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  1. QB's get too much credit when teams win and too much blame win they lose. In football, no player can do it alone, including the QB. Most of the great QB's played with Hall of Fame talent, or at minimum well constructed teams with above average/Pro bowl players on both sides of the ball. That's why Aaron Rodgers can't get back to a Super Bowl now. He's physically more talented overall than Bradshaw or Aikman, but his teams don't have enough depth to win the big game. Bradshaw and Aikman were both blessed by having several years to mature while the coaches and front offices shrewdly constr
  2. Take a look at the two guys with the worst TD/INT ratios: Bradshaw (-17) and Aikman (-15). These two guys ended their careers with a combined record of 7-0 in the Super Bowl. Both started their careers with teams at bottom of the league. By the end of their 5th seasons they were quarterbacking two of the greatest dynasties in NFL history.
  3. I know draft slots are practically meaningless with Scott "the mad trader" moving draft choices like chess pieces. But, I think we have all of our choices next season except the #2. We got back the 2022 #4 we lost to NY from the Houston deal this year, so we should go into the off season with 6 draft picks. Teams rarely give up #1 and # 2 choices in the same year. If we had a strong option for QB next year, we should be able to package something "reasonable " to move up and take a shot (ex: 1,3 in 2022, and #2, #4 2023) depending on where we were on the draft board.
  4. Don't take this the wrong way, but I think you are making a big assumption that Justin Fields or Mac Jones will be franchise QB's. Based on their school pedigree, both have a greater chance of being bad to average than true "franchise QB's". I just can't see us all looking back on this draft 5 years for now saying, "We missed out on franchise greatness when passed on Fields and/or Jones in the 2021 draft. I know the same can be said of Darnold after the failed experience in NY, but that CB selection was exactly what we needed in a division where we face Michael Thomas, Chris Godwin, Mike
  5. I'm very pleased with how our draft turned out. That said, I was upset when Cosmi came off the board at pick #51. I was ready to throw a shoe at my TV when Radunz was chosen at #53. I wasn't familiar with Christensen at all. He wasn't considered one of the top 5 LT's in the class so I didn't read up on him. I didn't know what to think about his selection. I was pleased to find out that PFF actually gave him the highest pass blocking grade of any of the LT's in the 2021 class. His excellent athletic abiliity is another positive. I look forward to seeing him this fall.
  6. Just out of curiosity, how do you guys think Sewell felt when the Lions chose him? I don't have any insight about this young man at all, but I don't see how any top 10 pick could be thrilled about going to the Detroit Lions. We haven't put together back to back winning seasons in our 25+ year existence, but we have been to TWO Superbowls and on two other occasions we fell one game short (1996) and (2005) since 1995. Detroit last won a world title in 1957 with Bobby Lane as the QB. The Lions have only appeared in one NFC title game (a 1991 defeat to the eventual SB champs Washington Redsk
  7. That kid does not move like a normal 313 pound man. He's going to be a nightmare for opposing teams if he plays like this on the NFL level. He could actually end up making things easier for Derrick Brown (or all of our d-lineman for that matter) . If he becomes the next Warren Sapp or John Randle he'll start drawing more of the double teams and free things up for the other guys.
  8. Thank you for posting that. I found that article to be an informative read. I look forward to watching this guy in action this fall. An effective 3Technique pass rusher could take the team defense to another level.
  9. If you study the trajectory of any NFL champion you'll usually tend to see 2 trends. 1) A coach comes in and get an underachiever over the hump 2) A coach comes with a losing record for the first couple of years and wins the Super Bowl between years 3-5. I've outlined Dallas' history already. Their rise to excellence eerily resembles the rise of the 70's Steelers. a) Chuck Noll was 1-13 in 1969. By 1975 the Steelers were back to back champions b)Noll used his drafts to build a devastating defense . Playmakers were at each level. Jack Ham (OLB) once said "we had no we
  10. Darnold and the O-line are the key. If were are successful on these two fronts the future looks bright. Here's the one thing I admire about how we handled the situation. "If " Sam fails, we still have plenty of draft capital to trade for a better QB or pick a promising draft prospect. If you look at our roster as presently constructed, this would be a desireable place to place for any QB to play. If I'm not mistaken, aren't we going to have one of the highest cap spaces heading into the 2022 season? We should be able to absorb almost any QB salary next season.
  11. Thank you for the correction. I meant to say he hasn't won. Sorry about that. Ironcially a guy from the Seattle FO that helped build those back to back conference winning team is calling the shots in Carolina. If he could repeat that here I think we could all live with that...but I want more...
  12. You correct sir. But let's remember Jimmy Johnson and the Dallas Cowboys were 1-15 that first year. The next year they were 7-9. By year three they were 11-5 and in the playoffs. The won the Super Bowl back to back in 1992-1993 with regular season records of 13-3 and 12-4. We were 5-11 in Matt's first year. Eight of those loses were by 8 points or less. Tampa spanked us pretty good both times they played us but their 7 time SB winning QB won't be around too much longer. New Orleans got us pretty good to end the season, but Brees is GONE now. I'm not too afraid of any other Saint QB lighti
  13. It's way to early to say we are gonna win 3 superbowls in 4 years, but I'm getting a deja vu feeling about the Carolina Panthers. This is quite long, bit hear me out. We have a new /charismatic/somewhat eccentric owner who is desperate to win. He seems more excited talking to his new draftees on draft day than making money (Who does that sound like?) We have a young HC who just left the collegiate ranks and replaced the most successful HC in the franchises history.(Our previous coach was HC of the year twice in case you have forgotten...2013 and 2015...and the only guy to get us in
  14. KC is serious about rebuilding that offensive line. The Super Bowl showed us first hand what happens to even the best QBs when he doesn't have protection. I hope we don't regret letting a couple of good O-line prospects slip by because of the trade backs.
  15. This is why trading back can backfire at times. You plan to get a guy at a certain spot and right before you get on the clock another team nabs him. But, there are 31 other teams in the league. If you like a guy, chances are one of the other front offices around the league will feel the same way.
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