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  1. Who made the final call to draft bryce? Why does zavala still start? Are you the new factory of sadness?
  2. Under the assumption that you did want to go watch this, tix for the packers game is 35, bucs is a whopping 10 on stubhub. Why the hell would you pay 120
  3. Nevermind, he signed w the titans. We are idiots
  4. Can we call Throckmorton up and say we fugged up and are sorry? Then put cade mays at the other guard spot? Zavala shouldn't be on the field at this point
  5. https://media.video-cdn.espn.com/motion/2023/1119/dm_231119_DaRon_Bland_pick_6/dm_231119_DaRon_Bland_pick_6_720p30_2896k.mp4 It honestly just looks like a dumbass throw
  6. I turned it off at this point so i cant opine, but mingo flat out sucks. He has made 1 quality nfl play so far (against hou) He has the hands of kneal Harry, can't separate, can't run routes, etc. Tank dell, taken 1 rd later, should hit 1000 yds easily
  7. I have never seen an oline so baffled by stunts, etc and the inability of the coaching staff to correct this It is baffling to me they cut Throckmorton and insist on putting zavala out there. Throckmorton isn't good but he looks like Larry Allen compared to zavala
  8. Pretty much as expected. O line is completely baffled. I just checked the single game sack record, it is 7. Parsons on pace to break it
  9. I really don't understand why zavala is still out there. That was 3 pts. He was nowhere close
  10. If the Bills offense does that to him, ours might make him jump out the window.
  11. Pretty much my take. I watch less nfl the more the panthers suck. Don't plan on turning on nfl this afternoon, it is a nice day. Don't plan on watching Dallas, stadium will be 75% cowboy fans. Tickets for the bucs game are selling for a whopping 9 bucks.
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