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  1. And the 2nd best QB in that draft, 3 time Pro Bowler Deshaun Watson, didn’t go until pick #12. The first QB taken in that draft, Mitch Trubinsky, was the least successful of the three. His fifth year option wasn’t picked up, he’s played for 3 teams, and is already considered a backup only 6 years into his career.
  2. So, I’d like to hear what you would do if you were in Steve Wilks or Mr. Teppers shoes right now. Would you really tell these guys to go out there and lose each week in order to get a Top 2 selection in this years underwhelming QB class?
  3. I think Sam the potential to be backup-low end starter in the NFL. He can’t carry a team on his shoulders. But in the right situation, if he doesn’t mess up, a solid team can carry him. That said, if Sam had this O-line last year he would have looked a whole lot better. We would have won two or three more games in 2021 with these guys blocking up front I don’t recall him being sacked today. Last year Sam (and PJ and Cam) seemed to be running for their lives on almost every other snap.
  4. A great QB can elevate an average to good supporting cast. A great all around team can elevate an average to good QB. Jeff Hostetler, Trent Dilfer, Brad Johnson, Jim Mc McMahon, Joe Flacco, and Nick Foles will never sniff the Hall of Fame. However, they do have one thing in common. All won 5 won SB rings when they started the big game. Why was that possible? They only had to stay w/in the game plan and not mess things up by turning the ball over. We don’t need a Mahomes, Allen, Jackson, or Burrow in this years draft to compete for a title going forward “IF” the rest of the team is solid. What we need is a guy that can drop back 25-30 times per game, complete 60% of his passes, throw 25-28 TD (averages out to less than 2 per game) and not turn the ball over on a regular basis. If we had that right now we’d be in first place in the NFC South. You don’t have to have a top 5 pick to find a guy like that in the draft. But, a guy selected lower in the draft may take a little longer to develop and require more rigorous coaching.
  5. But one of those teams (our beloved Panthers) has made it it to 3 conference title games and made two Super Bowl appearances. You can't say that about the Texans and the Lions. And our team had a legit chance to win both of those Super Bowls. I hate pointing this out, but the journeyman QB who led us to our first appearance matched Tom Brady throw for throw and would/could have been MVP if we had won. He played better in game than our #1 pick and 2015 league MVP in his loss to Denver. A game in which Peyton Manning couldn't lead his team to 200 total yards on offense.
  6. I was thinking that we are much more likely to retain Sam than Baker. I think Sam is more willing to accept a backup position than Baker.
  7. It doesn’t matter who starts. Neither of our options give us strong chance to win the game.
  8. Christian has proved today that he’s the best all purpose back in the game when healthy. The Niners are beating the pants off of the Rams. Hopefully Shanahan will bench him for the rest of the game. I was surprised to see him after his rushing TD. Bad things seem to happen to injury prone players when you keep the field in games that have already been decided.
  9. This is why PJ has struggled to stay in the NFL. The accuracy just isn't there. This is a very winnable game. If he keeps throwing the football like this we're going to struggle to put points on the board all day long and he'll probably start balls to the guys in black. Too bad, because he really does have a love arm.
  10. This is how I feel. I don't see a QB in this draft worth "tanking" for. INone of them jump off the screen as elite prospects. I think there are 3 or 4 who could go in the first round and be successful if the environment is right: 1) Solid HC and OC 2) Solid O-line 3) Playmakers at skill positions 4) Offense puts the QB in position to maximize his talents and minimize his weaknesses. In terms of the Panthers 1) We have no idea what to expect in 2023. We could be better or worse depending on the Tepper's decision about the HC. The team looked good yesterday. 2) Our line is solid and is getting better. We won't get a young QB killed next season unless he just holds onto the ball too long. 3) I could see Hubbard and Freeman getting the job done for the next couple of years if the run blocking holds up. We have DJ. TMJ showed flashes yesterday. Even Tommy Tremble had a TD. Still, it would be nice to have a solid #2 and pass catching threat at TE. We may have answers on the roster...maybe not. 4) All depends on who the HC hires (or retains) as OC. If we can accomplish all 4 by the start of 2023, it doesn't matter which of the top 4 or 5 we take. I think they'd be coming into a situation that would help them quickly transition into the NFL.
  11. Actually, you’re incorrect with that first statement. John Elway was drafted #1 overall in 1983. He won 2 SB’s with Denver (although he wasn’t able to do so until the last 2 years of his career 1997-1998) Eli Manning went #1 in his draft class. He was drafted by the Chargers, but he never played a down with them because he was moved to the Giants in a trade on draft day that involved Philip Rivers. So, technically he didn’t win a SB with the team that drafted him, but NY Giants were the only team he ever played for in the NFL and he won 2 Super Bowl for the franchise.
  12. I brought this up last week. Matt Stafford was drafted #1 overall by the Lions. He failed to win a playoff game in Detroit. He had to go to a stacked Rams team in order to win a Super Bowl. Stafford's biggest division rival prior to the trade was Aaron Rodgers, who was the 24th pick in his draft class. That same year Alex Smith went #1 overall. We all know who turned to be the better QB.
  13. Cam was fun to watch. I loved seeing him win MVP and still wonder what could have been had he stayed healthy. That said, we had 3 winning seasons with Cam and a fourth playoff season with a 7-8-1 record. Picking #1 or #2 doesn't mean you're getting the best QB in that years draft class, or even a good QB. Two QBs went ahead of Josh Allen in his draft class...and we have them both on our roster (Baker and Sam). Five QBs went ahead of Lamar Jackson the same years. Allen is the only one who has distinguished himself and I'm not even sure if one of them, Josh Rosen, is even still in the league. A young/rookie QB needs a good coaching a sound O-line, good skill players, and a scheme tailored to what he does best. If a rookie gets all the above, then his chances of success will be pretty good, no matter where he ends up or what spot he's selected in the draft.
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