Panthers War Room Debate (Cam Newton)" the link is

    and I wouold like is from 2:01 to 2:16.
  21. Nice avvy and title....

  22. It's on YT under "Liar, Liar - The Castaways (1965)" (one of my all time favorite songs) but the video is from Gilligan's island where the girls are dancing as the Honey Bees. The part I wanted to use is from 0:18 to 0:33. The link is

    . Thanks a ton if you can do it. Even if you cannot, thanks!
  23. Hey buddy. Can you make gifs? I have an idea for a new sig but for some reason, gifsoup hates me.

  24. Dammit. I wanted to make a gif from a youtube video but gifsoup has all these rules and crap. Any ideas who I can bother about this? How is everything? Family well?

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