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  1. I wholeheartedly agree with you guys on the LT issue. I had no problems passing on Fields in round one. I just can't get excited about ANY QB from Ohio State. I don't think we're gonna end up regretting getting Horn who could potentially end up being a top 5 cornerback in the NFL. My problem was trading back in round 2. We passed on six tackles and 3 interior lineman guards to draft a WR who is currently number 3 on our depth chart. I pull for everyone we draft, but I would have taken a Tackle or Interior lineman over Marshall because they would have had a greater impact this season. The silver lining to all of this is that the FO and Rhule realize the O-line has to be fixed in the off season. A failure to do so would be a justification for hiring new people to get this done.
  2. Your post made me realize a typo in my post. We lost 11 games during the 2020 season. Tampa whopped us pretty good both times we played. The Saints destroyed us in the last game of the season. The other 8 losses were all by 8 pts or less, meaning one extra TD and 2 pts conversion would have won or tied all of those games. This season we lost by our games by 8 pts (Dallas) 3 pts (Philadelphia), and 6 pts (Minnesota). Once again one extra TD and 2 pt conversion would have tied the Dallas game and won the last won games against Philly and Minnesota. In our last 10 games, the offense has scored 17 points in the 3rd quarter. That's why we're losing all of these close games. If we could simply address/fix the 3rd quarter meltdowns we could make the playoffs THIS SEASON. I know Rhule has made some mistakes, but he isn't stupid. He has to realize it. I'd be shocked if this isn't fixed before the end of the season.
  3. We've all heard the saying "Rome wasn't built in the day". Well, neither are championship football teams in the NFL. Like some of the other guys have posted, I didn't expect us to make the playoffs this year. I just want to see us show improvement. I figured we'd challenge for a wild card this year but far short. Make the playoffs in year 3, and be a legitimate SB threat by year 4. It took Bill Walsh 3 seasons to get the 49ers to a SB after starting 2-14 in his first year. Jimmy Johnson was 1-15 in his first season with Dallas. in year 3 they were a playoff team. By year 4 the Cowboys were on the verge of Back to Back titles. Our defense isn't a finished product but we're progressing. If we can can 1 or 2 more pieces we could be a top 10 defense. We've accumulated some talented parts on offense at the skill positions. We all know the O-line is the week spot holding us back. I'm pretty sure that'll be addressed this off-season. Darnold has potential. Even if he isn't "the guy" we can afford to ride with him one more year until the O-line is fixed. I'd hate to have a rookie QB playing behind our current offensive line. I'm disappointed by the losing streak, but we're still competitive. We lost 11 games last season and 3 games this season by a a score or less. And , we've played some good teams over that stretch. We're not an easy out. Once we learn how to score in the 3rd quarter and close out games we should/could be a perennial playoff team.
  4. Maybe I'm looking at things from a different perspective, but it seems counterproductive to tell the entire world during a press conference that we intend to run the ball more. That seems like something the coaches should be telling the team behind closed doors. Why announce that to the rest of the league?
  5. Our past rush did absolutely nothing this game. Did we even manage to sack Cousins today? To be fair, our putrid offensive performance during the first 3 quarters of the game resulted in the defense being on the field too long. Still, I just don't see our DT's impacting the pass rush. If out ends don't get home we ain't getting a sack. We still need a pass rushing DT.
  6. I bet Brian Burns is feeling like the world has been lifted off of his shoulders.
  7. Sam hasn't played that well, but those dropped throws certainly haven't helped. He's not a quitter and he's got some spunk. Both of those 4th down throws were clutch. If we get him an offensive line and a good OC coordinator I think he can win some games for us.
  8. I actually agree with you. I think he's not comfortable dropping back because he knows his pass blocking won't hold up. The offensive line is just plain bad. Even if we figure out that Sam isn't the guy, we can't expect anyone to succeed at QB until we get it fixed. Building a formidable offense line has got to be the top priority this off-season.
  9. Sam seems to have come back to Earth after the 3-0 start. Franchise QB are paid to bring teams back. I can deal with losing this game if Sam can at least make this a close game. If we keep playing like this the FO has to consider a different option heading into 2023 and beyond. I'd keep Sam for 2022 just so we can use this off-season to fix our woeful O-line. We can't start next season with the current group of guys. Whoever we have starting in 2023 and beyond won't be successful with pass blocking this bad.
  10. I was thinking the same thing. Keith Taylor is looking good. When we get Horn back we'd have Horn, Henderson, and Taylor on multi-year deals and they're all under 25. AJ (age 31) has 1 year left on his deal. So we'd be set at that position even if we lost Gilmore and Jackson. The latter two are at the end of their contracts. Do we really think we can resign both them? Maybe Fitz is thinking about getting comp picks for 2023. The ideal situation would be for is to move one to FS to help out Chinn. I don't know if any of our CBs are capable (or willing) to do that.
  11. Unfortunately, having a top rate secondary means nothing if the offense can't score. We scored 7 pts on a blocked punt in the 2nd half so far. The offense has done nothing. Over the last 10 games the offense has scored 17 points in 3rd quarter. You can't compete for a playoff spot year in and year out with offense that bad unless you're scoring 10 pts a quarter in 1st, ,2nd, and 4rh quarters...which we can't seem to do against good teams.
  12. We didn't get worse by letting him go and we really wouldn't be any better if were still here. The move worked out great for both parties. He didn't suck dollars from our cap and He got a boat load of money by switching teams.
  13. I've been watching the games, but I know little about what goes on behind the scenes when it comes to the depth chart. Does anyone know if K. Robinson is showing progress and/or moving up the depth chart at FS? As for Taylor, I thought we got a steal getting him so low in the draft. But, I really can't assess his play since 1) He hasn't been on the field often and 2) It can be hard to grade any CB because we only see them on TV when the ball is thrown in their direction. Has anyone seen him on the all-22 film? If so, how has he looked?
  14. Here's the scary thing, that kid isn't even 25 yet! He's only going to get better throwing the ball.
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