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  1. I'd rather these guys take their lumps now vs. later. If they are still "close" this week, why not go ahead and put them in week 3 and 4 (Texans and Cowboys) when we play two terrible defenses and ease their transition into the nfl.
  2. It is a fair point, he never should have put him out on the field during those meaningless games which made his shoulder shot. My first reaction was that they would reunite in Washington, but given that he is unvaccinated and RR has his frustrations with guys not getting it, prob. won't happen
  3. I was going to post this, my recollection of watching him play was that he looked like he couldn't throw a spiral. We gave up some picks to the Broncos to get him I think.
  4. He was pretty far down their depth chart anyway, probably wasn't going to get on the field much
  5. Anyone remember that douche that used to always say "Steven Smith".
  6. I mentioned this awhile back in another thread but I was talking with an NFL Offensive Line scout of a different team and he said after interviewing Little they immediately took him off their draft board. Which jives with the fact that every time I see him out there he looks completely lost on where he is supposed to be at least several times a game..
  7. Honestly with Brown and Gross Matos in year 2, Burns turning pressures into sacks with a better secondary, and the signings of Reddick and Jones, I'd be extremely disappointed if we don't crack the top 10.
  8. https://www.cbssports.com/nfl/news/aaron-rodgers-packers-near-agreement-for-return-that-could-pave-way-for-departure-in-2022-per-report/ ESPN's Adam Schefter adds that the deal will void the 2023 season from Rodgers' current contract and the franchise tag may not be used in future years. Sounds like he wants to be a FA after this season.
  9. I know people who work in the hospital where Greg's son has gotten treatment. Greg spends a lot of time with other families who have been afflicted with juvenile congenital heart defects. He was a great football player but is an even better person. Here is a link to his charity: https://receptionsforresearch.org/
  10. I'd probably react like Timmy when George double dipped
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