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  1. Dude comes off as fake as a $3 bill and I just find him generally annoying. I love playing against him when our D can get to him. He makes crazy throws and keeps his team in a game and the season, I respect that. I should say the public image, you know what he is like personally more than I could guess.
  2. I dislike Wilson as a person but he is a very good QB. With Cam it didn't matter if we matched up well, we had a chance. There was a time you had to go through the Seahawks to make it to a Super Bowl, now they are just scenery. Something has stagnated there.
  3. Good stuff here! Happy about the guy who was the brakes in the trading back bonanza bit. Still worried this was the guy who was the expert in scouting side for them recently, hopefully that will be the other two in the room and less his personal preferences. Very happy to learn his overall demeanor, very positive. The lack of ego is a nice bonus.
  4. The Seahawks get a lot of respect from the Legion of Boom, as they should have. In the last few years Wilson has carried that team, their drafts have been underwhelming and they have kept their heads above water through their pro-personnel department and good coaching. 12-4 and done in the wild card round. It would be an improvement for us but hardly the juggernaut days of years ago.
  5. Just shows me you need to take the leap if the draft has quality options because there are years where signing a random vet and just having fun is better than letting your need push you into drafting a dud. 10-16, holy cow we lucked in with Cam.
  6. Start up mentality the new slang for rebuild from the rebuild last year? Or are they going to make the office people work out of a garage? Just kidding. Kind of a dumb saying when referring to a billions dollar business but whatever. Would have been a lot more exciting and relevant if this was all done last year but it's here, again lol.
  7. I wasn't trying to compare the two, you are dead on, just after the failure of Teddy here I personally just want to see a rookie. I guess I should phrase it, if we were to trade for Stafford before the draft I would be disappointed with the new GM. If it is a settling move to fill a massive need after the draft then whatever. I really do not like the idea of using draft picks outside of the last two rounds on a vet QB with the roster issues we are facing. Any of the vets are fine-ish for me if it's a post draft non-draft capital spent move. Technically we are already rebuilding afte
  8. I get it and I respect your view on it. I just don't want a vet as our answer at QB. I want to see a rookie we can build around. That's just what I want to see. I'm underwhelmed by any vet not Watson, and he is way too expensive to get to get. After Ted and massively disappointing overall roster building, I don't want another rental vet. I want a damn stud we hope to see play at least 10 years. If the draft doesn't go that way then sign a vet from the vet heap and prey we can do better.
  9. It's a short term fix. It's a Hunrey-ish move if we give up draft capital. I don't like the one price away mentality he had. Especially with Ted's wasted cap that's probably going to be dead money soon. As a free agent, yeah I could see that as a huge positive. Stanford a couple of years ago was worth trading for, at this point just draft a QB with their 5 year window of cap friendliness and not a bloated vet QB contract.
  10. Spending resources to get Stanford is moving in the wrong direction. Signing him as a free agent would be a different story.
  11. No idea what your definition on what prime is but Cam was balling game 1 until his shoulder was ruined in 2018.
  12. With Ted as the QB, a 1 is the ceiling for me. It's training camp season again. Fun but not for great football. If we don't get an acceptable QB then I will be staying home and selling those tickets, the team this year wasn't worth driving all day on Sunday to watch.
  13. He should have been gone last year, no way he isn't this year. Great player for a while, his last extension has been disastrous for us. Hurney 2.0 lol
  14. "I am not," Hurney said in a conversation yesterday, "an evaluator at all." lol
  15. It sure explains a lot and kills some fan theories about Hurney. Also why he did so poorly when Fox was a lame duck. Also raises the question, if those two did so poorly here then how bad can they be with WTF? "I am not," Hurney said in a conversation yesterday, "an evaluator at all." My new favorite quote lol. Thank you Scott for this gem.
  16. Those two have never put a winning team on the field. Marty and Ron. It's a dynamically bad duo. Why anyone would expect anything different is beyond me. All they do is lose together. 4.5ish years and yup, no winning. This is built to fail.
  17. For the right price? Yes. Multiple 1st and a good player for him? No.
  18. Truly a WTF move. Congratulations on committing to losing.
  19. It's like a dream coming true after years of nightmares. Eat it Snyder, you literally have to be an idiot to let this happen.
  20. Young crew makes mistake with oversight by old hand who was terrible at his job and fired. That's Teddy. We can do what we want. Trade for a conditional or late pick, cut for 3 million in cap space or used as a practice dummy...That's Teddy's future. Which one? No idea but I'm excited to see how they try to right the ship. There was always going to be a learning curve, the mistake of 2 gloved yards is part of it. If they land a real QB then I couldn't care less about Teddy.
  21. His WRs were beating those CBs like a drum on those 3 throws and for 2 he put the CB back in the play with his throws. It's weird that he had them over the top all day and the throws were just behind the WRs creating the adjustments. Nit-picking is what I thought was being discussed and what a big part of the draft process is, usually followed by debate like this. Adjusting is what WRs do and some times that is to 'slow up' which is what these 3 examples show. The WRs are smooth, watch the CB keep speed and get back into each of those throws. IDK if that's even the pattern they were talki
  22. 2:21 - WR slows down and adjust to the ball on beat coverage 6:09 - WR slows down, CB almost catches back up on beat coverage; 6:20 clearly shows this. QB put the CB back in the play with that throw. 7:59 - WR slows down, CB CB almost catches back up on beat coverage; 8:10 Clearly shows this. QB put the CB back in the play with that throw. I would take him as a QB with one leg over what we have now but he isn't perfect and this video shows the pattern mention by Verge and LG. It's nit-picky but it's there and showed up on every deep throw in this video. His WRs were way a
  23. Thank you Verge, always great to hear from you!
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