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  1. If Joe Brady goes some where and instantly becomes a great OC. Then Joe was sabotaging this team and it probably would be for the saints.
  2. Yes because I can name tons of resons Why Joe Brady was not going to work out. All you have is he hired Joe witch I don't think he did. I no for a fact Brady is the reason we hired Teddy. I also believe teddy was right about our lack of practice in certain situations. You could say It's because of the Head Coach but you don't pay an OC that much not to coach it the way they see fit.
  3. He's only been give a year and a half with the worst OC we have every had.
  4. OK so you think the new committee would do any better. You realize Tepper would be the one who hires them. If you don't trust his hiring of the Head Coach how could you trust the hire of his new committee
  5. He all ready had one when he hired Matt Rhule. Now tell me how you think that same search committee would do any better. Plus every one of the negative people on this forum give up way to easy. I could tell Joe Brady was a problem last year just for the fact that he had trouble when we were in the redzone. Good to great OC don't have less than a 60% conversation rate in the redzone. Coach Rhule has had lots of bad advice this last two seasons. Most of that bad advice came from the owner. Tepper thinks he can win yousing data what a joke. You can't miser how much hurt a man has.
  6. OK I'll hold you to it. This was a reply to the post above me
  7. John2k2k

    I need proof.

    So now you believe Rhule. Last I checked I cant rember him tell the truth while he was talk to the media. So do you think his telling the truth when his talking to the media or not?
  8. Joe Brady definitely was the problem. He was the one who didn't want to work with Cam Newton. He also was the one who chose Tiddy I'm a good QB but just don't count on me to be anything other than a game manager Bridgewater. To me it felt like Joe wasn't ready for an NFL OC job. Like I have seed Matt has his problems but I think it had a lot to do with Joe and him just not jelling.
  9. I think your right. The biggest problem was thinking he could hire a head coach and pointing him into the direction of some one who he would consider the next great OC. He should of let Matt hire his guys. I think now Coach Rhule has a chance.
  10. John2k2k

    I need proof.

    Yes I do but that doesn't mean I am right. It's just a gut feeling. I've been right more than I have been wrong and that's including the last two years. Which I've been absolutely wrong about. I have a felling that our owner feels like he can treat the NFL like it's the stock market. Whitch it is not but I think Tepper can figure things out.
  11. If you think Joe brady was set up to feel then you have to think Matt Rhule was too. If you don't then your a hippacret.
  12. If we're losing fans by the day. Then they where just bandwagon fan so no big lose.
  13. How do you make a topic in the carolinahuddle forum. I try to make a topic but it only let me select the NFL forum.
  14. John2k2k

    I need proof.

    Every one on here seems to think Coach Rhule was the one who wanted Joe Brady as his OC. Just one question does that even make sense? Matt hires a bunch of people he knew form Baylor and Temple. Joe Brady is the only one that he had no connections with. So it stands to reason it was teppers ideal.
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