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  1. You and CRA both bring up valid points about Fields and Wilson...and that's why I'm not sold on either one of these quarterbacks. I'm shocked so many people are in favor of giving up multiple #1 picks and a couple of other high choices to move up 6 spots in the draft and take either of them. If one of them fell to number 8, I can see considering it because you still have all of your draft choices to fill in the rest of the roster holes and build a stronger team around him. If we kept Teddy for another year you wouldn't even have to start him right away and give him time to get acclimated
  2. Dline is massive hole on this roster. We need a 3 technique who can bring pressure up the middle. D.Brown should improve with age, but he's more of a NT type. He is double teamed most of the time. We need someone beside him who can bring some heat, which make things easier for Brown. You need to take a look at years stats. We had 29 sacks as a team. Brian Burns had 9 of them. Efe Obada had 5.5. No one else had more than 5. None of our DT's had more than 2. A lot of people want to blame Teddy for all of our problems last year, but Carolina's defense gave up on average over 25 points per game.
  3. We see this situation exactly the same. I don't see Wilson, Fields, or Lance as "can't miss prospects". There seems to be a sense of desperation to get a franchise QB in the 2021 draft even though we are more than a QB away from competing for a division/conference title and all the QB's above have red flags despite their talent. I actually think if we spent this draft beefing up the roster on the o-line and defensive side of the ball we'd be laying a strong foundation for the next 4-5 seasons. With an improved o-line and a healthy McCaffrey I believe even Teddy would be more effective in
  4. Thank you for the insight. Did you happen to see him play at Northwestern this past season? If so, was there any improvement from the time at Indiana?
  5. And, if you draft Lance you don't necessarily have to start him in year one if he isn't ready. You could ride with Teddy in 2021 knowing that Lance should be in position to take over in 2022 or 2023. I don't even think Lance is 21 yet so there's no need to rush things.
  6. I had ESPN on at work this morning. I saw a report saying that New England is looking to move up to #9 to take Lance. I did a double take when I saw it because I had already seen this thread. Does Kiper think we'd pick Mac Jones over Trey Lance if Lance is available at #8? I'm not sure I'd take a QB in round one this year with all of our other needs, but if I did there's no way I'm taking Jones or Lance if the latter is available.
  7. Have you actually seen this guy play? If so, feel free to share your thoughts on him. I apologize again for the name mishap.
  8. OOPS. I meant Peyton Ramsey...not the Patrick Ramsey from the Redskins back in the day.
  9. https://www.profootballnetwork.com/nfl-draft-prospects-2021-updated-big-board-player-rankings/ I came across this site yesterday. It has a nice breakdown on pretty much every QB eligible for the 2021 draft. We are all familiar with the ones at the top of the list so I decided to focus on the less heralded prospects. I was slightly intrigued with #10. Peyton Ramsey, QB, Northwestern Height: 6-2. Weight: 220. Projected 40 Time: 4.77. Projected Round (2021): 5-7. 2/23/21: Ramsey was a gutsy signal-caller who pushed his team to the Big Ten Championship in 2020. He flashed a
  10. He must really like Wofford College a lot!! I don't think any of their former alumni have come close to doing what Mr. Richardson has done, and continues to do, for that school.
  11. Hasn't there been some discussion of moving Little inside to play LG? Could that be a viable option for the team in 2021?
  12. https://www.panthers.com/news/panthers-sign-tackle-trent-scott-to-one-year-deal Scott had started 10 games in his first two years for the Chargers (where he played under now-Panthers offensive line coach Pat Meyer). The former undrafted rookie from Grambling was claimed off waivers by the Panthers last September. ---- I didn't realize Trent was undrafted and from a HBC football program. I'm glad he's made it this far. Any good team is usaully gonna have unheralded college guys like this that contribute to the success of the franchise. It would be cool if could lockdown the left
  13. If Christian is healthy in 2021, he'd be a beast in SF with a run oriented coach like Kyle Shanahan...especially if he had a solid back to share the workload.
  14. That scenario really worries me. Three years in a row w/out a player in the top 32 is bad for a team with as many holes as Carolina. Donte was our only CB last year to get an INT...SERIOUSLY. Look it up if you don'ty believe me. And, give up our best all around weapon on offense. Easy pass. PS- I think Robbie is a great additon to the team, but WR is probably the easiest skill position to replace in the draft. With Tepper's Pittsburgh connections, he needs to put a spy in the Steeler front office and find out which mid round receiver they like...then pick him . Let's be honest, Pittsbur
  15. The differing opinions on this board make it a fun place to visit. Things are always lively here and most of the time we are all pretty civil to one another. That said, I HATE this deal and would never consider it. Assuming Christian is healthy now, we'd be giving away 4 starters and two #1 picks in back to back years. Anderson was our leading receiver last year and when healthy Christian is arguably the most versatile back in the NFL. Teddy isn't great, but he can win games for you in this league. And, Burns is one of the best young pass rushers in the league. He had almost 1/3 of our sa
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