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  1. I know people who work in the hospital where Greg's son has gotten treatment. Greg spends a lot of time with other families who have been afflicted with juvenile congenital heart defects. He was a great football player but is an even better person. Here is a link to his charity: https://receptionsforresearch.org/
  2. I'd probably react like Timmy when George double dipped
  3. This wouldn't prevent the Broncos from drafting a QB or at least attempting to
  4. Teddy's alt can go spam up the Broncos message board.
  5. I know right. I feel like last year's draft was pretty predictable. It was pretty much pre-ordained that we were going to take Brown or Simmons. This year, who the hell knows. We might end up with a QB!
  6. Good post. One thing that gets lost in the Marty vs. Gettleman debates is that the correct answer was ultimately "none of the above".
  7. That's what I was thinking. Let Creed get a season under his belt playing guard, give the Paradis the boot once he is expendable from a CAP situation, and shift Creed over to center.
  8. I'm more optimistic this year at this time than last. Worst case scenario, we get David Carr 2.0 a qb that can't un-shake his ptsd from playing behind a trash o-line and we get a high draft pick next year. This gives us ability to potentially take Slater or even Sewell at LT. If for some reason the 49ers take Mac and Fields starts falling, I think you still take a swing at him.
  9. After watching a few games of his last year, I really like him as a prospect. I don't think we will have to worry about any deficiencies because I suspect he will be long gone before we pick.
  10. That's good news. After QB is addressed, gives us flexibility to take the best IOL or LT in the draft and we don't have to reach.
  11. A bad team will overpay him based on name recognition.
  12. He played a hell of a lot better for the Chargers than he ever did here. Marty probably thought he had turned over a new leaf out in San Diego. Another Marty fail.
  13. Exactly, this is the season for hyperbolic BS to be thrown out. Carson Wentz was being thrown out by various parties as being worth 2 1sts and the market settled at a much more reasonable price.
  14. I found it funny that the Texans witnessed what a dumpster fire he was here and felt the need to give him a $7.5M contract. After that they pretty much gave up on him and traded for Tunsil.
  15. I generally agree with this list. Regarding #1, I think the main thing we would offer as an advantage for the Texans over the Jets, etc. is that we are in the NFC and they would be trading him out of the conference. In about 2 years after Brady, Brees, Rodgers, Ryan retires, the quality of QB play will be ridiculously shifted towards the AFC due to all of the elite young QBs. If we got Watson, he'd be the only elite nfc quarterback under 30. I'd probably rather have Minshew than Trubisky. Honestly, I'd say if we can't get Watson or a QB through the draft, he would be my next option.
  16. I was always a big Al Wallace fan. I wonder if he got back into public schools / administration. I saw someone mention Patrick Jeffers earlier, it is a damn shame he tore up his knee
  17. Troy Aikman every time Taysom Hill steps on the field
  18. I haven't generally been a fan of trading the farm for Watson, but I'd take this in a heartbeat. Supposedly Deshaun is threatening to sit out if they don't trade him, maybe that will push the price down some, but probably not this much.
  19. I think the Minnesota game was the straw that broke the camel's back with Rhule this season and the fact that Teddy tried to deflect blame for missing Moore wide open in the end zone.
  20. Yes, it sucks that we won that game, however we could have trotted out Jimmy Clausen and still won. Washington / Haskins were straight up awful.
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