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  1. I see things pretty much the way you do. Those 3 positions need to be our top priority. But, do you really think a top FA is going to want to join the worst organization in NFL? If I was in my prime and had the power to choose my fate, you couldn’t pay me enough to join the current day Carolina Panthers. I know this sounds bad, but I’d be giddy if we found a legit #2 to complement Theilan in the slot and took our chances on speed receiver in round 2. Unfortunately, I have no faith in Scott F. To pick the right guy after the round 2 selections of TMJ and Mingo.
  2. Tepper isn't likely to throw in the towel on Bryce after year one and would probably veto that but I definitely understand your reasoning. You mentioned that the TE class was weak. Do you have any insight into the LT and WR classes? I wouldn't be opposed to taking a 2nd round center if had the potential to turn into Ryan Kalil or Creed Humphry for the rest of the decade. Sure up the center position with a STUD, Put Brady at LT (his natural position), move Ekwonu inside and our O-line would improve immediately.
  3. In this scenario you go into the 2024 draft knowing that Bryce will be starting the season as the #1 QB on the depth chart. What would be your top priority in round 2: O-line, WR, TE, dare I say it…pick another QB, or would you trade down for additional choices (big mistake if you ask me)? I think this draft is critical. I just don’t see Carolina acquiring top free agents after the disastrous 2023 season. This team is sorely lacking in talent so we can’t afford to miss on this pick. We need to find a starter in the 2nd round (and round 3 to be honest).
  4. I totally agree with you on this. Bryce fooled a lot of people since he played at BAMA, but even the anti-Bryce crowd will admit he didn't look this bad in college. He made a lot of big time throws in college. I'm sure playing on a stocked roster helped, but he still had to deliver the ball to the receivers. Saban wouldn't have started him otherwise. If BY's game tape at Alabama looked as bad as it has thru 12 games this season I don't think he would have even been drafted.
  5. I think we are all in agreement that the Carolina organization made the wrong choice at QB and gave up way too much capital in doing so. That said, we need to slow down before we totally bail ship on Bryce Young. We're stuck with him for at least another year. The team needs to go all in on improving his situation next season. Adding a WR (or TE) who can get separation, better interior line protection, and improving the LT play are a must to not only better evaluate Bryce, but to also lay the proper foundation for a potential new guy to come in 2025 if BY fails to improve in 2024. A large majority of next seasons success falls on Bryce himself. He needs to realize that he's not a good NFL QB. If he's going to have a successful career in the league, then he's going to have to work his butt off this offseason. He needs to beg Tepper to find him a QB coach who'll be hard on him. He needs someone to coach him on his footwork, his throwing mechanics, teach him how to play under center, and address, any other weaknesses in his game. As someone said earlier, he's going have to reinvent himself and become a new QB. Is it likely he'll live up to his draft slot, probably not. But, it ain't impossible. Bryce strikes me as the type of person who'll at least be willing to put in the work to get better, but he needs a lot of coaching and an offense that will maximize his ability. Bulking up wouldn't be a bad thing. He needs to get stronger to endure QB hits; and to also improve his ability to push the ball downfield with better velocity. Tepper, Bryce, and the new HC all need to enter 2024 on the same page and go all out to improve Bryce's passing ability because at the present time he isn't good enough to lead a team to the playoffs in a crappy division; and definitely not into championship contention.
  6. I hate the idea of giving Chicago the #1 pick but if we keep up our current level of play we should at worst get the one of the first 3 picks of the 2nd round. It's not out of the realm of possibility that a first round talent may fall into our lap at WR or O-line. We could even find a starter at a position of need at the top of the 3rd round. Bryce needs to play as much as possible for the rest of the year. He needs to get more acclimated to the NFL game speed; and our next HC needs an extensive reel of game tape. If we can find a way to shore up that O-line, a creative coach "might just be able" to create a scheme to improve BY's game and make him serviceable or even above average.
  7. I certainly wouldn't be crushed if the team made the decision to bring in another QB in 2024. That said, it's not all on Bryce. The announcers have pointed out several times that the receivers are not getting separation and too many routes simply have them running 10 yards down field and turning around. The big play to Mingo on the 3rd down TD drive was one of the few routes that showed some imagination. We need a new passing philosophy and better route concepts.
  8. Here’s the sad thing about the 2023 Panthers. An argument could be made that he was a better receiver than anyone WR on the current roster with the exception of Adam Theilan.
