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  1. If Bryce could throw 20-22 TDs this season, keep the INTs around 10-11, and exceed the 3,000 yard mark I'd consider that a massive improvement. If BY could have achieved that in 2023, Carolina probably would have won 6-7 games. With the new additions on the roster and coaching staff I'd be surprised if we don't triple our win total in 2024.
  2. I don't think I would have done what Atlanta did, but this was a very logical explanation for why they did it. You bring up a good point about Bryce. I think the team would be leery about moving on from Bryce if he struggles early. Doing so would indicate they made a bad decision and pretty much shatter his confidence. And even if we did bench, Dalton is pretty much a C level backup at this point in his career. I actually would have considered taking Spencer Rattler in round 4 or 5. It would have brought in some legit competition and another live arm. We all know that Rattler could have completed a lot of the throws Bryce missed last year, he's already has an established connection with XL, and the offense wouldn't have been restricted to 10 yard passes and bubble screens.
  3. I see your point. However, what if Penix doesn’t have a stellar season in his first year as starter? If the Falcon miss the playoffs and his play is only competent at best I think the leverage swings the other way.
  4. Everyone talks about how important it is to draft a QB in round 1 and have the "5th year option" I haven't seen it play out the well over the past several years. The good/great QB' aren't playing the first 5 years under their original deal. After year 3 or 4 they are getting mammoth extensions. Having Penix take over in year 3 may actually save the Falcons some money over the next 5 seasons. I doubt they'd give him an extension after his first year as a starter if he took over the starting position after the guaranteed portion of Kurt Cousins new deal ends in 2025. In terms of playing time, Penix 3 years as a starter would be ending with the 5th year of his rookie deal (assuming his option was picked up). The money Penix would be making in year 5 of a rookie contract would be significantly less than the upper echelon 5 year starters are making now.
  5. While I agree with you to a point, I think the routes were simplified to deal with Bryce's physical limitations. I think we would have seen much more creativity in the offense if we had a big armed QB behind center like Stroud, Richardson, or Levis. If you take time to watch that video on page 6 of this thread, you'll see that Bryce was terrible on the deep pass last year. Teams quickly figured out that he wasn't able to throw deep with consistency and not a threat to throw outside the numbers unless it was a short curl or a bubble screen. You really only had to drop 10 yards and take the area between the numbers. Even if we had receivers last season that could get better separation, the opposing team still would have been able to defend our passing plays because it's easy to sit on the routes.
  6. After watching this video it's quite obvious why the team went after Johnson (and XL) this offseason. We can't keep working the middle of the field with dig, hook, and crossing route and expect to be any better on offense this season.
  7. I’d love this pick if we’re a perennial power year in a year out. Coming off of a 2-15 season and no winning seasons since 2018 means Carolina needs as many sure things in this draft as possible. We may still luck out at 52, but I hate seeing these good players fly off the board. That said, I’ll wait until I see what we get @52. Unfortunately, this reminds me of what we did in 2021 when we traded down from the top 10 in round 2 and ended up with TMJ, only to see Pro Bowl center Creed Humphrey come off the board several picks later
  8. How can the offense be "miles better" when we already have "Miles Sanders" on our roster.
  9. DJ Clark and Jonathan Mingo were our #2 and #3 receivers behind Theilan. The two of them combined for 78 catches ,5 TDS , and 943 yards . Those are the type of number you should expect for a lone #2 receiver or a stud TE over the course of a 17 game season. To match that production level in 2024 XL would need to average 4.5 receptions per game, a TD every 3 games, and 55.5 yards per game. If XL is used properly and if Bryce is competent enough to get him the ball he should have no trouble reaching (or surpassing) those totals which would be a huge improvement for our passing game. Theilan is still a dependable #3 and the addition of Johnson gives us a true # 1. On paper we are without a doubt better at WR. Whether or not it translates to the field remains to be seen.
  10. I subscribe to the Ron Rivera philosophy. Run the ball to control the clock and stop the run on defense. Keep the games close and let the defense win your games.......
  11. You may be on to something there!
  12. Guys, I think the Falcon was a head scratcher. But, they've got Penix for 5 years if they pick up the option. Maybe ATL feels Cousins only has 2-3 top years left and when they move on they'll have a potential franchise guy on the roster to take over with 2 -3 left on his rookie deal. Let's forget the GB selected Aaron Rodgers when Favre was still playing at a high level and let him sit for 3 seasons.
  13. I've already said this before, but I think it's worth mentioning again. Not only do we have high draft choices in round 2 (#33 and #39) we also have the first pick in round 3. With all of the holes on our team, we should come come out of this draft with 3 starters with our first 3 picks...or at worst 2 starters and a player who shows enough promise to start in 2025 and contributes significantly in 2024. Anything less would be a major disappointment.
  14. What you are saying should be true. However, our franchise has shown a tendency to either underestimate or over value players for years. Our recent draft history is proof that our front office and coaching staffs are far from perfect in personnel evaluation. We've: Given away high draft choices for JAGS (Darnold and CJ Henderson) Given away picks to move up in the draft only to pick players who make no impact significant impact in their rookie seasons (BY, Matt Corall, DJ Henderson) Used draft capital to select players only to attempt to convert them to new positions (Armani Edwards, Brady Christensen) Traded down to accumulate picks only to select JAGS (Terrace Marshall, Daviyon Nixon, Keith Taylor). With the new coaching staff and new GM things may turn around in a hurry. I certainly hope it does. But, our recent roster decisions concern me. I'd feel better drafting a younger/healthier kid out of college to play center in 2024 instead of relying on a older player coming off of an injury who has never played the center position on a regular basis.
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