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  1. On a positive note, I will say that BC seems to be settling pretty well into a LG role instead of LT.
  2. Bingo. We're a car without an engine at this point. We aren't going to "get it together" against one of the best defenses in the league. Not sure our offense scores more than 10 on Sunday.
  3. I'd say he is marginally better than Darnold, but neither are at an nfl level. Ultimately doesn't matter b/c they both suck and won't be here next year.
  4. As sad as it is, I think Baker sees the field better than Sam, his arm is just completely shot at this point b/c he can't make the throws. Sam has a better arm (LOL), but couldn't process an NFL defense if his life depended on it.
  5. I'd agree that this roster seems to be more talented than 2010, we just have a black hole at qb, head coach, and o/c
  6. I'd also add some cases can be treated with medication. I had afib / vtach episodes in my youth. They tried an ablation (essentially burning out irregular electrical signals) but didn't think that was successful. They put in an ICD (internal cardio defibrillator) which is what the soccer player got. The medication has been successful at preventing arrhythmias for 20 years (knock on wood), so when I needed new ICD a few years ago, they just took the whole thing out. Can't comment on Watt's case, but that was my experience.
  7. Agree, but to my untrained eye, it sure seems like more of his throws are just flat out misfires than anything chemistry related.
  8. I was expecting that he'd at least be better than Mariota and Geno Smith. He hasn't even cleared that bar. Admittedly, those guys have been better than expected so far this season. He has been missing throws that NFL journeymen should make, I am starting to think that his arm is just shot at this point.
  9. Mediocrity won't be tolerated but outright sucking will.
  10. I don't get as pissed as I used to when we lose or anxious at the end of games, mainly b/c I have never felt that there was anything meaningful on the line during the Rhule era. I still watched most of the games last year, even the ones that were meaningless. At this point it is like the end of a bad marriage, you are torn between wanting the Panthers to win and wanting Rhule to go away.
  11. NC State fan - totally agree with you on Wilson. I liked him at first in the NFL, but can't stand him now. His re-telling of the split between him and Tom O'Brien is completely made up, he makes his teammates sign NDA's, his good-buy brand clothing was supposed to be a charitable endeavor that gave a whopping 1% of proceeds to charitable causes. My brother saw him out one night when he was married to wife #1. He said you wouldn't know he was married. I am sure that is common in the NFL, but other players aren't sanctimonious hypocrites obsessed with their clean cut image.
  12. We knew this was going to probably be Icky's hardest game of the year. Give him time, he'll learn.
  13. For a very brief moment, I read "Matt Rhule has been fired" and was euphoric.
  14. We have entirely too much draft capital tied up in this d-line for it to be this piss poor. Two 1sts and an early 2nd.
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