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  1. 24 times though? Where there's smoke there's fire. This was a fetish for him about having power and demeaning women, that is why he didn't go the escort route.
  2. Given the QB's coming out in the 23 draft, we need to have an idea of what this kid can do by the end of the season, which is more of an opportunity than most 3rd round qb's get. Play him early.
  3. That's hilarious. Suggesting that "throwing a perfect spiral" might be enough to be an NFL qb is like suggesting basic algebra might be enough to be a rocket scientist. A lot more involved that.
  4. I'd like to see him start at least 10 games to get a read on whether he can be a franchise qb. Given that we've rebuilt the line, I am not as worried about throwing him out there early and getting him "David Carr'd"
  5. I'd like to see us try to add a C since Bozeman is on a 1 year deal. Agree that getting Salyer / Kinnard at this point would be awesome as they have 3rd round grades - we might have to trade up to get them though. If that doesn't pan out, grab a LB.
  6. You've got to hand it to Robby, because he sure won't catch it.
  7. It's basically last call at the bar right now, when all the ugly people pair up.
  8. When I went to a game in November, it seemed like Tepper was trying to make a thing out of the Matt McConaughey / Wolf of Wall Street scene, but he should realize that is mainly funny to the hedge fund / wallstreetbets crowd
  9. For those that are starting out sipping bourbons, I like to recommend Buffalo Trace, but that is relatively hard to find around here. Elijah Craig Small Batch is fairly popular and only 94 proof. Generally anything below 100 proof if you are new to sipping. As you get more accustomed to it, you can work your way up towards more barrel proof offerings that are around 130 proof.
  10. That actually worked out well for him. Atlanta flirted with Deshaun and he got a ticket out to a much better team. He must have pooed his pants when he saw that deal.
  11. Minshew would be a good pick-up the year we draft a qb. He could start the first half of the season while the rookie gets up to speed. The problem with bringing him in and not drafting a qb is that he is probably good enough to get you to 6-7 wins with a decent roster and screw you out of draft position, putting you back in qb purgatory.
  12. We need to aim higher. Draft this year or next or pull the trigger on Carr.
  13. Wherever you want Watson to go, there is a random twitterer to tell you what you want to hear.
  14. See this thread. Maybe if we thought that NE gave up a 2nd for Sanu, we could fleece them for Anderson?
  15. Probably a bad sign if we thought we were getting a 3rd for Anderson.
  16. Y'all know he is going to say the same thing next year about Tremble after Ian Thomas gets all the snaps. Assuming Rhule makes it through the season.
  17. The headline on several other websites reads "Panthers sign TE to significant new contract" Nowhere in my wildest dreams did I think this would be a TE currently on our roster.
  18. Big scandal incoming. NFL in damage control. Time for the NFL to leak some more Gruden emails.
  19. https://profootballtalk.nbcsports.com/2022/01/27/report-adrian-wilson-in-trent-baalke-out-as-jaguars-g-m/ Sounds like it is happening. I don't blame Leftwich - you usually get one shot to be a head coach and I wouldn't want him as my GM either.
  20. If this is how the board shakes out and they can't trade down, they just need to bite the bullet and draft Linderbaum, even if it is a little high for a center. Drafting a CB would be lunacy at this point.
  21. I'm ok with it - if I were Ben, I'd rent a place, not buy. Nobody in this regime will be here much longer
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