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  1. Darnold is coming out of the baby sir.
  2. Not winning in the NFL is a lot worse than not winning at Baylor. The desperation reeks and it was an eerily similar move to the Cam & Teddy debacle last year. We overpaid in draft capital this year vs overpaying in cap last year. Both are long shot guys who have enough film in the NFL to raise legitimate and loud concerns. Both look to end with us getting no value from the outgoing QB and there still is not a good option to start on the roster yet. Neither was particularly handled well either.
  3. So far, the best Oline addition of the offseason.
  4. We swapped a weak armed Teddy for a weak brained Sam. It's 2020 again, instead of saying we don't know what Teddy can do after years in the NFL we get to pretend we don't know what Sam can do after years in the NFL. It's the relying on a miracle version of roster management, again.
  5. There is zero excitement for me next season, just like last season. Hopefully the draft adds some life to this corpse of a franchise. It's like Weekend at Bernie's at this point. Also Tepper looks completely out of his element in the NFL. Dude hid behind Ron and Marty, then kept Marty like a blanky. He will make money either way so there is still hope he can keep caring and actually improve and not be a bad owner.
  6. So far he is suspect at best. Reddick is the best move and he only came here to play for Rhule and Snow. Our Oline rebuild looks worthy of trying to kill a QB. We pushed the Shaq and CMC bad contracts into next year instead of doing something positive with either. And he has sayings like 'in on every deal' (plenty we should not be in on) and 'likes to draft a QB every year' (could work if we had one worth starting). Meh, this draft will show me everything else I need to know about this guy.
  7. Even with Hurney in the mix last year, Rhule looks to be where the blame falls. There isn't a way to spin it yet otherwise. If anything, the Sam deal reinforces how bad we could have done in a blockbuster trade. I do not trust this crew's team building skills at all and they have not earned the right to realistically talk about winning until they do some of it. If I am going to go down fantasy lane, maybe we fug up another year and Tepper finally grows a pair and hires a great GM and takes roster control away from Rhule. I think it's the space he would thrive in if he allowed it, very go
  8. Fair and reasonable. At this point I feel comfortable with the D and completely concerned with the O. We need a really good draft with some playable O pieces.
  9. Hard to spin this positively after Teddy proved the staff couldn't make him more than he was. 0-1 and likely another on its way. At this point we kill the draft or we start talking a new staff at sometime during the year. It's a hail marry and with us we all know that's with crap QB play. So desperate. Well, now they get to prove it, again.
  10. Poor Anderson. Only 1 more year, again.
  11. I'm not debating his salary or cost. I honestly don't really care, we burnt all that money when we gave him this deal. I do agree with all rest. I fear a Seatle-esk draft incoming and that is going to be a bigger issue. There are some real reasons to question this crews ability to judge talent on the O, like Teddy being a backup plan when it was evident that bridge was burnt. Combine that with the beginner level skills of our GM this offseason and Teddy's cost just goes up in smoke for me. I fear at this point the Teddy debacle was just a new normal for us.
  12. McDaniels was once a hot up and coming coach... Got to wonder if it's all positive on the D and our O is just not very good at this point. Anyways, put up or GTFO is pretty approachable.
  13. if we trade him effort 6/1 it looks like we have a dead cap hit of 10 million. Honestly, whatever. Get some cap back either way and off to the next cheaper mistake. I will be shocked if someone wants him at 12 million this year. Looking like a cut is the likely hand here. Go Texans!
  14. That's what I understood. If we trade him, chuckle, we pay 10 million of his salary this year. Looking like a cut incoming but who knows at this point. Pressure and desperation makes for odd decisions in the NFL.
  15. Come on Houston. Show us you still have it and want to fight us for that first pick in 2022 (if they haven't already traded it away). We will cut him and he will sign a contract as a backup and do well in that roll. What he always was and should have been.
  16. Last year was a free pass, completely out of anyone's control. It looks like he will see what the fans do this year for real. I'm expecting peak 2008 to 2010 type situation. We will see if that effects the equation at all.
  17. Sadly this assumes Tepper knows what a hot seat is and what to do with one.
  18. LoL. Smells like the same crap, puts together same bad product, what's really different? We could have hired a great GM. We kept Hurney and took what was left when he was fired. Again, it looks to be time to burn it all down and start over.
  19. Which SB did he win? The one last year or year before when he went from crap to better option for non-winner of the SB? Or are you finally going to admit this is about you feeling better about not getting better? How did Teddy do in our genius OC perfectly tailored offense? What could go wrong? We have goobs on here celebrating the QB that got a bad franchise the 2nd pick is coming here to save us from sucking. I completely understand wanting to believe. Not allowing others to not take the same baseless stance in a different direction is a huge fallacy. Either of us may be wrong but I ha
  20. It's just all coping at this point. Either they settle or they call it for the poo sandwich it is. Either way, we are sunk for another year at the minimum.
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