  9. If Tepper feels that way then we really have a big problem! The current GM traded down twice from the top 40 in 2021 to get TMJ in the low 50's. He's had no positive impact on this team at all. Two picks later the Chiefs picked an all-Pro caliber center in Creed Humphrey. He took Mingo in the 2nd round. Once again no impact. We had a chance to cut bait with Ian Thomas, another low impact and under achieving player. Scott e gave him an extension! Tommy Tremble has shown flashes, but he's never been given the chance to be the guy, so we still don't really know what he can do as a TE. Our receiving core is the worst in the NFL. With the except The O-line can't protect Bryce Young. Weak at every spot on the O-line except RT(T. Moton) , the only starting lineman on the team that Scott didn't acquire via FA or the draft. With the exception of Adam Theilan, who is really suited as a #3 at this stage in his career, we don't have a skill position player who could start on another team in the NFL. With the exception of Moton and a "healthy" A. Corbett, I'm not sure if any of our lineman could start on a playoff caliber team in the NFL. We're not picking solid players on the offensive side of the ball, and that responsibility lies with the Fitterer, the scouts, and the rest of the front office.
  10. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6hMqZSPiLRE Tepper may have his faults, but I don't see the bid deal with this story. The NFL is a copy cat league. Everyone steals plays and concepts from one another. At times coaches will take advice from people not on the staff. As far back as SB 6, Richard Nixon was able to get Don Shula to call a pass play to Paul Warfield against the Cowboys. I've heard of NFL coaches taking pIays from High School and Collegiate coaches and players, family members, or company employees. Heck, Andy Reid once took a play from a janitor while he was in Green Bay...and scored a TD Take a look at the link above. The article stated he made a suggestion for a single play. If that's the worst thing he's done I think we'd all feel much better about his ownership of the team. Unfortunately, we've more concerning issues with him.
  11. I agree with everything your post. Burns isn't worth 30 mil a year based on this season's production. I'd let him go over Brown...IF...I had the interior DL you described above to compliment Brown. In fact, I think Brown's sacks would/could go up if he had another interior guy to bring some pressure. We need help at all of the positions cited in your post, but I have no faith in the current FO to properly address any of those positions in the 2024 draft, especially without a #1 draft choice. The thought of Fitterer drafting a WR in round two terrifies me after the TMJ and Mingo selections.
  12. I think Derrick Brown is a good player. But, if he is the best player on your team, then your team has problems. He has looked good this season, but for all of the tackles this year he only has 1 sack. That isn’t that surprising really…he only has 7 sacks for the 4 seasons he’s been in Carolina. I know a DTs production cannot be measure in sacks alone. A great DT is often doubled. This can result in more sack opportunities for other defensive lineman. Brown gets doubled a lot, but his presence doesn’t seem to make the other lineman on the team that much better. The franchise tag for a DT in 2023 was $18,937,000. It should be closer to $20 mil in 2024. Is D. Brown really worth $20 mil a year? People are saying that we should try to move Burns for a #1 pick because he wants $30 mil a season. I’d move Brown for a #1 before I’d pay him over $20 mil per season, which is what the franchise tag will likely be in 2025, the year he is due to be a free agent. I think you can find a player to give you similar production but at much lower cost. If a team offered me a #1 for Brown in the offseason I take that deal in a heart beat .
  13. Only a clueless GM would give up 3 2nd round picks for Justin Fields AND A FUTURE FIRST. Chicago should be giddy if they could get a #2 or a #3. He hasn't shown that he's anywhere close to leading a team to the playoffs, much less a championship. I may get reamed for this as a GM, but I'd try to move Fields to Atlanta for a 2 or 3. He's from GA so I doubt he'd mind the change in scenery. He should be able to beat out Desmond Riddler. I'd even consider a straight up swap for Kyle Pitts and a mid round selection. This would give whichever QB they pick in round 1 (likely Caleb Williams if he comes out ) a chance to throw to DJ Moore, Pitts, and possibly Harrison Jr if they picked him at #2. The Bears would have arguably the most explosive receiving core in the NFL for the rest of the decade.
  14. This is an interesting post. Are you privy to some inside information? I know sometimes you can hear stuff from people/sources in the know that sounds crazy to people who are less informed. If what you're saying is true it explains a lot.
  15. Based on your prior posts I realize you’re not BY’s biggest fan. That said, this was an honest assessment of his play this season and the problems he’s gonna face going forward. No personal insults…just facts. Bravo sir! I wasn’t a fan of the trade myself. There are two types of QBs in the NFL: 1) Those that can pull the wagon a lot of the time…ie they make the team better just by being under center. 2)Those that need the wagon to pull them a lot of the time…ie they need everything to align just right in order to succeed under center Carolina gave up too much draft capital to draft a QB in category 2. To make things worse we don’t have the draft capital or capable FO (at least not the current one) to fix this in one season. Fixing the OL and adding some receiving threats is a must for 2024, but I have no faith in the front office to do so …at least not as long as the current regime is in place.
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