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  1. Like most jobs, the help or resources are offered annual and throughout the year. Probably more so for professional athletes because a lot of them are alpha dawgs. Teams provide gym, I'm just saying, take advantage of all the resources your job offer.
  2. AB and his team putting the therapy and $200,000 cost out there is them working their angle to discredit the Bucs. This is all on AB, he made a choice not to This is like any other job that offers programs for it's employees. As a supervisor, I have had to offer/remind staff that we provide services when they are having difficulties that affect their work, whether it's financial, emotional, therapeutic, etc. The help isn't always taken, but when offered most people know, they telling they are covering themselves by saying, we offered them help, "before we fired him. (pretty much get your ish together). This is all on AB, he made a choice not to use the offered service. He turned it into goin to the "crazy house". There is nothing wrong with counseling.
  3. For what it's worth, Dax Prescott was a 4th rounder.
  4. The title is reaching, that's not throwing anyone under the bus.
  5. The chanted from the organization and the fans pre-game and during the game will be the theme for the day!
  6. And I love Cam, but you are right. Enough with the Cam, it isn't coming back. And if he does the complaint will be, they are running him to much.
  7. Plus I'm not going to talk bad about agent89.
  8. It's not being soft. Commentators and hopeful HOFers say dick ish or do dick ish all the time, just like the rest of us. Nothing soft about calling out a dick moment. Get over it tough guy.
  9. This isn't a good comparison. JAG or Starter. All starters are not superstars like Kuechly.
  10. I hate to say anything bad about Agent89, but that is a dick move.
  11. I agree. There's only 32 teams, when you are chasing rings or money, you go where you can. Remember Jared Allen hopped onboard during our last superbowl run, and was too washed up. Let's say of the 32 teams 1/3 are teams players don't want to go to, that leave about 20-19 other teams. While we may not be at the top, we certainly are not bottom 1/3.
  12. We kept PJ as a back up, lets just use him as such. We didn't go through last season and this year training camp to dump him now. We knew he was the back up when we released Will Grier. If PJ is on the roster and we paying him, then we are playing him!
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